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  1. Hello Everythings fine about the payment, it's just i have never experienced a payment method like that and i suppose i felt a bit confused because of that. I would just like to make it clear that i really liked Hens for pets, it was a lovely little shop and i couldnt argue with the prices And the bloke there was really friendly too. xx xx
  2. Whew!! Glad you are okay, and hope your chickens are aswell I think Omlet should be proud, its amazing xx xx
  3. I'm going to have to check it later due to my purse being elsewhere xx xx
  4. That is such a smashing story really really heart warming too. I wish you and her brood all the best xx xx
  5. Congrats They are lovely, despite the missing feeathers xx xx
  6. Afternoon forum Went to Ikea yesterday, and a chickeny shop at the opposite round about exit caught my eye so i thought i'd check it out. It was pretty small but was stocked with lots of useful things, at reasonable prices too; so i bought a tub of treats for my girls. I payed by card, the bloke went onto his computer, onto the Hens for pets website, and payed for what i had bought like that, which i thought to be a little strange I didnt get a reciept or anything. Im not meaning to sound really worried, i just found this unusual. Has anybody else been to the store and had a simular experience? xx xx
  7. Hello there I usually put the new girl in the run whilst the others roam the garden a little, so the newby gets used to where the food/water is. Then after an hour or so, i put the others back in the run with the new hen and she will usually get chased and pecked and it seems awful, but it's nature and no blood has ever been shed Eventually, your new hen will discover that the eglu is a safe hiding place (so put 2 small bowls on the roosting bars, one for food and t'other for water) and basically give it a few days and all is usually well A small child's watergun (the type you would get from a christmas cracker) is a useful tool if you believe things are getting a bit out of hand, it will distact the attention of your existing chickens whilst the new one gets away (Obviously don't squirt at the chickens' faces.) Hope this helps, and good luck to you xx xx
  8. Oh my gosh... your frizzle... looks like mumble from happy feet Shes very adorable xx xx
  9. And theres me letting them out at about 4.30am Ah well, i suppose 6.00am is a fair compromise to say i'll be living it up for a week in.... (drum roll)..... CORNWALL xx xx
  10. I'm sure you have made the right decision, despite how hard it must be for you at the moment we are all here for you. I hope things brighten up for you soon; When it rains look for rainbows, when it's dark look for stars. xx xx
  11. Morning all Just a simple question, what time do you let your chickens out in the morning? Only i'm going on holiday for a week and writing instructions for the person who will be caring for them whilst i am away xx xx
  12. Thankyou it's nice to have a bit of reassurance, im a bit of a control freak xx xx

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