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  1. Aw they're lovely Mullet - hope you get mostly or even all girlies!
  2. You have 7 eggs then - brilliant! You will love barnvelders - I used to have a barnebar which is an autosexing breed that Wernlas developed and she was the most beautiful gentle hen!
  3. I woke up this morning and another had hatched - think that will be it now though.
  4. Well I was wrong - one has hatched!
  5. Ooooooo - you couldn't resist then!! My button quail should be hatching today - day 17 but I'm not convinced they're going to as I've had a hell of a job with the humidity!!
  6. Ok, I'll try this thanks but surely I would have to do this all the time for her?
  7. Hi there, A few weeks ago I was asking about my 9 month old pullet who still hadn't laid but the very next day she laid her first egg. She is laying now about 2/3 times a week but very often it's blood stained and today's egg even more so. I've looked at her vent and I can't see any blood but it does look very sore. Do you think it would be a good idea to bathe it and put some sudocrem on it? She is a tiny girl weighing 275 grams.
  8. Aw I really hope she pulls through Laurabeth x
  9. Do you think I should give her a bath because there's a little blood on her vent too?
  10. Isn't it always the way!! She's laid today - one tiny bloodied egg!
  11. Is there a yolk inside Mullet? One of my seramas laid a teeny tiny egg a few years ago and it was just white no yolk - hasn't happened since!
  12. Aw they're lovely! Love the black one especially!
  13. Well she seems to eat quite a lot and has noticeably put on weight recently Lewis. I think so - she doesn't look like a cockerel at all.
  14. Some people do but I would definitely say it would have to be with other bantams and not standard hens or hybrids. I would also say not to mix with pekins as they can be very fiesty. There's a blog called Carols Chickens if you would like to take a look - she has some some bantams with a flock of seramas
  15. Hi there, I hatched my nearly 10 month old serama pullet last year and I assume she's what is known as a Class A serama as she only weighs 275 grams. She is kept with my only other remaining serama (who was her broody and is now 5) and up until a month or so ago they were both on growers pellets but then as the older one started to lay I switched to layers thinking that the little one would start to lay. Only she hasn't and now I'm a little worried that the extra calcium in the layers will harm her kidneys? Would it be ok to put them both back on growers or will this harm the older one who is laying? The little one has a red face but has always had even when she was quite a small chick. Here's a pic of her that I've posted here before:
  16. Aw Hyacinth is lovely - what breed is she?
  17. Oh no, I hadn't heard this! Oh how sad! 😢
  18. This is my 9 month old silkied serama pullet that I hatched last year chillaxin with her buddy on their favourite pebble cushion.
  19. Some larger breeders do vaccinate pure breeds too - Domestic Fowl trust does ,.
  20. Or bantam faverolles - they are supposed to have really mild natures too!

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