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  1. I have just watched Walking with Dogs: A Wonderland Special on iPlayer and i was wondering, does anybody know what breed of dog Nigel is?
  2. What breed is the one lying down on the second photo?
  3. My working cocker spaniel was castrated last Thursday and he hasn't seemed to of noticed yet! He has jumped over a wall, been on a walk of the lead and jumped up and loads of people and his stitches still haven't ripped! They must of given him the strongest thread ever! No matter how hard we try he will always do whatever the vet says to not let him!
  4. Its my dogs 1st Birthday this weekend and i wanted to make him a special birthday cake that he can eat! Any one know of some good dog friendly recipes I could use? Thanks Megan
  5. Hi, thinking of getting another rabbit! Might be getting one from Jens bunnies!
  6. Recently we bought our 10 month coker spaniel puppy Woody a 'grown up bed' but since having it the sides have just collapsed in on him inside the bed. Can anybody reccomend some good strong dog beds for us too look at and maybe buy please? Thank You, Megan & Woody xxx
  7. Will the small-medium egg Skelter in the shop fit bantam eggs or will they just fall through?? Thanks, Megan
  8. Im 13 and have 4 of my own chook! I have had chickens for four years now!
  9. Have just read this: An unidentified man allegedly caught on CCTV swinging a cat in the air by its tail by has handed himself into police, the RSPCA has said. The 20-year-old man from Ramsgate voluntarily handed himself into Margate Police Station and is now helping with enquiries, according to a statement released by the RSPCA. After the shocking footage was released, the suspect is believed to have gone into hiding. I feel much better now!
  10. I think that the new Hamster and Gerbil cage is AMAZING!! and am trying to persuade my parents to let me have one! (However its not working! )
  11. Please will you go on this website! If you go onto four different websites while on it you will donate a pound to a dog shelter! Thanks!
  12. We've just got a chocolate cocker spaniel who is fourteen weeks today! Puppys are very energetic and are excellent time wasters!

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