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  1. I did wonder whether they could be pulling each other's feathers out but I've watched them and never actually seen them doing it! Unless it's when they are couped up in the Eglu ..... They just look so awful. Their bums are bright red but don't actually appear to bother them, and there doesn't seem to be any signs of new feathers growing back. Also a bit confused as to why they actually go and sit in the nesting box as if they are going to lay when they're not!!
  2. One of my chooks had an eye infection which started off like this, eye closed, sitting around and eventually not eating much. It worked out she'd got an ulcerated eye and had many trips to the vets. If she's no better and the eye doesn't open, I'd try bathing it and perhaps a trip to the vets.
  3. My three chooks haven't laid properly for a while and now it's stopped altogether. They seem to still take it in turns to go and sit in the nesting box every day, but no eggs . The oldest chook is probably about 3 years old now and the others are about 2 years old. They've always been brilliant layers in the past. Also they've all got really bald bums which look awful. We assumed this was a moult but they've been like it for over a year now with no sign of feathers growing back. I've checked for lice and red mite and can't see anything and we treated them with the Johnsons Anti Mite spray a while ago and they are wormed every few months with Flubevent. They are in a large walk in run and an eglu so they've all got plenty of room. Any advice would be appreciated
  4. Two of mine have just started sleeping out as well, obviously like looking at the stars ............. Good thing is there's less poo in the Eglu, just more on the shelf which is easier to sweep away!
  5. Oh that's made me feel better knowing it's probably a "Spring" thing!.
  6. A water pistol! Oh, my 6 year old little boy would have a ball with that! Better not get it out while he's around, he'd think it was new game The chooks usually only free range when we're at home, so we can keep our eye on them all. Sorry to hear you lost yours .... was it the chooks or the bunnies you lost?
  7. Not sure whether I should post this on the chicken forum or the bunny one, but anyway ... we are getting a couple of bunnies at the end of this week and was wondering if chickens and bunnies get on. We are getting them from the re-homing centre so I'm sure they'll give us plenty of advice, but it would nice to think they could free range together when we're home Does anyone know about this? I suppose it depends on the individuals .....
  8. Thanks for the reply. Glad I'm not the only one I'd be distraught if I had to get rid of mine. There's a guy a few doors down who's good at complaining to the council about absolutely anything, so I'll wait for my letter then ......
  9. My chooks have suddenly decided to make a racket first thing in the morning. They are in an Eglu in a very large walk in run, 3 of them, and about 5.54am lately they seem to have a really "vocal" time. They have a bench in their run which they perch along in a line and that's when they start I fear that as we live in a road full of semi detached houses that my neighbours will start to complain .... We've had the chooks a couple of years and I don't remember them making a noise like this before! Does anyone know the rules on chicken noise .......
  10. Hi Dolly. When Lottie had a flare up, she just used to stand around staring into space with her head hung low. Just basically looking poorly. She would eat but not much. I think they're prone to this kind of thing, our vet seemed to think it's when the dirt gets thrown up from all the digging around that they do. Lottie's eye totally clouded over as time went on and it was obvious she couldn't see much out of it, if anything at all. I hope your chook gets better. I think I'd see how she goes before operating ... see if it shows any signs of bothering her in the future.
  11. One or our chooks had an ulcerated eye. She lived with it for approx 18 months and during that time went back to the vets and was given Baytril probably about 5 or 6 times as it kept flaring up. In between the flare ups she was fine, and the vet was reluctant to operate as thought it could cause more complications removing her eye. She was obviously blind but managed perfectly well with sight in one eye. She was never quite the same though and eventually passed away peacefully during another flare up one day The eye drops never seemed to do anything to be honest.
  12. Well after a recurring ulcerated eye over the past 12 months, many trips to the vet and courses of Baytril, Lottie had a rough couple of days last week and then we found her huddled in the corner of the run with her beak resting on the wooden skirting with her eyes closed. My OH went to lift her up to put her to bed and we realised she'd passed away poor thing How sad, never realised I could get so attached to a little chicken She was never right since her eye problem but seemed to battle on. Have to say, she was our favourite .......
  13. Hi there. One of my chickens is blind in one eye. It started off with an infection - she kept closing the eye and was very quiet, just standing around and not eating or drinking much. We took her to the vets and she was given some eye drops which didn't really help. When we took her back we were told it was badly ulcerated so she was given a course of Baytril and the vet said she probably wasn't able to see anything out of it anymore. It has now been left white and clouded over. She's had a few flare up's since, and has never really been the same, she has to have a course of Baytril from time to time. I can tell she can't see anything because when we give her treats she's always the last one to the dish and if she's free ranging she's always on her guard.
  14. The ones we use are 731 Layers Pellets Complete plus a little of the the 704 Special Mixed Corn for a treat

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