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  1. That is the worst bit,we had a long conversation on Tues and he was saying how much of an animal lover he was and they would be well looked after and he would send me pics of them when they were settled in and he was looking forward to getting his young son involved looking after them. When I advertised them it said they were cross. My OH is away in the RAF but has called him and given him a piece of his mind. I would have gladly driven to get them if he had called. I find it hard to believe he could not have found somewhere in/around Bingley where he lives to re home them. The only thing from it is it would have been quick and they would not have suffered(hopefully) but the distress of being taken away somewhere else again leaves me cold.
  2. I have just had the most devastating news and I am distraught. Due to moving we had to re home our 6 beautiful girls, the guy who bought them came to collect them yesterday and after a couple of texts to him today to see how they are with no reply he finally sent me this message. Unfortunately the hens were half breeds,I have already ordered some light Sussex hens, I have tried to re home them but ended up getting my uncle to take them to the abattoir!!!!!!!!! Can you imagine reading that, I broke down and after trying 3 times to ring he finally answered and his first reply when I said who I was 'oh here we go' no apology no remorse nothing, had he said he did not want them I would have driven to get them and found them another home. I feel so guilty and sorry for my ladies,I let them down ,how could I have got it so wrong.
  3. Flo has laid her first little white egg this morning but in a rather strange way,she went into the coop and made all the usual 'I am laying' noises then came out.I went to clean coop out and there was nothing there then as I turned round to check the feeder she walked past and it just plopped out.one of the others did the same last night just before they went to bed at 6pm. I think they know to go in there to lay but they obviously got bored of being in there.they have all been going in the coop at some point during the day so will they eventually get used to the idea of laying in the coop or do I need to do anything to encourage them?
  4. I have just started mine on the pellets with flubenvet,I ordered them from farmandpetplace.co.uk they rang after ordering to go through how to feed for how long etc.they said ignore the use by date and as long as it is stored in a sealed container it would be ok to keep for next time.it worked out better to get the 20k bag so I do not have to pay 2 lots of postage when I come to order again.
  5. Only had my girlies just over a week and 1 of them has laid this morning,soooo pleased and if you had been within earshot you would have thought I had won the lottery lol not sure who it was but it certainly was not Flo as she will lay white eggs.they have just started a 7 day course of pellets with flubenvet, are eggs ok to eat? Alli
  6. Just ordered a 20k bag for £12 inc delivery,then I will have some in next time they need doing.thought it would be better to use this than try and mix my own.
  7. what is the ready mixed? do I just feed that and nothing else? sounds easier as I am worried about getting the dose wrong
  8. I went out this morning to clean out the coop and there was the evidence, I have only had the girls a week and the guy who sold me then said they were done before he got them in (or so his paperwork says) what is the best treatment and the easiest to administer as I have 6 to do and I am on my own this week. thanks Alli
  9. I use Stalosan too I sprinkle it round the WIR and give it a rake over to mix it in, I also use it in the coop and put a bit in the base then cover with shavings then mix it up,stays clean and fresh. Alli
  10. only 1 of my last lot got broody and we used 2 wire shopping baskets(kindly given to us by Tesco) and we put one upside down on top of the other with to make a basket then sat it on some bricks in the run so she could still se the others,we hung 2 little grit pots on the side so she had food and water and it did the trick and after 5 days she was ok and never had any probs.on a night we put her back in with the others and she used to sleep on the roosting bars.
  11. my old chooks loved it and they used to get hold of an end each and pull it about lol going to wait a few weeks to try it on the new ones but hoping they will enjoy it as much. They also used to like brown cooked rice and I used to sprinkle it round for them to pick at.I think I spoilt my last lot too much as they used to have allsorts-pomegranates,full corn on the cob hung up to peck at,porridge(made with water) pasta,mash potato lol
  12. so sorry to hear about Poppy,big hug coming your way Alli
  13. so sorry to hear your sad news,big hug coming your way Alli
  14. I am really pleased with them,had to give them a little help with going to bed last night lol This morning they came out had a stretch and are now sunbathing.I think the trouble maker will be little Flo,she is quite feisty and puts the others in their places,the quiet one seems to be my pretty little Shelly,I know your not meant to have favourites but she is mine and my Oh really likes Crunchie and Templeton. I did feel a bit sad this morning as it reminded me of my previous girls but they will never be forgotten.
  15. We picked our new ladies up today Shelly,Dot,Lottie,Templeton,Flo and Crunchie http://s982.photobucket.com/albums/ae307/alligg/New%20Chooks/

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