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  1. I'm amazed, I thought seramas were hard to hatch especially from eggs that have been through the post!! 🐣🐣🐣🐣
  2. Aw that's a shame Mullet!! I hope your new eggs are fertile - araucanas again?
  3. And another one of the same chick! Oh you are going to get bored of me!!!! 🙄
  4. Oh thanks CT - I will do that! Years ago you had to have photobucket to post pics on here!
  5. Can't yet because I have a dinosaur phone - have to wait for OH!! And also I will have to figure out how to post pics on here!! 🙄 Can't yet because I have a dinosaur phone - have to wait for OH!! And also I will have to figure out how to post pics on here!! 🙄 Is it still photobucket??
  6. It's been a very exciting day today!! It's day 19 but apparently seramas can come anytime between day 16 and day 21 so I thought they'd probably be later. I went into to check on my girls - in the end my other serama went broody too - who are in an indoor rabbit cage in my spare bedroom and I thought I could hear cheeping. So I checked the eggs and three had pipped and the last one hadn't but I could hear the chick. Thank god I had an arrangement to go out this afternoon because I've been like a cat on a hot tin roof!! I've just got home and there's one teeny weeny little yellow chick under one of the girls. Just have to wait for the others now! 🐣
  7. The other thing is both hens are now broody and are sitting on the eggs. Should I let them both hatch them? 😂
  8. I wish I'd got one now. I borrowed another torch and I can now see that 4 of the eggs do have veins and the fifth was clear so I've discarded that. I can't see all the details that some people report to though - on some reviews they say they can see the eye!! 😮
  9. I think it depends on who you I think it depends on which vet you talk to Anne. I've had to use a lot of Tylan in the past because my birds had coccidosis and at the beginning I was told to withdraw eggs but then I saw another vet who actually looked it up and told me I didn't have to withdraw eggs so perhaps ask them to look it up?
  10. Thanks Beantree! 😀 I will leave them be another couple of days then and candle again. I did contact my breeder and she did say that as seramas' eggs are so small it can be difficult to see veins.
  11. Hi there, I've just tried to candle my eggs on day 10. Firstly I tried my mobile and couldn't see a thing and then I used a torch with a cut-down toilet roll. I can't see veins like everyone says you should be able to but I can see a dark area in a couple of the eggs. Any ideas please?

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