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  1. SeramaSilly

    Biotin supplement to help moulting birds?

    Thanks Lewis - I'll try the Nettex Vit Boost 😀
  2. I've heard that Biotin is good to help speed up re-feathering on moulting birds but can't find a supplier. Can anyone advise?
  3. SeramaSilly

    Stoat attack

    What a terrible shock for you - were your girls hurt at all? I don't know if they can get into the house and run (I'm sure someone will be on later about that) but I would say that you need electric fencing for your chickens to enjoy the garden now as he knows you have chickens and will surely be back. 😟
  4. SeramaSilly

    Hatching questions

    Did the sablepoot turn out to be a boy then and are you able to keep him?
  5. I need it for a job - I already have a chromebook.
  6. I need to brush up on my IT skills and want to book a vision2learn course but need a laptop first. Can anyone please recommend one?
  7. SeramaSilly

    Wormed but still have worms!

    Thanks Lewis :-)
  8. SeramaSilly

    Wormed but still have worms!

    So Ivomec treats both worms and crawlies Lewis? And could you tell me how long you withdraw please?
  9. SeramaSilly

    Birthday chickens!!!!

    I remember seeing a picture on the old Practical Poultry site of a dutch bantam on the roof of someone's house!
  10. SeramaSilly

    Chickens attacked in hou

    So sorry to hear this - hugs to you and you mum
  11. SeramaSilly

    New kitchen

    Oh ok - I was thinking of getting white quartz worktops with sparkly bits but now I'm worried about tea stains!!
  12. SeramaSilly

    Birthday chickens!!!!

    I've no idea either - it seems to change all the time even though I've had the same flock for two years with no additions!
  13. SeramaSilly

    New kitchen

    I thought you could put hot things on quartz worktops - I thought that was the point of them?