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  1. Or bantam faverolles - they are supposed to have really mild natures too!
  2. Just bumping this to see if anyone knows please?
  3. I usually use Invermectin to stop creepy crawlies on my seramas and I wondered when I can use this on my 15 week old pullet - does anyone know?
  4. Thanks Mullet - I'm just worried about the chick becoming stressed because obviously there is a big disparity in sizes - the chick is tiny still.
  5. So of my two serama chicks that I hatched with two broody seramas I only have the female left as the male went to his new home nearly two weeks ago. My problem is that one of the 'broodies' is now laying eggs and has started to be really nasty with the chick. I've separated for now but I don't know how I'm going to be able to do this long-term as I only have the three seramas - any suggestions?
  6. Come on Merry - we're all rooting for you!!
  7. Really hope you managed to get some meds for her - please keep us updated! x
  8. Aw glad it worked out - very cute chicks and a beautiful little girl you have! x
  9. What an awful situation for you! I think if it was me I'd remove Alice but perhaps see what others think first. Best of luck! x
  10. Exactly the same happened to me and both mum's were very attentive. The only problem I had was one of the hens was very over-exuberant scratching through the bedding looking for food for the chicks and sending them flying if they got in the way and I actually think she trampled one and killed it. I also lost another chick who managed to get tangled up in the other mum's feathers and sadly was strangled. I think just see how they go when the chicks are hatched but be prepared to take one away if there's any sign of aggression or one of the hens is 'over-exuberant'. I think I was very unlucky and I separated one hen for a while and put it back in when the two chicks I had left were a little more robust. Here's a pic of the two mums and one of my 6 week old chicks. Good luck x
  11. Oh she's lovely - did you say she's an araucana? She's got a very serious look which is really sweet!
  12. Thank you Luvachicken! I'm not going to lie it made me ridiculously happy!!
  13. Are you sure you really need the ladder? I have seramas and have never used one because they fly really well.
  14. You're very welcome Annabel - I also bought a little pop up run for the garden which I've found very useful on warm days but maybe you can section off part of your existing run for them? x Don't forget we will want lots of pics of them! x
  15. Campines are quite petite birds aren't they? I have my broody (well actually two broodies) and my chicks in an indoor rabbit cage which works very well and they are very reasonable on Amazon. Good luck with your hatching - it's exciting and terrifying in equal measures! x
  16. Oooo love barbu d'anvers - what colouring did you get?
  17. BEST news EVER!! I was chatting to the breeder who I got the eggs from, she's recently put some eggs into the incubator and I asked her how they were getting on and she said only two were fertile and that she thought she needed to retire her cockerel because he's getting old. I immediately asked if she was interested in having Angelo and she jumped at the chance!! I said she could wait and see how he developed but she said no need she knows that his line make beautiful birds. It couldn't be a better scenario - she worships her animals and he'll have a lovely life making beautiful babies!! I paid more for the eggs as they are from showbirds thinking I would have a better chance of finding homes for any boys but this is the best news ever! I'm going to keep him until he crows to see how he develops and then he's off to Wales for a lovely life!! 🤩🤩
  18. Thank you! I'll only be able to keep Angelo if his crow is VERY tiny! 😜 I'm hoping he will stay all white because I think he will be easier to rehome if he does. He does!! I'll put up a video later that really shows them off!!

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