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  1. Started with 3.......now have 24 Rehomed 2 cockerels at the weekend who are going to be used for breeding so I've been promised a couple of welbar chicks
  2. Brilliant news! I had a feeling she would turn up
  3. Hi I think Penny looks exactly like my Rhode Island Reds they both have black markings in their tails they also have some black markings in their wings. I have read that these black markings are acceptable in RIR's. Also both my RIR's lay light brown eggs sometimes with a pink blush
  4. I have 4 silkies that are supposed to be LF and 15 weeks old, one of which is without a doubt a cockerel he has an enormous comb and wattles and this has been obvious for weeks. Yesterday he started crowing being a silkie I didn't think he would start crowing for a while longer I also have 2 definite girls who have fantastic hairdo's -the fourth I'm unsure of They are all very small and I am now wondering if they are silkie bantams and maybe older than I thought One of the girls in particular is tiny (but very beautiful) Does anyone know how much a silkie bantam weighs? The cockerel weighs 2lb 2oz and the tiny girl only weighs 1lb 3oz
  5. Oh she is so beautiful I can't stop looking at her photo!
  6. Aww sorry to hear that Sglod is still missing I have 2 wanderers that I have to keep an eye on Luckily a little girl spotted one of mine in a neighbour's hedge and knocked on my door -I didn't even notice she was missing Another I thought I'd lost was up our apple tree roosting and she blended in perfectly! Hopefully Sglod has found a safe place to sleep and will be back in the morning
  7. I've found that sloppy ready brek, tuna, natural probiotic yoghurt and chopped up boiled egg were successful!
  8. Phoned Wernlas this morning but sorry to say that they were not very helpful I informed them that 2 of the welbars were cockerels, I was offered 2 day old welbar chicks which I didn't think was fair as I had raised the cockerels for 21 weeks when they were supposed to be guarranteed girls. I was then told that I could have 2 POL welbars at a cut price which I still wasn't happy with Then I was told that I could have one free hen and he would speak to me after seeing the cockerels. I wanted to know what would happen to the cockerels if I took them back and he said he couldn't guarrantee that they wouldn't be dispatched as he may not have room to house them In which case I would prefer to rehome them myself as they are such lovely boys. I got the distinct impression that he did not believe me and as it is a 2 1/2 hours drive to Wernlas from here I am not prepared to put the cockerels through the stress of travelling there just to prove it.
  9. Forgot they were closed on Mondays! Thanks for reminding me, I'll phone on Tuesday
  10. Thank you everyone for your excellent advice (as always!) I will phone Wernlas tomorrow and see what they say hopefully there will be a good outcome
  11. Thank you for your reply Unfortunately they are both crowing and look completely different to the other welbar
  12. I bought 4 2 day old chicks from Wernlas last year 3 Welbars and 1 light sussex, I thought as the welbars are an autosexing breed I was safe there and decided to take a chance with the light sussex chick and hoped for a girl. Well.....I have now got 3 cockerels 2 Welbar 1 Light Sussex I was expecting the light sussex to be a cockerel (he is crowing and has a bigger comb and wattles since this pic) but really quite shocked at the welbars I don't know what to do now should I contact wernlas about the welbars I don't want to cause any embarrassment they are such lovely boys What would you all do? Any opinions or advice would be much appreciated Thank you

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