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  1. The egg with the black yolk had not been boiled first it was raw. Any suggestions what could mean? All the hens are well.
  2. Thanks for your reply. It was my neighbour who had the egg and I'm not sure if she had cooked it or not. I'll have to ask her.
  3. One of my hens has laid an egg with a black yolk!! Never had this before and the hens are showing no signs of illness/sickness. I have 6 of them(hybrids) and they are about 2 years old. Has anyone had this before or know what could have caused this?
  4. I have discovered holes in the Omlet netting where some of my hens have been escaping into the garden. I don't know what has broken the wire in the netting to create big holes. Do you think a fox could have bitten through the wire? I'm sure the hens could't have done it. Has anyone else had this problem? Sally
  5. My girls don't eat Hebe shrubs. They have quite thick leaves and they come in a huge range of sizes and different coloured leaves. These Hebes are low maintenance as well.
  6. I have just finished introductions (it took 4 weeks) and I also used the cube run inside my WIR. It worked really well and I used a small rabbit hutch for the 3 new ones to sleep in. It had a hinged roof on it which I propped up slightly for extra ventilation. What actualyy happened was they preferred to sleep on the roof instead but they did use it to lay in
  7. I'm integrating 3 new hens to 4 original hens and I would like to get some extra feeders/drinkers that I can move around to help stop some of the squabbles! What does anyone recommend?
  8. I have a Skyline that looks exactly the same as your Columbine. Are they the same hen under a different name? I think they are both beautiful.
  9. Hello wenhen I've just got 3 hybrids from Thornes last week and they are beautiful . They had a good choice and I now have a Bovans nera, a Magpie and a lovely skyline. I can certainly recommend Thornes chickens and Frank who looks after them is very knowledgable and helpful. Good luck
  10. I keep the hens pellets in a small plastic bin with a lid (very cheap from Wilkinsons) which happens to hold exactly 5kg which is the size of the pellets bag. As I only have 4 hens the pellets are only stored for a short time (about 2/3 weeks) and stay dry. I think the bins cost about £3. I also have another bin the same for the mixed corn.
  11. Thanks for your replies. I have clear plastic corrugated sheets on my WIR at the moment but it has always leaked. It was made by Avaries4U and Tony has been back twice to redo the leaky roof. I don't know what else to do ? Has anybody else had problems with corrugated sheets leaking?
  12. Has anyone got onduline sheets on their WIR roof? Is it any good and what colour do you have? Do they sell clear onduline sheets? Thanks for any advice.
  13. Thanks everyone for all your help. I shall definitely try there for some more hens.

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