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  1. The short answer is yes, my solar powered chickens are off to bed ever earlier as the nights draw in. You will notice a drop in egg production during the winter months too, pure breeds I'm told stop laying completely.
  2. Interesting reading, with many heartfelt opinions, personally I'm relieved that battery farming in this country is coming to an end, its replacement is not ideal but there is a market for mass production of food and there will never be one solution to this problem that will please everyone. The basics taught in school cookery, such as cakes etc are there to raise an interest in the child for the subject, expecting schools to educate our children on all aspects of life is unreasonable, it should and must be down to the families, perhaps we should be educating the adults (now there's a can of worms)
  3. http://news.sky.com/home/uk-news/article/16061108 Just watched this article and wondered how I truly feel about it, mass production of food for an ever growing population is necessary but would I be happy with my chickens living like this?
  4. No malice intended but as a parent of 4, all now grown up (and no it doesn't get easier), I added two extra R's to the learning experience, Respect and Responsibility, treat others as you would expect to be treated and everyone has a choice, any action has a reaction. I never allowed them to lay the blame on others,"it was my friends fault" would not be accepted, that said I have yet to meet the perfect adult, so why should kids be any different
  5. Wow thats some fairy story, we have a group of 18yr olds all the worse for wear, trying it on and one gets caught, even Miss Marple could tell you that your sons version was told in the fear that there would be a knock on the door from PC Plod. I'm with the taxi driver, these people don't drive taxi's for a hobby he's got bills to pay just like the rest of us, perhaps your son should drink less or learn to run faster.
  6. The only problem I had was that the chickens used to attack the puppy, I have two dogs and everyone gets on but I would never leave them all together unattended, dogs, even well trained ones can revert to instinctive behaviour in the blink of an eye.
  7. Used ant traps to get rid of my ant problem in the greenhouse, these are baited so the ant takes the poison back to their nest, don't use powder or anything that will get into the soil, especially around edible plants
  8. Read your first post on converting the greenhouse into WIR, really think that tarpulin on the roof will not be enough if the weather is hot, have to agree that it would be better to replace some of the panels with wield mesh to get good air flow, chickens do not regulate body temperature well and are like miny furnaces even in the coldest weather. As for planting inside you could try cutting the bottom off of a large pot and placing directly on the dirt, this stops the chickens digging it up and you can surround the pot with some sort of fine fencing or netting to protect the plant while it grows, not saying it will work though, chickens have habit of getting what they want but had a small victory with this method and a now healthy looking tomato plant
  9. Hi, I have a WIR run about your size, also on mud but with slabs around the edge to stop foxes digging their way in, as for the run floor I use soft woodchip (2 bags) from B&Q which I replace two or three times per year, when replacing I treat the soil to a dressing of garden lime to sweeten the soil and while the woodchip is in place I sprinkle bio dri every couple of weeks and give it a good rake, I don't ever poo pick the run, it just dries and disappears. Aubiose I use only for nest area and sprinkled in poo tray, with a little added Red mite powder cause I love the smell and a good dusting of diatom Regards Theresa
  10. Hi, for me my chickens give me permission to stop and do nothing, without that nagging thought at the back of my mind that I am wasting time, watching them is endlessly entertaining, I think lifestyles now are filled to the brim, constantly moving onto the next task, even downtime is seemingly spent taking on board more information, learning new skills, I had forgotten the pleasure of standing still and that (with their eggs of course) is their gift to me, wouldn't be without them, Regards Theresa
  11. Thanks for you kind thoughts, was offered the test but after the cost of spaying and the extra treatment, meds etc another £100 was just too much but she will always be watched carefully. As for Jack he could be her litter mate including the pearly white teeth and flash on his chest
  12. Hi, Thought I'd share a recent experience I've had concerning my patterdale Dusty, I took her to be spayed and all appeared well until I went to collect her. She appeared very poorly and the wound area was swollen, so the nurse took her back to the vet and they decided that it was necessary to reopen the wound. It turned out she was bleeding internally, it all added up to a very worrying night and the outcome was that her blood clotting ability is very poor, which is either genetic or due to lungworm, she was treated for both and thankfully is now recovering at home, I had been unaware that lungworm could cause this, so please, especially if your dog is due to have a surgical procedure, speak to your vet about treatment for this, I would have been devastated if I had lost her, Regards Theresa
  13. http://www.sprcentre.com/product.asp?numPageStartPosition=1&strPageHistory=cat&strKeywords=&strSearchCriteria=&PT_ID=868&P_ID=1367&btnProduct=Click+Here+for+More+Details Hi, came across this product for ready mixed flubenvet and thought it might be useful for some of you with lots of chooks, not really viable for myself with only the four ladies but can imagine it can be a pain mixing flubenvet with pellets in larger amounts, Regards Theresa
  14. Hi, I have a glug but want something that keeps water clean, have just ordered two of these, Drinkit universal nipple cap, from ebay planning on using them on 2lt bottles attached with cable ties, if nothing else it'll be interesting to see what the chickens think of them
  15. I have a few worries with this WIR and not just the Price ! We all know that a dry run is best, damp in summer increase the risk of odours and in winter can make for miserable looking chickens, if you start to cover this run, it looks to have the potential to blow over or at least move and I agree that it looks unlikely to bear the weight of the kind of snow fall most of us had this past winter. The attachment for the Go and Classic, to be placed outside the run, appears to be at ground level, I have this arrangement with my WIR but have my classic raised on several layers of paving slabs, mainly to prevent Rats and/or foxes digging underneath. Kickboards are essential, even with several layers on mine the lady's still manage to shift a fair amount of woodchip out of the run, for the price they are asking I think they could have included this in the design Lastly I justified the cost of buying an Eglu with the fact that it is easy to keep clean, therefore reducing the possibility of pests and disease and have never regretted that decision.

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