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  1. Thank you so much Plum! When the weather is a little better I'm going to try this! x
  2. I'm not sure how I would do that as mine's a wooden WIR?
  3. I do tack up heavy clear plastic to the run to stop the rain coming in but the problem is it seeps between the gap between the bottom of the wooden WIR and the concrete so the aubiose looks dry but it's actually soaking underneath It's been erected on a concrete patio. I was thinking if I moved it onto soil (also heavy clay) the water would have somewhere to soak into and wouldn't seep through the bottom but I don't want anything being able to burrow in.
  4. Thank you Clare, I'll take some pics tomorrow and try that Thanks Luvachicken but I really wanted to stick with aubiose if I can because I just find it an easier option (or I would if I could keep it dry!!)
  5. Oh god now you're asking Clare - I have nooooo idea how to post pics on here - bit of a techie numpty I'm afraid!
  6. Oh no Grandmashazzie - that wasn't what I wanted to hear at all!! Darn it......back to the drawing board!! Thank you anyway!
  7. At the moment I have my covered WIR on a concrete base but I am soooooo fed up of the wet seeping in underneath and having to change the aubiose every time it rains that I'm seriously considering moving it onto earth. I know if I do this I will have to put a 'fox skirt' of weld-mesh around it to stop anything burrowing in but can I ask how big the skirt needs to be? Does anyone else have this set up - please tell me it stops the wet coming in??!!!
  8. Sorry I don't have an answer about the GRUB getting dirtier but I always put mine through the dishwasher and that seemed to get on top of things. I absolutely HATED finding dead mice in the GLUG though (it made me feel like a murderer!!) and for that reason I changed to a suspended poultry drinker. I
  9. Ooooo that's looks interesting Clare - I'll be following to see how you get on with it!.
  10. You're a genius Peter!! 😀
  11. Yes I agree CT - they were marking her for being such a trooper.
  12. 😂 Just loving Motsi - I think she really adds to the show and wasn't her halloween make and hair fabulous! You can also tell that Shirley is feeling much more relaxed in her role - much as I loved Darcey, Shirley and Motsi gel much better with each other! 😀
  13. Aw, I can forgive Karim anything, he's only 19 and such a sweet lad! 😀
  14. If it ever stops raining I'll be out there terminating all the gaps!! 😅
  15. Thank you Plum - that's really helpful! 😀 Does it keep your run really dry? x
  16. Thanks Plum, I'm going to have another go then. Chicken-keeping should not be THIS challenging!! 🙄 x
  17. Hi Plum, I've tried expandable sealant in the past and it didn't make any difference - perhaps I'll have another go - can you remember what make you use? I cover the run sides almost fully with plastic sheets. I didn't think sealing the concrete - does that make a difference? x
  18. I'm having this problem too! ☚ī¸ Mine is a roofed walk-in run on concrete and the water just seeps in underneath. I even paid a carpenter to make a plinth for it to stand on which has made some difference but with this continuous rain we've had the aubiose is soaking and I've given in for the moment and brought my seramas indoors. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm seriously thinking of buying my three seramas a large rabbit hutch on legs and putting them in there when it's wet!
  19. For myself I love England and wouldn't want to live anywhere else - I'd just love a bigger house! :-0
  20. Oh that's a shame! There are also some on Bird Trader too if you haven't already tried that?
  21. Have you looked on Preloved - there are quite a few for sale on there?
  22. I think it is more effective with ACV containing the 'mother' in Gareth but I'm sure someone else will be along soon with more information.

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