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  1. The cost of Flubenvet

    Ha!! Thanks for that Luvachicken - I'll order some for my little madams now!
  2. The joys of being a 60 year old

    Very cheeky son!!! That cake is brilliant - what a talented daughter you have! A happy birthday from me too!! -)
  3. The cost of Flubenvet

    Please let us know Luvachicken!!
  4. Poorly hen?

    What a beauty!!
  5. My hens are a pain in the neck!

    It's always all or nothing with chickens isn't it?!!
  6. The cost of Flubenvet

    Gosh......I'm going to have to go and have a look at my Flubenvet!! I didn't realise there was an expiry date - I'm sure there wasn't years ago when I had poultry before??!! I wonder whether it would just be easier to buy a 5kg bag for my five seramas and throw the rest in the future??
  7. Our dear friend Docsquid

    That is very sad news - I don't remember Sarah/Docsquid but condolences to her family x
  8. Odd illness not really improving

    Sorry, I don't have any idea but I wondered whether you have a vet teaching hospital near you with an exotic bird specialist. Most vets don't really know a lot about birds but I've had good results when I've seen an avian specialist. You make an appointment to be seen in the small animal practice and in my experience they don't charge as much as regular vets.
  9. Newbie Chicken keeper

    Me five - and him to look after it!! :
  10. Odd illness not really improving

    Yes, it could do - she would need Metronidazole from the vet if she has and they will give you something to treat the other girls too. I'm only mentioning it because my poorly hen was seen a few times and the vet didn't really know what was wrong with her despite keeping chickens herself but then I saw another vet and he immediately looked down her throat and spotted it. Just a thought.
  11. Newbie Chicken keeper

    It really depends on the dog. My previous jack russell (now in doggy heaven) was a very gentle soul and in fact one of the hens would square up to her occasionally! I wouldn't trust my current jack russell with them though - she looks far too interested!!!
  12. Odd illness not really improving

    Oh ok, I thought when you mentioned the trying to burp that it sounded like it could be canker. I once had a hen that got that and she would 'gape'. Is it possible for you to look in her mouth to see if she has any lesions in her throat? They find it hard to eat if they have canker.
  13. Odd illness not really improving

    Is she only eating soft food Jenny?
  14. Odd illness not really improving

    How is Bernadette today Jenny??
  15. I think we're going to get out first egg!

    Well done girls!!!!