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  1. White call Ducks well unless you have no neighbours you wouldn't want lots of girls ear plugs at the ready but I think they might be good for rehoming it's up to you really what you want to do .If you want to keep a pair or who you want to rehome I would personally keep a pair and rehome 3 boys but their not my birds and yes if she was to hatch babies there's no way in knowing she may hatch you a load more boys then when they are mature would be a nightmare
  2. Thanks Cat tails but Rupert and the girls feet are not so clean lol
  3. You could try it and if it doesn't work go down to one boy but I'm not sure if you will find anyone to swap girls for boys Drakes are as hard to rehome as cock birds no one seems to want them unless you have a colour for breeding what colours are they ? Don't worry about all the questions we all have to learn things
  4. Trouble is Drakes are just sex pests come breeding season I wouldn't have one if I didn't need him lol worse case is a group of drakes can kill a female that's how bad they can become honestly I've been keeping and breeding ducks for 10 years and 4 boys are still to much for 3 girls.What about if you split them up into a pair and 3 boys also did you know they don't sleep at night so that poor girl is probably getting hassle all night when my boy gets to bad where I can hear my girls from in their house at night he gets put in what I call the rapist pen which is a dog crate inside the duck house so he can sleep with them but leave them alone sorry just trying to be truthful
  5. Thankyou Kim i have been trying to post pics for about 3 years and cat tails managed in 2 minutes lol i have sent her some porcelains to as can't leave them out
  6. OMG it worked i wasn't sure it would my lovely boy is called Hans very original lol leanne
  7. Hi sorry to say this but you defo need to rehome some of those boys the poor girl will get run into the ground and to much attention from drakes is not very good come the height of the breeding season one boy will be fine you couldn't keep all 4 unless you wanted at least 4 girls to every drake and thats the min i would say i have one drake to 7 girls and he's frisky lol leanne
  8. Sorry to high Jack thread I don't suppose one of you lovely people would like to post some pics of my porcelain and bobtail pekins I've been trying but can't for the life of me do it lol thanks leanne
  9. Hi if you were to buy point of lay hybrids they would be last year's chicks so no it doesn't really matter . Decide how many you want and get them at the same time then hopefully the pecking order won't be to bad but you do have to watch some purebreeds like Brahma,Orpingtons or bantams as some are no match for a hybrid and won't stick up for themselves but also does depend on the amount of space you have leanne
  10. I use both but yes so much easier with broody s I have at least 20/30 a year never lost one never have any problems with rearing chicks etc I'm sure you will get a broody at some point leanne
  11. I've had chickens with bubbles in their eyes don't agree with it meaning myco and if it was Tylan would be better not baytril don't beat yourself up I've had a bird with myco years ago you would know bubbling eyes,rattling coughing,sneezing generally quite ill I culled her leanne.
  12. I wouldn't mark them with anything just in case it causes pecking issues leanne
  13. Good news on the egg and yes I would say older I have some 5 month old Columbian pullets here no sign of redness wattles or comb leanne
  14. Nope it's not working don't worry I've not posted pics in about 3 years as this is the only site I can't work out how to do it lol leanne
  15. Hi she's deffo a she and my dottes are my quietest birds I have Columbian,blue,gold and silver laced and silver pencilled I'm sure she will settle down they are good hardy birds and for a small bird lay a good sized egg leanne
  16. Your nuts lol I'm still not giving in until my rare colours are laying leanne
  17. You won't miss them little beige things running also did you say she has started laying again it is possible when she's in the nest box one of the Pekins is going in disturbing her and tugging at her crest well this is what some of mine do the little beasts leanne
  18. Have you checked her crest for mites? If none found I would say one of your Pekins is having a sneaky pluck leanne
  19. No they absolutely fine being on it and the redmite were fine too . I thought it would be a miracle cure but there you go lol I just use a really powerful professional spray now seems to do the trick leanne
  20. Hi I've tried this 2 years running now I don't bother wasting my money anymore it didn't work for me leanne
  21. I'm in Hampshire and upham is about 9 miles from me 15 mins by car so not far I go there sometimes i'm not worried about it what's the point in worrying if they get it they get it it's a very low strain I think the media like to worry people. I'm registered with defra so I think if they were really worried me and a lot of friends would have been contacted in these text alerts your suppose to get leanne
  22. Well I'm gonna say it's up to you but 2 Pekins will be fine they won't get cold I have a frizzle and a poot both sleep on their roof all year round never go to bed even in the thick frosts we've been having if they want to go in they can but if they choose to get cold that's up to them they seem much happier being left to do what they want leanne
  23. Oh and in case your wondering what I'm doing replying at 3.20am my neighbours are having a party and I can't sleep oh well when they decide to have a lay in with a hangover in the morning let's see if my boys let them leanne
  24. Hi Luvachicken sorry to hear about Suzie don't beat yourself up about the vets I'm sure there would have been nothing they could do and I'm sure the poo you were describing from the younger girls was gut lining I've lost a couple over Christmas heart attack etc and some look miserable but it has been cold and wet I just keep making sure they have their treats and tonics leanne

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