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  1. Hi all, wondering if you can help - my hen has gone wobbly as if drunk. Doing a quick read up on this I wonder if she is nutrient deficient - she is moulting and we always seem to get an impacted crop with this (she must be nibbling her feathers). I gave her some scrambled egg yesterday, she was ravenous, and put some poultry tonic in the water. Anyone have any other ideas for a quick nutritional boost? She is still spritely but it’s not nice to see her falling over. Thanks in advance, Jennie
  2. So I thought it was time for a hose update!!! I got one of those magic expanding ones in the end - very good! Need good water pressure as this is what makes it expand. Cat fascinated. Doesn't seem to work with my sprinkler, can't get enough pressure, so alas I need to keep my old hose for this, sigh! If you ever get one of these hoses, don't pull it off the tap before you've run off all the water inside it. You'll find it goes completely out of control, spraying wildly all over the place and in your face, impossible to catch it. Luckily no one saw me, but I bet it looked funny. I was soaked.
  3. I have once again hurt my back so need to make a few adjustments to how I do things! 1. I am getting someone else to mow the lawn, and 2. I'm getting a decent hose that is not a hassle to get out/put away, and actually reaches the end of the garden. So, has anyone got a really decent hose they could recommend which is lightweight, good quality & easy to use? Thanks all, Jennie
  4. I'm hoping to plant a living hedge and debating what will work best on my soil. Salix was an obvious choice as I'd like to weave it.. but I'm getting the feeling that this prefers damp soil, and ours is sandy, and pretty dry in summer. Anyone had any success with living hedges and any advice on what might work in our soil? I don't want a dense hedge, but do want height - something to slightly screen off the kids' area and hen house but still allows light to filter through.
  5. Oops yes I should have said that the run is covered, but there is a lot of concrete all around the perimeter so I think a fair amount of surface water runs in, and the whole area at the end of our garden gets green and sludgy. Oh for a bigger garden!! For those using wood chips/aubiose - do you regularly remove and replace it? We used to try wood chippings but got so wet/heavy/smelly it was a really really horrible job to do. And our bin men had an issue with our heavy bin. So we have nothing but bare soil now. But I don't po pick.. is that wrong?
  6. My other half did the weekly clean out and announced (not for the first time) that it is "time to get rid of the hens." I am once again trying to come up with a rescue plan. The problem we have is that their area is always wet, soggy and smelly in winter, and dusty and full of flies in the summer. Are we simply not cleaning enough, or got them in too small an area, or just have unrealistic expectations?! They are currently in a walk in run with about 5 sq metres, they are direct on the soil (grass long gone), we have tried all sorts of surfaces underfoot, and we have 3 big ish hybrids who poo a lot!! Any thoughts welcome!!
  7. Hi all, anyone know if the Eglu (classic) will sit on the new Go Up stand? I've been wanting to raise up the hens to give them room underneath but obviously need to know it is safe. Otherwise perhaps time to invest in a nice new hutch!!
  8. Thank you or your suggestions. I have been examining the poos(!) and think we have our first case of sour crop. I have her in isolation for a second day and will be massaging frequently. She's bright & perky so hopefully will make a good recovery.
  9. Booo, it looks like we have sour crop (+/-impacted crop) - it's very full, quite hard but puffy, like a balloon, and looks red. She's been wiggling her head/neck funnily for a couple of days, and I've only just managed to get her out to have a proper look. I've been looking up the best ways to treat - anyone have any tried-and-tested methods? I am reluctant to try squeezing anything out, but a day off food will be a good start (she's a healthy hen so she's a decent weight), and I might see if I can get something from the pharmacist for oral thrush.. Any other words of wisdom? I think she has been eating the straw I put in their nest..
  10. Yes sorry Snowy, I read your reply then realised I'd got my diseases muddled up.. The more I hear about bacteria/diseases/food poisoning etc the more OCD I'm becoming... Ignorance is bliss
  11. Hi All [i've just edited my original post as I mistakenly put 'coccidiosis', but I realise now I mean 'campylobacter'. OK start again.. ] I've been hearing a lot in the news lately about campylobacter in the chicken we eat, so started wondering what the risks are for us hen keepers? I've never had any illnesses from our hens in our 7-ish years of having them, but with young children now I'm starting to get concerned about hen poo on the eggs and the bottom of shoes!! Wondering what other parents feel in general about hens and hygiene? Jennie
  12. Am feeling like a bad hen keeper at the moment, after dealing with red mites I've just spotted fly eggs on my elderly ex-batt's vent feathers. [Thank you so much for the FAQ on flystrike] I've just snipped out the affected/dirty feathers, given her a warm salty bath to clean up the poopy smelly rear end, and patted her nice and dry. Thankfully the fly eggs had not hatched and there's no wound, so I'm hoping I've prevented something much worse. Poor old girl, she's not been in great shape recently and frequently has down days. She's at least 6 years old, so not done badly for a battery hen! Let's hope she perks up a bit now...
  13. Hello Omleteers To my horror I discovered we have a red mite infestation, the first time in many years of hen keeping. It has been so long since I used the Barrier powder that the label has fallen off! Can anyone give me a brief explanation of any precautions I should take when dusting the hens (e.g. am I to wear gloves, a mask, keep it away from their food and water, how often can I use it? etc). I can get some basic info online, so I know I need to dust them just before bed, but that's about it! Thanking you in advance, Jennie
  14. At this time of year I'm normally lamenting the fact that my lawn has turned to mud with the odd sad tuft of green here and there. But I'm thinking of doing away with it all after ANOTHER bout of impacted crop! (our vet confirmed that my elderly hen's crop was stuffed with long grass - where on earth did she find long grass, I wonder?!!) So what do people think - is grass more bad than good? I always thought it made their yolks yellow... so can I keep them happily on, er, mud? (Or bark chippings?) Jennie
  15. Hi All I've a favour to ask, I'm collating ideas on how you can be an environmentally-friendly parent, for a magazine article for my local NCT magazine (which goes out to local parents of babies and tots). If you've any fab ideas please let me know. [Mods: please feel free to delete this message if this is inappropriate to post up; please rest assured I don't get paid to write this article!!] Thanks so much Eco Warriers! Jennie

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