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  1. SeramaSilly

    Marriages with Flubenvet question

    Thank you both 😀
  2. SeramaSilly

    Marriages with Flubenvet question

    So they only need to be treated once a year with Invermectin Lewis and that worms them and protects them from all crawlies? You say you use one drop (1%) per 500 grams body weight - some of my seramas only weigh about 450 grams so would that be an overdose for them?
  3. SeramaSilly

    Does anyone have a roomba??

    Can't open the link Cat tails but yes I've heard about it! 🤣
  4. SeramaSilly

    Does anyone have a roomba??

    Gosh that's positive feedback thanks - I definitely want one now!! 😀
  5. SeramaSilly

    Does anyone have a roomba??

    I'm tempted to buy one but I'm bamboozled by the choice - does anyone have one?
  6. SeramaSilly

    Gardening thread

    I did well with a dahlia last year. I planted the tuber into a 3 litre pot in March (I think), I then left it in my porch until it was quite well established and planted it out early June with animal friendly slug pellets around it. You need to stake dahlias though otherwise they will just collapse.
  7. SeramaSilly

    Purring Pekin

    Would love to see it!! 😀
  8. SeramaSilly

    Purring Pekin

    I used to have an australorp that purred VERY loudly when she dust-bathed - it was absolutely hilarious!! 😂
  9. Thank you Clare - I knew you'd tell me! 😊
  10. One of my seramas has just finished a three week course of Tylan for persistant myco symptoms and I read somewhere (on here) that you could buy a product to replace the good bacteria killed in their gut by the antibiotics - does anyone know the name please?
  11. SeramaSilly

    Eglu Cube for Ducks

    My friend used to have call ducks - every time anyone walked down the garden they would peck the back of your ankles - it didn't hurt but it was quite scary! 😮
  12. That's what I thought but I will try and remember to start giving them their brocoli again as they do love it! 😀
  13. SeramaSilly

    What has happened to the forum?

    Nice to see you back Ali's girls - I remember you too! I've name-changed (not sure why!) but I was (and still am!) Sophie P! xx
  14. SeramaSilly

    The Recipe Thread

    I'm veggie Andy and would love to become vegan too but the cheese issue stops me also. On Jamie (Oliver) and Jimmy's Friday night feast they recently had Romesh Ranganathen on who is vegan. He was saying how much he misses veggie lasagne as he has never found a vegan cheese which tastes any good but they found one and made a delicious lasagne but of course they didn't say what the vegan cheese was!! 🙄
  15. I'm just wondering as I've realised that I haven't been giving them greens in a while - am I a bad chicken mother or is everything they need in their feed?