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  1. She's alert and awake, checked her for stuck egg and not anything, tried to get her to grip and nothing she's separated from the others, she got food n drink, I got supplement n cuts to try her on , she doesn't appear to be in pain, let me pick her up n check her out, she still making all chickeny noises like the others...
  2. Im worried it could be something serious like mereks disease or a neuro problem
  3. no she aint an ex-bat i got her in 2009 so only 2years old..
  4. tried to stand her but she just cant take any weight on her legs n just falls n flaps, i cant get her to the vet until tomorrow
  5. I went to check on my girls late this afternoon and Poppy was still inside the coop when i was giving the oter sweetcorn.. i noticed that she isnt walking but was sitting on the perch, when i put some sweetcorn inside for her she fell off the perch and was just flapping around unable to move... looks like her legs have given up! Help i dunno what to do....
  6. Opened the shed door and took lid off dustbin to find 7 mice in there! Dealt with them and had the all clear for a good week! Opened the shed door today and 3 more new mice were in the feed!! How can I get rid?!
  7. Yeah thats what i need some kinda mold i can press a paper mache pulp into to create my own.... hmmmm... i think i have an old plastic egg box container that was given to me.. might try that!
  8. Instead of having to keep buying egg boxes (last lot i bought the lids broke after they had been given out and handed back a few times) i would like to make my own egg boxes, using reycled paper.... any ideas how or where I could get a mould from??
  9. lol when its a nice sunny warm day mine often cuddle up together and have a chicken snooze
  10. All my girls out and about enjoying the sunshine but I have noticed my special girl winnie has started sneezing, not big ones just little chicken sniffles, anything I can do?
  11. Snap!! Heavy clay, poor drainage, swamps in wet weather!! Alligators would love it!! Lol
  12. My Winnie is my fave fave fave girl!! she has only just come into lay and i was a little sad that she didnt lay white eggs, but never mind a pale cream one was good for me... but then today I cracked open one of her eggies for some yummy scrambled winnie eggs and its a double yolker!!!!!! I do love my Winnie even more now Picture of me and Winnie (i look awful with noooo make up so please please ignore me lol)
  13. yep completely covered run! they on their own terf, its not their run that smells in the mud and grass around the outside of the run that smells!
  14. ooh what do i go with them? sprinkle? dig in?
  15. well i got my gang of 5, then bought 3 new little girls and then another 2 little girls... now the 2 were older so i have been intergrating them into the original 5 to make a gang of 7, this was the plan while the new 3 little girls were all getting ready to come into lay.... well recently all 3 of my new babies have started to lay... the gang of 5 and the 2 have been hard workthey they really dont seem to get on at all, the exbatts inthe gang of 5 are right old bullies! so i thought how bout mixing the 3 and the 2 to make another gang of 5... confusing i know.... and they all wandered in each others coops, eating together, sharing food, walking past each other etc without a single peck or anything!! maybe because my top girls is one of the ex batts, and these other 5 have no 'leader' but i have decided to stick with the new gang of 5 and make them all best buddies which by their first few free rangers they will be in together this weekend and have 2 gangs of 5 to merge at a later date... done!....

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