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  1. Thank you to you all for your replies. Since posting, Bella has seemed a lot perkier. Although she has still not laid an egg, she is walking happily (and normally) amongst the garden. She is picking at grass and bugs etc and definitely seems more like her usual self. I have noticed though that when she has chosen to sit down, she doesn't rest her bottom on the floor (its as though she is arching her back). She is also keeping her beak open a lot - although she is not 'panting' nor is there any sneezing or discharge. I'm beginning to wander if she is egg bound perhaps? Her poos are quite watery and white. Any more advice gratefully appreciated - not avoiding the vets, but don't want to put her under anymore stress if I can help it. Thanks
  2. Please help, although not new at keeping chickens, I have been fortunate that my previous girls have never been poorly. I have had my 'Bluebelle' Bella for 5 months now. Since bringing her home her comb and wattles never grew or reddened as much as the other girls (but I put this down to her colouring - dark grey) Despite this, she did start to lay eggs. Just this week she has really been off colour. She has stopped laying eggs and I noticed she had quite a mucky vent. I cleaned her up and as recommended by the farm shop where I bought her and put her on a course of worming layer pellets. She picked up yesterday, however today she seems to have reverted backwards. Although drinking, i don't think she has touched the pellets much this week. She likes treats such as meal worms, but will only eat a few. The same with vegetables i have cut up for her. I have tried putting tonic in their water and also liquid calcium. Bella spends the majority of the time sat down now with her eyes shut (as though she is sleeping) - however she will follow the other chickens whilst free ranging, but it seems very half hearted. I really don't know what else to do....please help.
  3. We have just moved into a new house and my OH is insisting that we do something with the state of the lawn . I just wondered if anybody had any advice please - this stuff is meant to kill weeds, moss etc and nurish the grass. I'm guessing a BIG no no for my girls to free range on But approximately how long should I wait before I let them back out again?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you *Their is inside a walk in run, so they do have somewhere to free range. I just like to also let them have the run of the garden!!
  4. Thank you to you both Seems that Hetty was trying to lay a soft egg - I went out the following morning and she had laid an egg without it's shell. She still isn't laying one a day, but she seems 100% more perky!! I have put in more Oyster shell and have bought a liquid calcium supplement which I am adding to their water - so fingers crossed it doesn't happen too frequently/again!!
  5. Please help! I'm new to chicken keeping and am unsure what to do next... Hetty is out of character. She is very subdued and puffs out her feathers. Normally she would be chasing my other chicken for tomatoes and treats, but not today. I've noticed she hasn't laid an egg for two days and her she is having very watery/runny poos. Poor Hetty. She has been given more Oyster shell (which she eats a lot of) and i've noticed that sometimes her shells are weaker than the other chickens. As she has white 'knicker' feathers, i've noticed that they are dirty around her bottom. Please help. What should I be doing to make her better? She has recently had a BIG moult - but has replaced all her feathers. She is warm (but not overly so) when I pick her up.
  6. Ahh, thank you everybody!! It's lovely to read all your funny stories...i'm so glad Hetty isn't the only 'mad' chicken out there!!
  7. I just wondered if anybody elses chickens go mad when they use their hose pipe? With all this hot weather lately, we've needed to water the garden. But the action of unravelling the hose sends Hetty crazy!! She puffs out her feathers and starts charging towards it. She makes this awful 'bocking' noise. I try to calm her down with a few treats etc, but to no avail. (It's actually quite funny to watch!!) Anybody else have this problem please??
  8. Thank you everybody. Has put my mind at ease
  9. I wasn't sure whether to post this in the chicken clinic section or here... Went to collect the eggs this morning and there was three (unusual as we only have 2 chickens!!!) Didn't think anything of it as OH said perhaps it was from yesterday and that one of the girls is a late layer. Was cleaning out the eglu 1/2 an hour ago and Hetty was acting very odd. Kept trying to climb inside etc. Re-assembled everything and left them to free range. It was only just now that I went to check on them and couldn't find her. Looked all around the garden, she was no where to be seen.... she was found in the nestbox crouched down. She eventually came out and was making this awful noise. BAWK BAWK BAWK (louder than i've ever heard before) so much so that I had to get the OH to come and see as I was worried. He said perhaps she had laid another egg. We checked, and low and behold, there was another one. That means Hetty as laid two eggs today, maybe 3!!! - is this possible??? Poo in the walk in run has been slightly black and tar like recently. Hetty has been given some tomatoes and sultanas and has calmed down now. Just wanted some reassurance please Also, we have had them for about 7 months now. Should we be thinking about worming them?? Do we take them to the vets like you would the cat?? lol Thank you
  10. I love this picture of Mac (the Maine Coon) and Hetty so much I thought I would post it again... just shows feathers and fur can be friends!!! lol
  11. Thank you every body. This is a really useful thread. My Rhode Island red hybrid (Sheldon ) has recently been laying double yolkers every other day. I too was worried, but having read your comments, i will just continue to keep an eye on her, but enjoy the eggs at the same time. Thank you Omleteers
  12. I was worried abou tthis too...as my cat kills and eats anything that moves!! lol However, all 3 of the cats (all males!) now just do their bit to protect the chickens. A friend's dog came over the other day, and we were all very cautious. Barney ( black and white cat) was not having any of it. He puffed himself out and launched at the dog. Needless to say, the poor labrador is now frightened to come to our house!!! I'm sure your problematic cats will soon too learn to love the girls!!!
  13. Thank you! Yes, just as if by magic, they were all dry and back to normal!!! I gave them some 'pellet porridge' before bed this evening (a recipe I have only just acquired!!! lol), and I'm sure that will keep their tummies warm throughout tonight

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