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  1. Thanks, Olly, that really helps It was not an easy decision as she was very bright in herself, just completely could not stand up and was not getting better. It turns out we were given the "caged bird" price.....and the vet said we should probably have been charged the "rabbit" price (just over £13)....but that would still have been worth paying for not having to do it ourselves. We will stick to our usual vet for our dog, but nice to know there is someone available for a sensible price should we need to do this again (fingers crossed that we don't).
  2. just to share what I have found out today I have a 2 1/2 year old hybrid who has damaged her leg and cannot stand on it. She stopped laying months ago. It is not fair or reasonable to try to treat her, so I have decided it will be kinder to have her PTS. (sorry if this sounds harsh, I have given her 3 days of TLC, hand feeding her every hour and bathing her to keep her clean etc. She is not drinking either, but does enjoy the soaked bread I am giving her....her leg is not improving and since she has been away from the other girls now for 3 days, there is no way she can go back in with them unless she could be 100% fixed....and at her age I just think it is kinder not to put her through anything more.....she is not a chicken who enjoys conact with people and not a great patient either). Anyway, the vet I usually use for my dog was going to charge me around £40 and had no appointments. So I did some ringing around. i was quoted over £50 by one vet, a couple wanted £40, one was £30 and one was £20. but I did find one who is only going to charge me £8.74, and could fit me in today. I don't know how there could be such a big difference for what is essentially the same service, but I just wanted to mention this in case there is anyone else in a similar position who is worrying about the cost. Ring around and see what different vet practices might charge!
  3. Thank you. I do have a couple of girls moulting, but the ones in the dust bath (whose feathers were being pulled out) are less than 6 months old - so I don't think they are moulting. One of those doing the pulling has been moulting - so perhaps that explains it. (Although does not explain why they did not get shouted at)
  4. Hi. I was just watching my top hen & another high ranker having dust baths. 3 of the lower ranked hens came over & started pulling out feathers & eating them. The dust bathing girls seemed oblivious to what was happening. It was small fluffy feathers that the others were pulling (out of the two dust bathers). Is this normal behaviour? Were the lower hens performing a "service" of some kind to the top hens? I couldn't understand why the top hens didn't shout or move or anything! I broke it up as it seemed so odd - then thought I would ask you all for any opinions.
  5. I think the peculiar weather has not helped, for sure! Funnily enough, I gave them some poultry spice yesterday & got one egg yesterday & one today - but I think that may be coincidence!
  6. For a week they were confined to their run - as we were away and my parents were checking on them each day. The run is 15ft by 9ft. Since we have been back, they have not been out much, and mostly in the run - and I have scoured it every day. I suppose if they laid it in the run, rather than the nest box, then any "damp patch" would be harder to spot. my next plan is to worm them just in case - but the two that are not moulting look so bright and happy that it seems odd that they are not laying at all.
  7. We have 3 hens who are about 2 years old and have had very few eggs recently and now not a single one for 10 days. One hen is moutling - fair enough, but the other two are not and do "crouch" for us really well. Is it possible that they are laying eggs and then eating them and not leaving any trace? I would have thought that we would find some egg shell or some white or yolk or something around in the nest box to give us a clue that they have been eaten.......do they eat every s"Ooops, word censored!" and not even leave a little damp patch?? thanks.
  8. I introduced 3 new girls to my existing 4 just about a month ago. As you do, I am now considering getting another 2. They have plenty of space in a big WIR with plenty roosts and nest boxes. Did I read somewhere that it is not a good idea to make a new introduction so soon after the previous one? if so, how long do I need to wait for things to settle down a bit? thanks
  9. Hi I am successfully using a "hooded cat litter tray". I took off the flap bit, put paper and straw in the bottom and it works like a dream. Even big enough for 2 to go in together if they want to! Cost about £15 on-line or someone told me they got one from Asda!
  10. you have to give them your classic back - they send boxes for it! Do you think we can get more than £200 for a classic elsewhere.....is there still a strong market on ebay?
  11. Hi it was one of my hens who ate a bit of silicon. It caused a blockage in her and she was very poorly. The vet could not work out what it was, but the prodding and poking loosened the blockage so she poo-ed out about a 2 inch piece of silicon (that the builders had carefully removed from our conservatory glazing and tossed in the garden!). She was immediatly cured and went on to be our best layer and a lovely hen (until fox got her). Anyway - I think a small amount would be okay if it could pass through her gut - it was the size of the piece that she ate which caused the problem (I guess she thought it was a big juicy slug)
  12. We took ours off their perch the other night and put them in the eglu. It did not work terribly well, as they just walked back out again. So we put them back in again and closed the door for 30 minutes, then went and opened the door again. We think they stayed in after that. I think perhap we will just leave them alone for now - see what happens. (and don't worry - they are safe from the fox - the WIR is a bit like Fort Knox)
  13. Ever since we built our WIR, the girls have been sleeping outdoors on a perch. Its getting a bit cold at night now and we are wondering if they will be sensible enough to start sleeping in the eglu, or if we need to start putting them in there? We have checked and cleaned the eglu - there are no nasties in it......but they still seem to prefer sleeping outdoors. Our chicken supplier said we have to get them to sleep "indoors" once it gets cold or they will get "a chill"......so its starting to become a big worry. Any thoughts? thank you.
  14. I have googled. Nothing suggests that it lives "on the land" - but it can be spread in poo, feathers etc...so you would need to give everything a good clean up and wait a couple of weeks. It is more common in younger birds and stress (just like moving to a new place) can "bring out" the symptoms. I think if it is Mareks and you wait a couple of weeks, and get new birds from somewhere else.....you will have a much happier time.
  15. I read on here that chicken lice cannot live on humans - so that is one less thing to worry about! We had a problem with lice and we dusted our chickens all over with Diatomous earth and also red mite powder. We aprticularly aimed under wings and around vent - but also tried to put it all around. Took a few goes but did get it sorted.

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