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  1. Stokke crib is awesome, but I actually co-slept so had a bed nest. Might be worth considering, as breastfeeding in the night is a gazillion times easier if you don't have to get out of bed. It has a great resale value too, practically make your money back.
  2. In my experience, and I'm probably biased because I think my Dad's care led to his death, moving him out of hospital as soon as possible would be a good thing. Sedation can lead to daytime drowsiness, so you're right to be concerned about that, although given staffing levels they may feel it's their only option.
  3. I go to Louth for a week every summer to do G and S at the Riverhead We'll be there in two weeks, we love it! Everybody is so friendly, and we really feel like we've built up some lovely friendships over the last nine years
  4. That looks like one of a series of doorstops we own (I'm a bit peculiar about doorstops). We have a ram, a lamb, a Scottie, a highland coo, a panda and a squirrel. But not a hen. Think we might need one now
  5. I had this with a sofa cover once - it was a complete nightmare. However, it is entirely possible to specify saturday collection, she'll just have to pay extra.
  6. Just thought I'd update - Nero is still living at home Hope everybody else had a good result with their puddy tats.
  7. I managed to avoid them very successfully! We recently got in touch about referring Mog for speech therapy - complete disaster, total waste of time and eight weeks later we still haven't had the promised appointment with a speech therapist for assessment. My favourite was the one who rocked up after Teddy was born and asked me who Imogen was. Erm, my first child? Although the one who asked me through the medium of mime if I was feeling depressed was also very special.
  8. We had to let ours out after a couple of days as they were climbing the walls, but we had moved quite a long way away from our old place. When crazy cat woman bribed Saffy into living with her a couple of streets away, we had to keep her in for two weeks before she got the message. When Nero moved into a derelict car half a mile away, we kept him in for a week. He went back. We kept him in for a month. He went back. We kept him in for ten weeks. I'll let you know, it's only been a few days.
  9. It must be really really hard My Dad also has Parkinson's, has for thirty years, and thankfully although he has lost some capacity,it's in a very benign way. It's hard enough that my Dad isn't completely there any more, without the kind of agression and spite that you describe Try not to feel guilty about not seeing him - you sound like you're doing a brilliant job.
  10. We had a deadish bit of garden at the bottom, so I fenced it in with a pretty picket fence, then savagely trimmed wing and tail feathers. Chickens don't come out of it now except for special occasions. They were such a menace, I still have no plants in places and they've been fenced in for eighteen months. To be fair, I haven't planted anything because I'm lazy, but there were plants there before the beaky mob got to them.
  11. All sounds very stressful - I was desperate, simply desperate to get out of hospital with both of mine as quickly as possible. We're not comfortable with home births as we're a way from the hospital and neither of us will forget the hideous transfer to theater from delivery with Imogen, but I just wanted to leave the minute they stitched me up. Anyways, it's not a bad idea to have a bottle or two and a breast pump handy, I got on well with the Tommee Tippee closer to nature pump and bottles and they're generally cheap as chips in Tesco or Boots on offer. Mog had to be given formula after her traumatic delivery (low blood sugar) and they asked me which I wanted (SMA or Cow and Gate), but she was in SCBU at the time. She breastfed perfectly well, despite having been given bottles for the first day she was out. With Teddy, he started refusing bottles (of expressed milk or formula) at around four months and the nicest, tastiest formula we found for him was HiPP organic. It's a nice oaty flavoured milk, without the manky metallic aftertaste of SMA, and he had practically breastfed poos while on it. You can buy cartons (handier for hospital) and I would buy travel disposable bottles so she doesn't have to sterilise in hospital. I was really anti NCT with Mog, then went along with Teddy and I wish I'd done it the first time. They're not BFing Nazis (in fact the BF counsellor was less hardcore than I am, and I'm a really lazy breastfeeder), and it's really nice to have a group of mums to swap stories with.
  12. I would prefer not to smack, I have very unfond memories of being hit as a child, but I have as a last resort smacked Imogen on the bum. Once when she was kicking me in the face while I changed her last week (she is essentially non-verbal at the moment, but knows very well what 'no' means), once a month or so ago when she pushed Teddy over for about the millionth time that day and once when she bit me and wouldn't release her teeth. If I could find another way of communicating effectively that these behaviours weren't acceptable, I would go for it in a shot, I hate that essentially I am responding to violence with violence, and she's still only two and a half. I'm hoping things will get easier when she's talking. Our childminder calls her strong willed, but at the moment I almost believe she doesn't talk on purpose just to avoid having to do what we say.
  13. I'll have the vouchers I love quite a lot of their clothes - can you not just buy a bunch of plain white vests in all different sizes? They do quite a lot of baby basics which are reasonably priced. I have a variety of slings. My husband really liked his Bjorn when our kids were teeny, so although it's not ideal for babies, it can be the best way to get men babywearing, and better than no babywearing. My preference for a newborn is a moby wrap (although I made my own from some jersey as I am a cheapskate) or another stretchy wrap. Once they get a bit bigger, we tend to move onto soft structured carriers, like Mei Tais, but with buckles. I prefer my Connecta, but OH carries two and a half year old Imogen regularly in a Beco Butterfly. We quite often go for a tramp in Epping Forest with both kids in carriers. Mog weighs 30lbs and Teddy weighs 24lb. When I had one baby and she was still small, I only really used the pushchair for shopping, but once she hit about ten months I used it more and more, and once we had two, it was pushchair or nothing if I was on my own, as Imogen is a late and anarchic walker. They're only eighteen months apart, so they'll both be using the pushchair for a while yet.
  14. Has she considered the bugaboo bee? It's lightweight, forward and backward facing, can have baby flat in a coccoon and folds fairly small (though not as small as a quinny). It's a flat fold, but not narrow if you know what I mean. I've had a BUNCH of pushchairs. The zapp is very handy, but if I bought something similar again I'd go for the petite zia star, which has a recline unlike the zapp. We have a bugaboo donkey for our two and a Phil and Teds vibe for tandem days. The P and T is good, but three wheelers are a nightmare to steer in my opinion, and they don't tend to fold down small. The bugaboo is glorious, but was expensive and is a big pushchair, even for a double. We've also had a Mamas and Papas Luna, which overbalanced if you sneezed at it, a stokke xplory which was divine but massive and a whole bunch of maclaren type buggies which we run into the ground and then replace. So in brief, my recommendations would be to look at the Bugaboo Bee and the P and T smart buggy. As far as car seats are concerned, a maxi cosi cabriofix is relatively inexpensive, very good and can be used with most pushchairs if you buy the adapters. I never used isofix bases as we have to take the seats in and out of our car so much it's safer to fit with the belts than risk getting the isofix wrong, and it's cheaper anyway. I'd also suggest considering second hand pushchairs. Apart from the donkey, I've never bought a new pushchair, I see it like cars, someone else can take the hit for it being brand new! Otherwise, Mothercare do a decent layaway system and will price match

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