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  1. Hi i have the rcom incubator we have candled them and out of 3 we have 2 fertile eggs, we have the brooder and the chick crumb ready just waiting just wanted some good advice on rasing the chicks as you read that much different stuff for example medicated crumb i spoke to my local suppiler and he said he has never heard of anyone feeding that? does anyone on here use the medicated crumb? thanks for you kind welcome im looking fowrad to cahtting with everyone
  2. Hi everyone i have just joined today we are currently incubating 2 chicky eggs and hace 8 days left and cant wait for them to join our family of 1 house rabbit, 2 canaries, 2 budgies, 2 cockateils, 1 conure, 1 indian ringneck, 1 port lincoln and a senegal!!! any advice anyone can give?

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