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  1. Thank you for the replies it’s very helpful we was looking to get a lavender Orpington as we lost our buff Orpington in December miss her very much. Also we was thinking of a Sussex
  2. Since wernlas has shut down can anyone recommend a good place to get large pure breeds from as in the West Midlands I struggle
  3. Thankyou it's been stressing me out !!
  4. We have one of our hens who has been off her legs but otherwise fine the vet thinks she has a vitiamin deficiency so we have been giving her vit b for 5 days 10ml to 2 litres of water and she has really started picking up. It's the last of the 5 days today but she needs more well it be fine for the the other girls to have it for another 5 days
  5. Seem to be keeping them at bay little so and so's been getting getting straight in the shower
  6. It's terrible isn't it I can't stand the thought of them did all the cleaning out Saturday and checked on Sunday and found more arghhhh. I was thinking of buying a plastic shed I know you still get them but think it would easier to clean as ours is wooden we was looking at new coops anyway would be great to watch it burn with most the mites in worries me as we have parrots aswell so as soon as come in the house clothes in the machine and them a hot shower hope you have luck in getting rid of them
  7. Ive been very lucky over my 5-6 years of chicken keeping.. But have had a bad time lately mom was dianosed with cancer i got married so she would be there and a few days after the wedding she passed away so i have not been my usually vigilant self and noticed late afternnon red mite my hubby has just got back from work and took out some of the bedding for now and disposed of it urghhh. Also we quickly sprayed some johnsons anti lice spray on them and the cracks as it says on the bottle it contains permethrin and then put some diatom in the coop for tonight. So tomorrow morning early we will spray the coop with poultry sheild with the bedding still in there leave for abit and then dispose of the bedding take apart the coop and wash it down then respray again and leave to dry then put bedding back in and then diatom. Also will powder the poor girls. Can anyone think of anything else we can do can not stand the though of them "Ooops, word censored!"s on the girls
  8. One of my new girls (had her a couple if weeks) has started sneezing she hasn't got a rattly chest and is fine in her self. I have got some respite and I'm not sure on the doseage any help would be appreciated
  9. I was thinking that she's been up more today and eating but is still resting a lot phoned the vet he said keep an eye in her as he doesn't want to give her drugs as she's young. They do worry you I've had a few sleepless nights thanks for your help I will keep you updated
  10. Have checked her, her abdomen is fine she was walking about more last night
  11. Her comb is red she's eating and drinking and getting up more and walking about a bit more. No she hasn't layed another egg yet
  12. Thanks for the reply just checked vent is perfect didnet see any blood in her poop just but she seems weak on her legs she will walk around a bit and then rest
  13. Our new pol chilli was not right yesterday and was making loud gurgling noises we was worried as we had lice powered them the day before and diatom earth in the coop which she was fine with last week. But she kept going in the coop and looking egg bound she then layed her first egg but went off her legs so we took her in the house to keep her warm but she kept standing up so she is back out she is walking a bit more today but still siting in the run a lot and she has had two poops with blood in any ideas or advice I'm so so worried
  14. They do make you panic I'm always running out checking

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