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  1. I like the sound of this. Will have to make a date with the iplayer.
  2. I have seen the Chilis 3x now and would go again if they were back next week!! Thanks to my sons I have seen Muse twice and Radiohead. Biffy are on the list for this year. My first gig was age 17 I went to see a very young Billy Joel at the Manchester Apollo. He was amazing especially in an intimate venue like the Apollo. Saw him again 4 years ago at the MEN - still very good. I still have some good street cred with my boys and theri friends as we saw Pink Floyd back in the 80s, David Bowie also. Probably my fav is still Led Zep at Knebworth- their final UK performance ( Bonham still alive). Had to fight so hard with my folks to let me go too.......... Anybody on here like Ben Folds or REM?? ANH - I remember Uriah Heap!! I love going to gigs - luckily have been to lots over the years. Saw the Chili Peppers at V, Muse at Glastonbury and have tickets to see Ben Folds at Sheffield next Saturday. Very jealous of anyone who managed to see Pink Floyd. Would have loved that.

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