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  1. Some larger breeders do vaccinate pure breeds too - Domestic Fowl trust does ,.
  2. Or bantam faverolles - they are supposed to have really mild natures too!
  3. I usually use Invermectin to stop creepy crawlies on my seramas and I wondered when I can use this on my 15 week old pullet - does anyone know?
  4. Thanks Mullet - I'm just worried about the chick becoming stressed because obviously there is a big disparity in sizes - the chick is tiny still.
  5. So of my two serama chicks that I hatched with two broody seramas I only have the female left as the male went to his new home nearly two weeks ago. My problem is that one of the 'broodies' is now laying eggs and has started to be really nasty with the chick. I've separated for now but I don't know how I'm going to be able to do this long-term as I only have the three seramas - any suggestions?
  6. Come on Merry - we're all rooting for you!!
  7. Really hope you managed to get some meds for her - please keep us updated! x
  8. Aw glad it worked out - very cute chicks and a beautiful little girl you have! x
  9. What an awful situation for you! I think if it was me I'd remove Alice but perhaps see what others think first. Best of luck! x

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