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  1. Chatting to vet on call, sounds like a prolapsed vent. A little bit has pushed out. Anyone had any success doing this by pushing back in - read about hemeroid creams too. Advise if you can? Thanks XXXX
  2. Think it's going to be PTS time for Ruby. She's lasted a while since vet thought she might have a tumour but think it's time for her to go now ;-( She's clucking, and a mix of water and blood is coming from her vent. She's not laid for ages, but think something inside her has popped. The other girls have NOT pecked her, as we keep her in the kitchen when the rest go to bed. Just bloomin'sad today ;-( StaceyTheHen
  3. Well, vet couldn't find anything wrong, and heart etc all OK. Prescribed some pills, but before we could give her the first one, she's eatting again!!!!! Think she got frightened at the vets, and thought she better do something quick before another visit Thanks for your help StaceyTheHen
  4. Thanks. She's only drinking water anyway, and not interested in anything else (even crumbs of cheese which are her very special, and rarely found treat. Vets tomorrow, as it's been a while since she's ate anything. Did try apple cider vinegar, but she didn't have that horrible smell from her beak that we've had with sourcrop before. Keep you posted. Thanks StaceyTheHen x
  5. Hi. 2 year old exBatt Katie is not eating, and is wasting away. She's got water/fluid in her crop, but doesn't want to eat. Her poos are obviously fluidy, and she is still alert, and drinking a little water. I've tried to empty her crop, but she's not let any out of her beak. Today, she's just started neck bobbing, which I've seen before, when they try to clear the crop. Can't get into vets till tomorrow. Any urgent advice please? Thanks Stacey X
  6. Rattle gone, and breathing ok (said touching a big piece of wood). We're stuffing her up with corn on the cob, porridge and lettuce. Greedy girl. Thanks StaceyTheHen x
  7. No not sour crop. She's still eating a bit of grain. Vet (poultry specialist) has given her a shot of antibiotics and a dialectic. She's not rattling as much as she was, but still a bit sad - she's still fighting the other girls off if they dare to eat her food. It sounds like bronchitis. Keep you posed. Thanks for your help StaceytheHen xx
  8. Hi, We've had Daisy for 2 years. She's always been sneezy and had the occasional rattle. This has been cleared by a slight tapping on the back, she coughs then she's ok. Now she's just gurgling like a drain. The vet has given her an antibiotic injection. She's still 'playing' with her food, and drinking OK. Wormed with Flubenvet in June. The other 2 girls are fine, and they've never had a problem, so it's not infectious. Poos are just liquid. Not laid for a year . Any ideas ? Thank you StaceyTheHen
  9. GREAT NEWS, Violet is back to her usual self. It took a few weeks, but with hard work, and loads of cuddles, she recovered and is back from the brink of death. While she recovered and on the pills the vet gave her, she had almost liquid water poo, and walked like 'Pingu', dragging her tail feathers through it (looked like one of the supermarket floor cleaners had been around our kitchen). Ascities (water Belly) may be something worth considering if they look like peritonitis. Thanks for everyones help. Stacey X
  10. Well she's been and seen the vet. He seemed to think it was Ascities ('Water Belly') and took a sample from her swollen tummy. I was amazed to see it was very clear indeed. She's soaking wet now, and all her discharges are clear. Got to feed her 1/2 a tablet a day. Thanks for your help. StaceyTheHen
  11. Well chatting to a few avian vets, it may be 'Water Belly' (ascites). Taking her to the vet again tomorrow. She's standing upright like a penguin. Starting to be more alert, and wants to flap everywhere. Poo still sloppy, but at least it's white and clear with no blood or yolk. Breathing is strong, and heart thumping.comb is nice and pink (getting warm now too-but still leaning over) Demolished spaghetti in a bowl, so there's still hope. She's a strong girl, and has been fighting for over a week. Keep you posted. StaceyTheHen
  12. Well today she's started to feed by herself. We started using pipet to feed her, but now she's getting piggy, and sticking her beak in the bowl. We tried her with lots of things, and she likes hen food in a mush of water, and spaghetti. She's even started to stand up, but can't walk far as poor abdomen. She's starting to purr again, to let us know she's happy. Thanks for your thoughts. I'll keep you posted. StaceyTheHen
  13. Violet (2 year 6mth) ex Batt has been poorly for a while. She's seen the vet, and had a course of Baytril. she's very sleepy, and waddles when she walks, and props herself up in the catbox where she sleeps away from the others. I suspect Peritonitis, as she's a fluidy bum. She's not laid for 9months. We've been feeding her by syringe liquid batt-pellets , BoostX herbal supplement , and water too. The two vets we use (they are both avian) say there's nothing else they can do, but she's still hanging on in there. I think she needs the liquid draining off, but I know that's risky. As she's still breathing well, and her heart is thumping so strongly, at what point would you consider PTS? I don't want to do the PTS, as she's been fighting for over a week, and she doesn't want to quit. Always said we'd do what was right for the hennies, but find it hard to give up on her, as she's not given up on us. Any ideas what else we can do? StaceyTheHen
  14. Oh bless you. Sorry to hear your news. I'm having the same probs with one of my exbatts, which I think will fly off tonight . Even the best vets seem to have problems trying to 'cure' our little friends. Sometimes the girls have just had enough. Sorry again to hear of your loss ((X)) Stacey
  15. Oh Dear, sorry to hear that (( )). Our Vera has had a big bum for ages, and we even had a scan, which was not conclusive. When they act strange, it's time to examine them, and you did the right thing. Vera still got a big bum, but she's healthy, and still the boss, and we're grateful of every extra day we have her. Trouble is (especially ExBatts) that they aren't meant to be here as long as pures. Bless them all Staceyhen

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