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  1. Oh god - how awful!! I'm so sorry this has happened to you and I really hope someone comes along with some spare bits. Do you think it would be possible to put a CCTV camera over your coop to hopefully deter your babies being stolen again? A really big hug for you xx
  2. Hatching take 2

    Crikey....yes it's quite obvious with the pekins isn't it - Duck (adorable name btw) has no comb! Here's hoping the wyandotte turns out to be a girl though for you! They're all lovely!
  3. Oh Emily, I don't have any advice I'm afraid but I just wanted to say how sorry I am and give you a big cyber hug! I'm sure somebody will be along soon with some advice for you. xx
  4. Hatching take 2

    Aw how cute are they!!! Are they lavender pekins?
  5. Hatching take 2

  6. Hatching questions

    They're looking really healthy and Camilla is very pretty
  7. My chicken has had a sore eye

    Aw I'm sorry to hear this but as you said you gave her a good end to her life x
  8. Swollen cheek and one eye closing

    So sorry to hear this.
  9. Hatching take 2

    Lovely - always love seeing pics!!
  10. Hatching take 2

    Ditto eggciting!!! Can you update on your other chicks with some photos please as I would love to see them - perhaps in another thread if you want to keep this strictly for the newbies.
  11. The Handmaid's Tale

    I stopped watching at the end of series one Andy - I found it gripping but also very dark!! :-0 They covered the whole book in series one so now it's being script-written.
  12. Hen doing 'pistachio poos!! :-0

    Ok thanks - not good with technology but I'll see what I can do!!! :-0
  13. Started a fish tank!

    Exactly what I think too!
  14. Started a fish tank!

    Immaculate Andy - you should see my neighbours' - they don't seem to clean theirs' very often!!