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  1. hi all one of our hens doesnt seem well , we have had her 2 weeks now , she has diarrhea and just wants to stay in the house she ventures out for food and drink and a little wander and then back in again. We havent seen any sign of feather pecking or anything and she chattersto us , she laid her 1st egg today. Am a bit worried
  2. We left the bumper bit on until last weekend and haven't had any eggs during the whole time it was fitted - we decided she may have learnt her lesson and took it off, she has laid today - hooray We had a problem with the 2 pecking each other during the same period and fitted a bumper to one of them - she stopped laying the day after as well, after a 2-3 day cooling off period we took it off and she started laying again as well! So whilst I accept that everyones chickens are obviously different, in our case bumper bits = no eggs - unless of course we just have special extra stropp
  3. Another day - still no egg! - seems strange that she laid every day for 6-7 weeks until exactly the day it was fitted and nothing since When I said about the diet I meant that is the variety they have as opposed to every day - generally they only have pellets and grit in the feeder with the odd treat of a corn cob thrown in to peck at I am sure it is just revenge for fitting the bumper !
  4. Hi I am looking for other peoples experience with bumper bits! We have had our 2 rangers and 1 pepperpot for about 10 weeks now - the pepperpot has always been a bit of a bully with pecking at the other two, however she then proceeded to strip all of the feathers of the rear end of both rangers, we fitted a bumper bit two weeks ago and she hasn't laid since then! - she seems as normal and is still eating as much - is she still just mad at having the bumper bit on? is she going to withhold on the egg front until we take it off? We can't really take the bumper bit off as the other two s
  5. we did it ! we bought two types one was white and like a curtain hook that stayed on about 5 mins and then we had to go for the black one as per ebay and so far so good just hope it stays put - we put it in very hot water to start with so easier to open up
  6. think we are going to gte one 2morrow and give it a go ! thanks
  7. i think we will have to do this - have found some on ebay but have to say I am very very nervous of dping it. would some kind soul give me simple instructions ? I understand we need special pliers ? thanks
  8. hi i have posted a few times re sim thing - we have been away on hols for a week , neighbours chicken sat for us and since coming home both have balding bums ! i am sure its up to her tricks again bullying and pecking ( dh says she eats the feathers ?? is that right ? are feathers tasty ?) anyways both look a mess ! this morning i wondered if they had mites or something sim but reading about them i am sure its not, its pecking. I don't know what to do I dont like the bumper idea i dont think she'd let us near her to do it help please
  9. i dont think we have it I think its bossy pecking - but our 2 are going a bit bald round theh backend so what does it look like if the chooks have it ? thanks
  10. well i think its odd ! after laying two of them put a twig on their back !!! I have never seen this myself but husband sweras its true whats that all about then ?
  11. thanks all does anyone have the link to the netting ? i can't find it
  12. help ! we need advise please we have 3 chooks had them for about 2 months but they are eating everything in my garden- we are rather I dont think we expected this kind of destruction Any advice appreciated thanks
  13. hi we have had our chickens for about 4 weeks now 2 and 1 , anyway is a right trouble maker she is by far the biggest and is in charge - she keeps pecking the we have tried water spraying any other suggestions? thanks
  14. thanks to everyone for their help to my earlier questions. We collected our and and last friday - journey was fine and we set up when we got home. left the ladies to it , they went in to roost fairly easily - used torch for a bout 5 mins thats all. Saturday all good and we got an egg sat afternoon !! not properley formed just in kind of a membrane no proper shell. Anyway yday and today we have an we can't be sure who laid it but i think 1st one was as she is biggest and egg was big too and a double yolk ! todays was smaller. We hope to let them into garden at weekend as

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