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  1. As the title says I lost my handsome characterful Ollie today. Both I and the vet have no idea what could have caused his demise. He was his usual bright bouncy self yesterday afternoon I have a picture of him on my phone and he is the very picture of health. This morning his comb was pale and he was slumped very lifeless. The vet did X-rays and bloods etc and said his pcv was low and he had fluid where his air sacs should be and that putting him to sleep was the only option. I am devastated how can he go from fit and healthy one day to this in less than 24hrs. Has anyone any idea what this could have been? Will the girls have it? Talking of the girls they are bereft without him he has looked after them all their lives they are looking for him desperately. We have not buried him yet and my daughter wonders if we should put him back so that they can see him dead like you do with rabbits. Does anyone know or even have an opinion. Thanks.
  2. I bought one of these with high hopes However despite following the instructions my chickens only ever used it on stage one ie with the lid propped open. As soon as I attempted to have even a slight movement introduced it was as if the end of the world had come. I took them back to stage one again and when introducing movement put the foam supplied and more to stop any noise but to no avail. All of them including the cockerel are terrified of it and when I persisted and didn't put any other food down they virtually starved themselves Since having it rats have eaten their way into the stable where I keep the chooks and now know the food is there, and the hens poop all over it. So all in all epic fail lol.
  3. I have noticed recently that one of my hens (a healthy 2 year old Welsummer) is laying eggs that when cooked the white remains translucent. Either boiled or fried its the same. Obviously scrambled or omlettes no one notices. The eggs look, smell and taste fine and the shells are strong. I have looked on the net but am unable to find any reference to this. Has anyone had eggs like this or does anyone know what causes it. Its a shame because no one will eat them except the dog
  4. Aah maybe this will solve my problem. After having taken my cube to bits and reassembled it, it made no difference the cube was still really wet Eventually I decided I would have to move the cube indoors. They are now toasty warm and dry inside a stable. It's a shame though as now they can not range around the paddock behind the electric net. What is the kit like llb and was it FOC.
  5. Sometime ago in anticipation of moving the chickens inside the barn when the paddocks got too muddy I bought a dust bath from Omlet. To be honest I'd not even unpacked it from the delivery box. When I did today it just looks way too small I can't imagine the dust would stay in it for 5 minutes. Has anyone got one of these and find it ok? Shall I just cut my loses and buy something of a more suitable size if so what?
  6. Sorry to hear this, they become little family members don't they, so sad. My biggest fear is Mr fox
  7. Last August one of the many cats that take up residence with us was rehomed to a friend of a friend All was well initially but her new owner has recently been in touch as the cat is suffering severe allergy problems. They are at the point they think it may be the chickens and may have to rehome the poor cat . Again Its such a shame as its a lovely home which it took me ages to find for her. Thinking back by the time the cat was living with us our chickens were behind electric netting so the cats patrolled the perimeter staring in but didn't have direct contact. Has anyone ever had a cat allergic to their chickens and if so did you find a workable solution? Also is there a specific test that can be done to establish if she is in fact allergic to the chickens.
  8. Thinking ahead to this winter I am going to bring my chooks in as they are not getting any younger. For days on end last winter it was well below zero in their paddock and often -15 in their house. I am putting them in a stable that has a walled concrete area attached that they can have for outside use during the day. The problem is it is shaded by trees and has a lot of moss. I'm not sure if I should s"Ooops, word censored!"e this off or leave it. I can't find out if it is poisonous. if it isn't I should think they would have fun scratching in it as it is quite deep having been there for years.
  9. Thanks for replies everyone. Phoebe has been acting out of character she has been looking for chicken all around the paddock and then spent the rest of the day stood on a rock just looking around On the bright side the 3 of them do seem to be sleeping together and no signs of them being sick
  10. It's a very sad day for us today, we lost Chicken her real name is Zara although she has always been known as chicken. She was bought with her sister Phoebe and the two of them have always been a very tight pair bond. We also have another hen Lucy, but she grew up with and is always with Ollie our cockerel.The four of them got on very well but were 2 definite pairs. Chicken and Phoebe went to bed together foraged together stayed in together if the weather was bad, whereas Ollie and Lucy stay up later and go out in all weathers. Phoebe is now going to be on her own Things will have to stay as they are for a while at least as we are unsure what chicken died of . Yesterday she had an antibiotic injection at the vets as she looked unwell and her temp was up. I just hope it wasn't anything the others have picked up too. Assuming the others stay well what do you think we should do?
  11. Despite moving my cube very carefully in the summer I was annoyed to find it had started leaking. I considered taking the whole thing to pieces and reassembling but never got round to it so don't even know if it's possible. Thankfully mine is only a small leak in the corner near the door and drains under the roosting bars and then gets tipped out in the tray in the morning. When the weather is severe I chuck an old horse rug on top and that keeps them dry and snug. it doesn't look very scenic though
  12. Electric netting keeps the feral cats and dogs away from my girls. One zap and they don't repeat the experience
  13. Ooh thanks this is a very timely post I've never heard of this. Think I will try and get some for Lucy is it commonly available I wonder. Off to search net right now
  14. I am worried about one of my girls, Lucy a maran X. All the girls and Ollie moulted during the summer very sensible of them I thought. The other girls and Ollie grew back magnificent plumage Lucy however did struggle, primarily on her saddle area due to Ollie favouring her the most. She did regain most of her plumage with just a couple of bald patches caused by ollie treading her. Lucy laid right up to christmas and then stopped (the same as last year) she is 18 months old now. Last weekend I noticed a few feathers in the nest and over the last few days she has lost her entire undercarriage and most of her tail and the rest looks loose and tatty. None of them have lice or mites and are all eating normally. This morning she doesn't look quite her normal bright self although is still behaving as usual. Could this be a second moult and if not what else could cause this very quick massive feather loss? Am I panicing needlessly or should we be at the vets.(after I've been to dentist lol) I would be grateful for any advice .
  15. Don't they just poor things, how they survive i don't know. I told Ollie this very thing yesterday but he just looked at me and carried on munching until the whole bowl was gone. Hopefully the novelty will wear off they have perfectly good layers and corn of their own. I have taken to shutting them in their cube run to give the wild birds a chance particularly at first light and at dusk when they head to the feeding stations.

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