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  1. SeramaSilly

    So cold,So lazy.

    You're a genius Peter!! 😀
  2. SeramaSilly

    Strictly 2019

    Yes I agree CT - they were marking her for being such a trooper.
  3. SeramaSilly

    Strictly 2019

    😂 Just loving Motsi - I think she really adds to the show and wasn't her halloween make and hair fabulous! You can also tell that Shirley is feeling much more relaxed in her role - much as I loved Darcey, Shirley and Motsi gel much better with each other! 😀
  4. SeramaSilly

    Strictly 2019

    Aw, I can forgive Karim anything, he's only 19 and such a sweet lad! 😀
  5. If it ever stops raining I'll be out there terminating all the gaps!! 😅
  6. Excellent - you've given me hope! 😀
  7. Thank you Plum - that's really helpful! 😀 Does it keep your run really dry? x
  8. Thanks Plum, I'm going to have another go then. Chicken-keeping should not be THIS challenging!! 🙄 x
  9. Hi Plum, I've tried expandable sealant in the past and it didn't make any difference - perhaps I'll have another go - can you remember what make you use? I cover the run sides almost fully with plastic sheets. I didn't think sealing the concrete - does that make a difference? x
  10. I'm having this problem too! ☚ī¸ Mine is a roofed walk-in run on concrete and the water just seeps in underneath. I even paid a carpenter to make a plinth for it to stand on which has made some difference but with this continuous rain we've had the aubiose is soaking and I've given in for the moment and brought my seramas indoors. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm seriously thinking of buying my three seramas a large rabbit hutch on legs and putting them in there when it's wet!
  11. SeramaSilly

    Where in the world

    For myself I love England and wouldn't want to live anywhere else - I'd just love a bigger house! :-0
  12. SeramaSilly

    Speckled Sussex.

    Oh that's a shame! There are also some on Bird Trader too if you haven't already tried that?
  13. SeramaSilly

    Speckled Sussex.

    Have you looked on Preloved - there are quite a few for sale on there?
  14. SeramaSilly

    Sour Crop

    I think it is more effective with ACV containing the 'mother' in Gareth but I'm sure someone else will be along soon with more information.
  15. SeramaSilly

    While the cat's away . . .

    I think Sprout it beautiful and another great name! x That looks about the size of one of my seramas' eggs! x
  16. SeramaSilly

    While the cat's away . . .

    Oh how beautiful Plum!!!! xx And love her name! x
  17. SeramaSilly

    While the cat's away . . .

    Really tempted by faverolles - is Fizz a bantam? x
  18. SeramaSilly

    Sort of wheezy and lacking appetite after broody spell

    Aw, that sounds more promising! :-)
  19. SeramaSilly

    Sort of wheezy and lacking appetite after broody spell

    Aw, please let us know how Duck gets on? xx
  20. Hi there, Just a little confused about Invermectin. Does it treat for worms as well as creepy crawlies??
  21. SeramaSilly

    Does Invermectin treat worms

    Thank you Cat tails. So I won't need to dose them with Flubenvet too??
  22. SeramaSilly

    Keeping Chickens 6

    It looks really great Peter! The only thing is the chicken wire - I know you say the chickens will be locked up at night so will be safe but foxes can and do (as I'm sure many on here can attest to) come into the garden during the day and they would make short work of the chicken wire. I really don't want to be a party pooper but I would hate to read at a later date that Mr Fox had visited you.
  23. SeramaSilly

    Keeping Chickens 5

    It looks really great Peter but you should put their water in the run not the house - the house really is just for sleeping and laying eggs.
  24. SeramaSilly

    More serama questions

    That looks perfect for them! :-)
  25. I'm shocked! I came home from work to find one of my seramas looking quite poorly so I put her in a cat carrier and brought her in the house. I've just checked up on her and there were two eggs - one normal and one softie - I didn't even know that was possible!!!! :-0