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  1. OK now - apologies for the wait! Work got in the way!!! Paving slabs laid direct on the ground with slabs round the edge Some of the perches (branches are windfalls from some trees near my home) Super glug!!!! From outside the WIR Fresh Aubiose .... The varmits scratting around one of the (empty) borders which the last lot of aubiose is down as a mulch after being dug over. The chooks loved the digging - loads of worms!! cheers
  2. I've just ordered a superglug and I'm hoping that my lot will pick up the knack of drinking from it as they like to drink the droplets from the temporary plastic tarpaulin that is failing miserably to protect the exposed side of my WIR!!
  3. of course! just checked - £2.49 plus £1.90 postage!(good mark up for the seller!) time to flex my plastic friend! thanks tasha
  4. very sweet! 'it's a great way to recharge a battery hen" cheers
  5. By heck - i'm going post crazy tonight (even before I've had a beer!) The problem is that I would like to get hold of a couple of the Ikea cheapo shower curtains for the WIR in preparation for the spring rains but the Ikea web site says that they are not available online. Can anyone suggest alternatives? mrs jkl has put me on a strict finanicial diet hence the 'cheapo' requirement i'm in south oxfordshire near wallingford if anyone knows somewhere within reasonable driving distance. cheers and many thanks in advance for any suggestions
  6. .........as I hit 'Submit', I realised I had broken the unoffical rule and not posted a photo. @CW - Nasty cough you got there - hope its better for when I post some pics tomorrow showing the perching branches I've also installed. (Should that be 'branches as perches'?) cheers
  7. Hi everyone, After much thumb-twiddling and reading of posts here I have now slabbed half of my WIR with concrete paving slabs and put down aubiose. GOLLY - ain't aubiose great!!! The stinky swamp is gone . The rabble known as my flock are much impressed by the aubiose - especially when I chuck in a cup of mixed grain so they can scratch about in it! The other half of the run is still bare earth (but dry as the rain doesn't get to it) but they like it and fed up with waiting for me to get the old washing up bowl out of the shed, they have dug themselves a little dustbath pit! Best get their ensuite dustbath sorted tomorrow! oh yes - I've just ordered a nice shiney new bright orange superglug for them!!!! (as a special treat for the chooks as they have been popping out loads of yummy eggs recently!) Feeling very happy tonight Cheers,
  8. Hi, Chickens in general are wonderful for the garden and especially for lawns. They do a wonderful job of delicately trimming excessive plant growth and your lawn, trust me on this, will be a sight to behold. Cheers, His Imperial Emporer JKL Ruler of the known Galaxy and keeper of chickens
  9. A desire for fresh eggs with a load of strongbow making me hit the 'Buy' button on the omlet website. @ CharLeila, I haven't mentioned mine to DE either . Noise isn't an issue - the chooks cannot hope to compete against the Sqaudrons flying around my location! cheers
  10. @ chelsea - i tend to think of the orange eglu as a nice big opal fruit! jkl
  11. Ok- with the first lot of snow, the chooks liked it but it wasn't that cold. but now they're not so sure but they bit the bullet and went for it! Must be stir crazy! ok so we're free but what's this white stuff.. oi! wait for me! exploring hey come 'ere - there's no snow!
  12. Hi, it was minus 17.7 where i live last night (confirmed by the weatherman at work) and when i let them out this morning they were absolutely fine (although grumbling as i had a small lie in this morning and let them out at 0730!) i've been shutting the eglu door and bringing their water in at nights as i really cannot be bothered with battling with an iced up glug! no problems so far!
  13. Crikey - Lov the pics - hope they get their feathers soon! cheers
  14. Hi guys and gals, Flus gone and- snows arrived in deepest darkest south oxfordshire. This is from their first free range in the snow-I don't think they are that keen! Conner - the dog - is supervising! cheers
  15. EIGHTEEN POUNDS PER HEN!!!!!! good grief............... my isa browns were £11 each in south oxfordshire my mother-in-law from the depths of lancashire thought that was expensive! i would find it difficult to trust a chain store when buying livestock

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