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  1. They have given up pellets! I am just about to cave and let them have Alfamix....
  2. I bought one wee bag to see what the girls thought of it and now they are turning their noses up at anything else! They have been on hunger strike for 3 days.....
  3. I have just ordered some Ukadex - it seems to be the stinkiest, vilest spray on the market so I'll give it a go ! Would a saddle stop bottom/tail pecking?
  4. Moth's eggs are a lovely pale blue and Dandelion's are palest ivory . I searched the forum for threads referring to anti-peck spray and didn't find any saying that it worked! The only thing I see that has had any success is a bit - loathed to do it because a) not sure I could manage to put one on single handed and b) seems a shame to do it to a bird who has just moved house
  5. They are all calmer today but Moth is definitely pulling Dandelion's feathers. Is there anything I can do? Will it stop when they are all free-ranging?
  6. Are any of the tinned sardines OK or do they have to be fresh?
  7. Enter Dandelion and Moth: Dandelion (on the right) is a Houdan - with no tail Moth (on the left) is a Cream Legbar. They arrived yesterday courtesy of Wernlas and both have already laid! Patsy and Eddy are horrified to say the least . Patsy has already managed to nip Moth's comb through the bars of the run and make it bleed. Moth has decided to stand up to her and rather than avoid Patsy, she is squaring up to her whenever Patsy approaches the run. Methinks this introduction may take some time.... Her is Moth again: and here is Dandelion again (sans tail): After our first full day at home I see why Dandelion has no tail. Moth is pulling her feathers out! When I was at Wernlas I was told that they are used to each other because they have been housed together. The tail must have been destroyed by Moth or another chicken(s) at Wernlas. Because they are being introduced to Patsy and Eddy, they only have an eglu run at the moment so are rather on top of each other. The floor is littered with Dandelion's feathers - poor girl! There doesn't seem to be any aggression going on. I have hung up a corn on the cob to distract Moth but she obviously hasn't seen one before and hasn't tried it yet - though I'm sure she will. Any suggestions?
  8. Thanks Space Chick! He still grumbles and has made me put up a fence so that they don't have access to the whole garden (I didn't argue) but he has been spotted throwing them grapes and chuckling at the sight of them runnin g. He also eats the eggs quite happily!
  9. I like "Nugget"! Do I have some disease or a compulsion? The reason I ask is that I am already planning - chicken number 5 is to be a Barnevelder! However - I really don't have garden enough for 5 so she will have to wait. Do tell us all about your Cream Legbar, Fleur, on Friday! I have 10 more sleeps to go - and a very long drive....
  10. On a week Saturday I will be picking up a Houdan and a Cream Legbar to go with my 2 big white Cochins . I swore I wouldn't do this but somehow it seems inevitable ....What if I lost one - then the other would be on her own....totally wrong! I have had to invest in an Eglu because there would not be roon for 4 in the Chicube . At least that means introductions can be as slow as they like. Very excited! Now I need new names. Daughter number 2 suggested Goujon for the Houdan which I am quite taken with - but so far not much of an idea for the Cream Legbar
  11. I put food (pellets on their own) and water in the house. The reason being that a) there is room for it b) my husband is paranoid about vermin and keeping food in the house ( at least the one I have) makes it virtually inaccessible to vermin at night and C) there are no spillages outside - again vermin unfriendly - any spillages are contained and end up in the dustbin. The girls go in and out of the house during the day to eat - there is water available to them outside as well. The arrangement seems to be working well. Also - if I am late letting them out in the morning - maybe getting home late after a night shift - I don't have to worry about them starving!
  12. Run the Welcome Wizard - it will help a lot. Once you have all your books showing in Calibre just click on the one you want to convert, click the "Convert" button and choose the format you want. If it's for your iphone you need epub. If any of your books have Digital Rights Management encoding (which books purchased via Sony, Waterstones etc probably do) you may not be able to read them on your iphone whatever format they are. The only DRM books I have are from Amazon and I have to read them on my Kindle iphone app which I don't like as much as Stanza - it works fine however. I only have about 50 Amazon books, the rest are DRM-free. I'm not sure how you would go about reading DRM books from Sony, Waterstones etc on your iphone - maybe they have an iphone app as well. Have fun!
  13. It's very easy. Just nownload Calibre to your pc (free). It is an amazing piece of software. I use it to organise my 6500plus books. It will convert virtually any ebook format to any other for you. The only thing I have found is that I need to change .doc files to .txt files using Microsoft Word first - but I don't often find ebooks in that format anyway.

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