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  1. We're away at oct half term and where we are going we can't take our dog so need to sort somewhere for her to stay. Lots of options locally ranging from kennels at £8 per night to £38 a night (inc sofa and TV!!) to home boarding at £22 a night. Then when looking I stumbled across borrow my doggy, has anyone had experience of this online matching service? I would really rather she didn't go to a kennels as she's really nervous and clingy at times, so would rather she was in a family. Tmoney isn't the issue as the kennels that I would consider is about £18 a night and home boarding £22 a night so not a huge amount in it. But if borrow my doggy works then we all win Does anyone have good /bad experiences or things I need to consider, I would be grateful before I book anything in. Thanks you
  2. She's settled a bit thank goodness. I will certainly look into the pheromone stuff thanks
  3. Bonnie our rescue dog was doing so well , after a week of sleepless nights she got the idea and was happily going off to sleep on her own and sleeping till whenever we got up. She managed that for a couple of months and we've been lulled into a false sense of blissful sleeping! She came into season last week and has been like a petulant teenager. Last night she refused to go to sleep and was whining scratching and barking. It took a good couple of hours of ignoring, firm responses and putting her in her bed before she went to sleep and slept till morning. Same again tonight. I am hoping this is a bit of a glitch, not sure I can do the week of really bad sleep again (I know I will but would rather not!). Anyone else notice a change in behaviour/sleep when their hormones are raging, or is a bit of the seven month devil dog period that everyone talks about?
  4. Says monthly in the leaflet and on the web. I'm going to change back to the old stuff I think
  5. Doing every month cos the vet said so! It's because it's a joint wormer and parasite/ flea killer. When I used advocate and milbemax I did the advocates monthly and milbemax 6 monthly. How bizarre that they are all different frequencies.
  6. Hi, have been given broadline to use with our cat instead of advocate and milbemax, put it on her neck a few days ago. The fur in the area I put it all matted and continued to look wet, then the last couple of days I've noticed bits of fur all over the place. I've groomed her this evening and now she has a large bald patch on the back of her neck. Has anyone else had this? Just wonder if I didn't get it on the skin and this matted the hair, which has then come out as she's tried to groom it, or whether it's a side effect. It does say itchy skin and hair loss is a mild side effect. Any experience gratefully received. Can't go through this palaver each month!
  7. That would be great chickenshack, thanks. Had my home check today and we passed
  8. Thank you for all your comments. We have made a decision and are going to try the dog and he's coming to join us at the end of April. We are excited but apprehensive. He is going to be about 6 months when we get him. He is currently in foster care in a house so hopefully he will be used to being inside and with people. I will post some pics when we get him.
  9. Hi have tried the breed rescues but they won't re home because I work, even though I have plans to manage this. the one I have been approached about hasn't really lived on the street. Was found very young (few weeks old) and has spent all its time in clinic/pound or in a foster home in Romania. It's currently with a foster dad. It's difficult isn't it, because I have the people who have rescued successfully from Romania raving about them, then the others who have had bad experiences
  10. Thanks for the replies. I suppose with all rescue dogs wherever they are from there's a bit of the unknown. I'll continue to ponder!
  11. So the thing is I've been thinking about getting a dog for the last couple of years and have done lots of thinking, research etc. we decided that as a family this summer would be a good time as my eldest finishes for her exams in May so with me working Part time and her being around more it would be a good time to get a dog settled before September when she will be back in education. I work 3 days a week 9-3 and would have a dog walker in (got one lined up that my friend uses and raves about) even when my daughter is around. So initially we were looking at a new puppy, but I have now decided that going down the rescue route would be the right thing for us. So anyway I found one not far from us a 6 month old who had been brought back in from Romania and was in a foster home. I felt a bit uneasy about this as there are lots of dogs already in the uk that need homing, but reasoned that she was here now. Anyway it turns out that she has severe separation anxiety and so not suitable for us as I can't be with her 24/7. The charity then got back in touch with me about a 8 month old that is coming into the country in the next month or so. Very sad story etc. I just don't know how I feel about it. I know there are lots of people out there who are very vocal on the issue, but a dog who needs a home needs a home -don't they? I have spent many hours looking at the big rescue charities and 3 or 4 smaller ones local to us and there doesn't seem to be anything there for us - due to children, cats, working etc there don't seem to be any that work for all 3 of these. I also have bad experience of jrt from my childhood ands although I know staffies etc are generally lovely, I just can't persuade my husband of that. We are looking for spaniel/Labrador kind of dog and quite happy with mix breed. I was brought up with retrievers. So I suppose I'm asking for experience with taking on dogs from abroad, not a debate on the rights and wrongs. What are the pitfalls, benefits etc. I just want to make sure I'm doing the right thing and have thought through everything. Thanks for listening!
  12. That's a great shout, always fancy going back to halls .. It's been a few years. They look reasonable too. Thanks
  13. Thanks for that, I have no idea on what's on what line so that helps greatly. I will have a look at a bit further out.
  14. Hi, looking for accommodation ideas in London. I am down there for a course with a friend in April. We are at university college London hospital near euston. I have done loads of searches but a decent hotel in reasonable area (within30 mins on tube) with a twin ensuite room seem to be coming in expensive. Any ideas of hotels/area that fits the bill gratefully received. Unfortunately as an nhs worker got to pay for travel and accommodation ourselves!
  15. Thank you there are some great ideas there. I like the scouts as raffle prizes idea. We are going to do a sponsored climb the height of the nearest mountain to where they are going. My son and some of the leaders climb at an indoor climbing centre so they are going to help us. They need to climb 3,600m, which if there are only 4 of them its about 90 climbs each, which is a huge amount - so we're going to get a few more involved. I've knocked the 40m hike off my list as I don't think my hips will take it, they're not good at the mo. But I'm now going to have a look at the great north swim. Its something I've thought about for a while and although the distance isn't huge to me as I swim quite a bit, I have never done an outdoor long distance swim, so I thought it would be a challenge. I thought I could have 2 beneficiaries, the scouts and a national charity such as the MS society or similar. I hope that way people will be more willing to sponsor me, rather than subsidising my sons holiday! Keep the ideas coming though! thanks Jane

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