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  1. Just thought I'd update you on what happened after your supportive messages. I had my kidney removed on 18th May by keyhole surgery. It is now a month and a day after my op and for the last two weeks I've felt great! I got my results Thursday ..... it was cancer but it was contained within the kidney so I don't have to have chemo or radiotherapy but I will be followed up by a uro-oncologist and have regular CT scans to monitor me. I think the NHS is wonderful!!
  2. Hatching questions

    Looking like big girls now - although is one of the campines a boy??
  3. Bantam Breed / Hybrid for Laying ?

    There is a small hybrid hen that is a mixture of araucana and leghorn that lays blue eggs. Dogmother always has some in her bantam flock and her supplier calls them Blue Angels but I have also seen them advertised elsewhere under different names.
  4. Having problem with rain seeping under WIR

    Thanks Luvachicken but I didn't really want to use wood-chips - I only have access to my garden through my house so everything has to be walked through and aubiose is much lighter.
  5. Having problem with rain seeping under WIR

    I've tried the expanding foam and it didn't work!!
  6. I have a walk-in-run which is situated on concrete but I find that every time it rains the wet pools under the gap between the barge-boards and the concrete which saturates the aubiose. I've tried putting thick plastic underneath and attaching to the barge-boards but that hasn't worked. A friend of mine who is an architect came up with the idea of making a base with 2 x 1 battens of treated wood to raise the run up off the concrete and put in a plywood floor. Your thoughts on this are very welcome??
  7. I used to use aubiose when I had an eglu classic and found the same problem of not being able to close the door - I think it's definitely a bit of a design fault.
  8. Long time, no see / questions!

    Lovely set up Andy and so nice to see you back - you always make me chuckle!
  9. What has killed my poor hen

    I'm so sorry! xx
  10. Much excitement!

    How exciting!!! Can't wait to see pics!!!
  11. Hatching questions

    Just adorable!! What colour pekins and wyandotte have you got??
  12. Hatching questions

    Oh what a roller coaster for you but that pekin chick is sooooo cute!!! Lots of pics please when you're ready!!
  13. Herefordshire here we come!

    Oh my goodness - you'll be able to get hundreds of chickens!!! Can I please move in too ??!! How fabulous!! x
  14. Coverting a house bunny to living outside.

    Yes, I would get advice from a rabbit rescue re getting him a buddy - he might not accept one!
  15. Has anyone bought a G Plan sofa recently?

    Yikes!! Aw thanks - I've started something here!!! Thanks for the recommendation!!