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  1. I'm the same as Rachel, mine too get up when I do, they've got used to it as they're always quiet when I go out and as soon as I say 'Morning girls' they start chatting, I usually get up at 7.30
  2. Hi Deb, I'd LOVE to have a copy of this knitting pattern if you don't mind, I'll PM you. Thanks! xx
  3. Yes, ex-batts are definitely fiesty to start with having had to fight for food etc so they naturally carry on until they realise there's plenty for everyone
  4. What poppycock!! I've been feeding my girls grapes for over 2 years (as a treat) and they're still alive! I guess if they're covered in pesticides they might be but give them a good rinse and they'll be fine!
  5. I'm hopefully getting 2 new ex-batts on Saturday too! There's a great forum specifically for ex-batt keepers if you need lots of help/advice - Ex Battery Hens Forum. I usually make sure I've got some Life Guard Poultry Tonic and Poultry Spice or Mineral Powder for new ex-batts. Also they might need a bit of extra calcium - limestone flour - but don't overdo it. You can get most of this stuff off Ebay or any country store. It took a couple of months before I was completely happy for the new girls to mix with the old girls so be patient!
  6. OMG that's awful, what a thing to come home to! I would certainly cross my 'friends' off my christmas card list if any of them did that to me! So sorry for your loss, I'd be devastated and very angry too
  7. Hello sorry to hear about your situation, it must be a big worry. I would definitely get at least one other chicken as they do need company. I think it will be a bit easier to introduce one more rather than two more, my friend ended up with one chicken and a week later got another one and they got on together straight away (though this could have just been down to luck!). If you can't afford to buy another hen there are always plenty of rescues going on each week, either through the BHWT or you may have a local hen rescue?
  8. Aah sorry to hear about one of your girls, it's always sad to lose them. The only comfort is that she hopefully went peacefully in her sleep and didn't have to suffer an illness as so many do.
  9. Oo thanks Lavenders, where can you buy calcivet please? Chemist? I've tried limestone flour but that doesn't seem to have much of an effect, I think Betty's just getting 'old' as she's an ex-batt that I've had for 18 months. Egg problems are always a worry though as I've lost two hens through being egg bound. I think I'll try the pot egg suggestion though, might put her off trying to crack open eggs, the little tinker, I had to buy eggs last week for goodness sake!
  10. My hubby discovered today that it is Betty that is the naughty one breaking and eating Gwen's eggs! Betty had been laying softies for quite a while and I can only assume that's how she's acquired a taste for egg (she isn't laying at all now). This morning OH watched through the window until Gwen (who is the only layer at the mo) came out of the coop so he could go and collect her egg before it was eaten, then he saw Betty rush into the coop as soon as Gwen came out, he ran down the garden (in his PJs) and opened the nest box lid only to find Betty happily tucking in to Gwen's egg! The little ! Has anyone any tips on putting Betty off eating eggs? I've heard mixing some mustard in with the egg will put her off but that seems a bit drastic to me!
  11. Oh Stacey! I've only just caught up with this, I'm so sorry you lost Gladys, poor little love. At least she's not suffering now and she's had two wonderful years of freedom and love with you. Try and remember the nice times and big (((hug))) PS I had similar remarks from the idiots where I work when I lost Hilda, they're just ignorant! Also, as I little side note, I've had crop problems in the past so I've got into the routine of just giving them all a quick 'feel' when I let them out in the morning
  12. My hen Gladys occasionally has dark purple tips but I've put this down to being stressed at something
  13. Aah so sorry for your loss, poor little hen I'd give the place you got them from a ring and ask for a 'replacement', 12 days isn't that long to introduce another hen, they're bound to squabble at first but will soon settle. Good luck and let us know what happens.
  14. Hi Stacey, only just remembered about the nystatin! I'm currently giving Betty 3ml twice a day and it's for fungal treatments.
  15. I usually mix the dosage for my 3 with some chopped up grapes, they soon gobble them up and as Chucky Mama says it doesn't matter if they don't get the right dosage each time as it's administered over 7 days

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