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  1. I just stumbled over the cube in the forum. It looks great. I would love to have one. Anybody coming to Switzerland soon and would be willing to bring one over in the car.....? When I ordered my eglu it costs so much to ship over and this thing is even bigger and bulckier. Anyhow I have noticed that the ladder does not touch the ground. I have japanese bantams. Do you think they would hop onto the ladder and would be able to "climb" in?
  2. 5 francs per tooth, equals about 2£20
  3. Glad to be of some service (just got 1 £ from the mother of a schoolfriend of my daughter for photocopies, he always forgets his homework in school, they boy told me I could keep it or give it to my girl.......well I kept it you should have seen the face of my daughter ) she is richer than me at the moment since the toothfairy had come 3 x this month so she went out and squandered her money on a tamagotchi (virtual pet) But let us know for which idea you have gone will you
  4. Here is my suggestion (attention it is Swiss customs so not sure it will go down well with you lot so no rolling eyes please ) Why don't you give him some money but tell him it is for his son to buy something nice. It usually goes down well here "Ooops, word censored!"ody's pride is hurt and everybody is happy.
  5. Swiss Chick


    Dont worry grd it will get better but what you experience could be a side effect of all homeopathic or natural medecins, first it gets worse before it gets better, patience as Claret suggested
  6. Agree with Luise and you should have specified your treat better ie. no living things and you do want her do do well in her exams don't you
  7. Friday 5 of May our pet fish Nemo (snail eating, black and orange) died after 2 days he had spent in isaolation since he looked poorly. I am sad, he was the only fish that ever had been namee and was the favourate one of my son. He was 3 years old and will be missed for quite some time.
  8. Sorry to hear your loss, rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters are very sensitive when they have been under aneasthesia. My rabbit fluffy had his teeth clipped last year, he is now 5 and he had a tough time coming around it took him ages to recover and I was afraid that he wouldn't make it. But you are right they are not giving a lot of signs when they are not well but you did all you could so dont blame yourself and put him in the memmorial topic he will be well remembered.
  9. Amazing bird better than a parrot! I had fogotten that I had seen this program before.. thanks for putting the footage in the forum
  10. Do agree. just read up in my book there is a dwarf Asyl that was bread in the UK as a fighting bird. Appearently never really popular. All these fighting birds Indian or Malaysian are about the same. Skinny high legged long necked birds. Do not really like them. But great game we should move on.
  11. 30 £ wouldn't you buy something more interesting for that amount of money. The chooks don't do much inside the house than sleeping and laying eggs If you are interested in modern technology why not some spying glasses infra red to see in the dark
  12. You dont want to play chicken brother with your poor chooks Martin Of cours it is dangerous for them. Ever heard of fried chickens. There are wires involved and electriciy. Would you like to be spied on day and night
  13. Sure thing still a handsome bird, find the Asil a bit skinny dont'you ?
  14. Have another one Amrock, from the States. Somebody find a picture. Lovely birds. Black and white striped.
  15. Actually the first name is the name of the reagion in Switzerland the Appenzell and the 2nd is the pointed hat rightly said so by you, beautiful bird never seen one didn't even now that should be the national breed I would boldy state we do have more than 1 breed in Switzerland. But we will continue the game so there will be some more surprises I guess.

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