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  1. I will have to give them try. Daisy's crop has gone hard now think it's cause she's ill and not drinking so have had to syringe her, it breaks my heart seeing her like this
  2. Thanks Libby I love in Oldbury is at the vets at pets at home? I do go to manor vets in edgbaston but the cost is so much, thankyou for telling me about this place. Daisy's crop is fine it's just her breathing poor little girl. Mochas crops is good so far touch wood. Going to check on them now will update you later. Thanks
  3. Really not having at great time at the moment one of my girls mocha had an impacted crop got it down and it compacted again so yesterday she had to have the op which was £400 but is doing well but to daisy was breathing heavy and sneezing she sounded weasey so as mocha was going back for a check after the op I took daisy the vet said he couldn't diagnose what is wrong so is treating with tylan and metacam. That cost another £100 my oh loves the girls but is getting annoyed at the cost of vet bills. I am so worried about daisy has anyone got any ideas on how to help daisy as a bit stressed
  4. She's been on apple cider vinegar and she is pooing runny ones urghh!
  5. Ok thanks, the vet agreed aswell going to get some white maggots today
  6. One of my girls has had a impacted crop which has been going on for a week have gave her oil and wet grinded pellets food is getting through and she is well in her self went to the vets last night and he said that we should cut her open and have a look, she is booked in for today. But this morning it is half the size it was like a small marble, do I give her a bit longer and try her with maggots or have the op done today really struggling
  7. I remembered when i found the preen gland i was freaked and when i went and looked on here i was relieved i was thinking all things my family did laugh
  8. Mine are up earlier aswell. We lwave open the coop doors as they are in a secure run but we cover the run the other 3 get up and are fine but Miss Mocha calls and calls for me to go out once she sees me i can gi back to bed but then an hour later at 6 the alarm goes off we have tried leaving her hoping she would shut up!! But have to down dont want tbe neighbours moaning
  9. One of my hens Bertha (buff orpington) has been v Broody for just under 2 month's we have tryed everything arghhh!
  10. So glad mac is back home and doing well. We have had 2 impacted crops so i cut the cabbage up small now, but everything nakes me paranoid
  11. Ginger rocks passed away early this morning we are heartbroken. R.I.P Ginger Rocks
  12. Thankyou good egg, spoke to the woman who had her when her hen friends was killed she lasted it lasted 24 hourse so fingers crossed
  13. She is breathing with her beak open very heavy not eating now and her comb is a funny colour red
  14. Thanks, sorry I meant to say running around the outside of the run have checked get can't see no wounds, as we have a double coop which one part is meshed due to pecking I have put in there but the shut the one door and opened the air vents and she can see 2 of the hens she's still breathing quite heavy though
  15. I usually leave the coop doors open in the summer as the run is fox proof, this morning we heard a right racket there was a fox running around the run. I ran out the 4 hens seemed fine but our other hen Ginger was breathing heavy and in shock ( we had her before xmas off a work colleague as her other hens were killed by a fox and ginger saw everything and managed to get out of reach) So we bought her in, in a box and gave her some water with sugar in it. She is still breathing bad poor thing I have gave her some strawberry and grape cut up which she quickly ate and also some mashed up pellets she has had a bit of. My oh said to leave her to calm down herself and check on her about every hour but I am worried as its so warm she has air vents in the box any advice please
  16. Thats what i thought and they do still eat all there pellets, so i think i will keep it the same thankyou
  17. Everytime i worm my chooks with flubenvet as they can have no treats, they start to peck each other which drives me mad, so last time i gave them a few greens at about 1 in the afternoon and every couple of days i gave them a few dired bugs just before they went tobed which stopped the pecking. But what should i do this time round as i want them to be wormed but dont want the pecking to start.
  18. Thankyou been to the vets and it looks mycoplasma but the vet did say it could be cured as we have caught it early so there on tylan for seven days (don't think the last course was long enough only 3 days). Also Molly is going to stay on metacam for seven more days aswell. The vet did say he could try her with other antibotics but they coułd make her poorly and off her food so decided that wasn't the best solution. He said if she's no better in 7 days to bring her straight back. So fingers crossed and praying.
  19. Phone the vet couldnet stop worrying and they said with Molly's cold its most likely an minor infection as the eye isn't swollen. They said culling in very rare cases so fingers crossed thankyou

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