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  1. My Silkie, Sally has been broody on and off since end of Jan, I've tried seperating her and the water trick but nothing works for long! If I was to give in and get some fertilised eggs for her let her sit of them, would she snap out of it afterwards?! I've quite fancied hatching my own chicks for a while, but don't really want this all carrying on! Plus my little Maran has also had her turn at being broody last week and I'm hoping she won't carry on like Sally! If hatching eggs won't solve it, does anyone else have any tips?!
  2. Dory has been a bit quiet this morning and have realised shes not opening her left eye properly. Her poo looks ok and her comb is ok, just a bit worried about her eye. Any ideas?
  3. At least if I have too wee in my shed I know it can be put to good use!
  4. Sorry I haven't managed to get on here recently & thought I should update on Muffin... Really wasn't expecting her to still be with us for xmas to be honest, but shes grown all her feathers back (with extras to replace the bald patches she's always had) and can walk perfectly & just seems a much happier chook all round! Since I got her given to me in June, she's always been bottom of the pecking order, picked on, scraggy, skinny & grumpy! She's now a beautiful looking hen & has put on weight & just her change in size has stopped her getting picked on! I don't know what it is about these loner chickens I get given, that feel the need to make me worry! When I get more time I'll add pics of what she did look like & what she looks like now!
  5. I didn't bother ordering the £10 box as I haven't really got the money to spare! However, I received the bottles from them & they are brilliant.. good deal too... for every 6 you order you receive 6 free!
  6. I've just placed an order with jamjarshop.co.uk for some glass bottles & labels. They have a "mystery box" for £10 which is full of different bottles/jars etc. Has anyone used them or bought the mystery box before? Wondered if it was worthwhile!!
  7. Great, I think its plenty big enough already then! Got some spare wood etc I can use to make perches and climbing frames Now I just need to find a cheap coop for them to roost in!
  8. After coming back from holiday, I have found we now have 4 extra hens that my mum has agreed to take on from my cousin! I was thinking of some more after xmas anyway, but waiting for some funds first!! They are lovely so defianately wouldn't have been able to say no myself either! Our chooks are currently in a WIR, not sure of the measurements, but with our 9 girls there looked to be plenty of space. Just want to check how much space you should have per hen in a WIR? As they don't get to FR much at the moment. Thanks for any help received!
  9. Sorry, only now back from my hols! Muffin is still with us, my mum looked after them all & a week ago she really looked as if she wouldn't last until I got back. However the last couple of days shes perked up, new feathers growing & mum doesn't think shes been walking like she was! So just keeping an eye on her 4 now, plenty of food to keep her strength up! Thanks for you replies..
  10. Our little ex barn hen Muffin has been acting very strangely since yesterday... Sometimes her walking is fine, but shes often walking sideways or backwards & dipping her front down when she walks backwards. Any ideas what could be happening? I wondered if it was a stroke or something similar?! Shes also loosing a lot of feathers, she shakes & they fall out all over the place! I go on holiday for 2 weeks tomorrow afternoon so really worried about leaving her now! Edited as I've seen a few posts about Mareks, does that sound likely?
  11. Has anyone got a piccalilli recipe I could have please? I've got the bug, have made onion marmalade & christmas chutney this weekend! Thanks
  12. Brilliant! Just what I wanted to hear!
  13. Does anyone know how long this should be left for before eating? Or is it meant to be eaten straight away? The recipe doesn't say! Does taste quite yummy now!!
  14. I'm not the most experienced person.. But from advice I was given a month of so ago, I would repot any runners now & cut back any plants to an inch or so. I've also been told strawberries only last 3 years then need replacing. Hope this helps a bit!

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