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  1. Hi and thanks for the replies Dont know how to post pics on here sorry but after much searching I have found what I believe to be my birds They are Old English Game Bantams apparently miniture 1/4 size of usual Old English Game. I have one fertile egg under a Sussex bantam surrogate and due around today-hoping its not a little boy. I love these little birds they are so lively and nosy and friendly and you could get a dozen in an egloo. If i could find a breeder I'd have a few more but they seem to be hard to come by. I bought mine at a lcal agricultural show and the seller had them locked away for fear of being stolen for being used for fighting as bait birds.I am a bit worried with them being so small with birds of prey around but I kid you not they go like lightning. So hoping the baby is born healthy. My first chick . I'd have prefered a few as i have heard its not good for chicks to grow up alone.
  2. I recently bought two little hens at a local agricultural show. They were advertised as game birds but i'm really not sure what type. They are not much bigger than pidgeons and although look a little like Old English Game are far too small. They are stocky like Indian Game but are still too small. As they had been running with a cockerill we have several of their eggs under one of my Sussex Bantams who's broody and one is definately fertile. Anyone have any ideas as to the breed-if I can upload a photo I will.
  3. My 8 month Sussex Bantam Hilda has just started crowing since being confined to a cage after having a bad wet bottom. I caught her straining and she had prolapsed her vent. We attended to that and she then laid a blood stained egg and passed a little more blood. Since then and no further eggs she has started this feeble crowing only in the moring when I put the lights on. I let her out with her feathered friends and she initally started cock-like fighting with one then it all settled and she is back at bottom of the pecking order and behaving normally but no sign of any eggs. I still bring her in the house at night until I'm 100% sure she is healthy (checking her bottom for being wet/prolapse vent and checking her poos) Just dont understand the crowing but maybe she has damaged her ovary. Will just have to wait and see. The crowing is very entertaining but the neighbours will moan as they're that sort of people.
  4. Hi there Just an update on my two girls. Vet advised to give them porridge and rice to get them to eat. I brought my two new hens in to eat with them and this encouraged the eating, them having to fight for their food. Betty is now eating and the bright yellow poos she produced are now white with green but Annie now has bright yellow poos and really laboured breathing. Got both of them on Denagard antiobiotic and Annie on Metacam again together with nutri-drops for the diahorrea but I really fear for her as her breathing is terrible. If you listed to her lungs through a stethascope all you can hear are rattling as if the lungs are full of fluid.Took a large poo selection to the vets and they are running tests on it to see if they can figure out the cause. I was just reading about histamonis and hoping this isn't the cause. Betty is back to normal and after cleaning her bottom up there doesnt appear to be any more problems. Guess I will have to persevere with the medication and hope for the best. Vet says at present there isn't any more he can do until tests come back. Madchick
  5. Hi There Thanks for the reply. Apart from a little Brown Rice I am giving them layers mash with a little rabbit critical care formula mixed in with garlic powder. I also have some poultry nutri-drops that I am giving Betty. They really seem uninterested in the mash dry but are reasonably happy with it when mixed with warm water. I'm beginning to wonder if the problem is not just one but a mixture of many things. Today her poo's seemed a little better but not a lot. The signs make no sense to me. The only thing I havent done is worm them since February. I'm wondering if this might be part of the problem. Not seen any worms though. Regards gillian
  6. Hi there My two ex-broiler breeders are both behaving oddly. Both stopped laying back in September, had a massive moult and feathered up beautifully. Neither have come back into lay but occasionally I'd get a "mini egg" looking thing and a few lashes. I wormed Annie and Betty two months ago with no sign worms. Now for last 4 weeks both have gone off mash and will only eat corn, sunflower seeds and anything such as rice, cous cous, spaghetti I feed them. They wont eat any greens either. Betty started getting a dirty bottom and I cleaned her up several times. Now resorted to clipping off her bum feathers. Poo's are small and bright green for both of them and they seem lethargic. They go to bed early and just hang about in the garden. I ran Betty to the vets as she seemed to develope laboured breathing and the runny bum got worse. Vet said heart was fine, she was bright and vocal and comb a good colour. No temperature but did indicate that symptoms might relate to an underlying problem but what she didnt know what. Over the last 2 weeks she seems to be passing lash type things that vary in size of peas to small slugs and are a dirty yellow colour, not like a normal lash thats generally a pinky colour. Both girls are lethargic and lack interest in anything but yesterday were doing the usual demented odd behaviour dustbathing. They are both on antibiotic denagard in their water and Betty is on oral Metacam. Her laboured breathing has stopped but Annie appears to be breathing oddly now. This morning I found the remains of a normal lash that had been torn apart and partially eaten (YUK!) but not sure which hen laid it as I have 2 new ex-batts living next door to these girls and they roam together. Ex-batts are in good form with no similar signs and eating like horses. All this seems really strange. The girls are about 30 months old and have been fine up until recently. Any advise would be really appreciated. Thanks Gillian
  7. Annie and Betty my ex-broiler breeder barn hens stopped laying within days of each other about a month ago and started to moult. I'd say they are 2 years old and wonder how long they go off lay for? Amber my 3 year old ex-batt continues to lay small eggs nearly every day even though she has also gne through a moult. Madchick
  8. I've only just read your thread and was going to reply with some advise but alas too late. I'm so sorry to hear about Doris passing. It does sound like she may have had Peritonitis but it may also have been liver failure. They tender to get really green runny poo, lose weight and dont eat. Liver failure makes them feel really sick so they dont want to eat. They often feel very thin in the breast but feel weighty to lift-due to a build up of fluid. I know this info wont help your little girl now but I hope its useful info for future reference. I know how you feel as I lost my Sapphire 2 weeks ago with just these symptoms. Blessings Madchick
  9. Hi there Our vet told us to spray the feathers with warm water to clean her up which does work but if its an ongoing problem then trim the feathers away and get yourself some F10 gel (not from vets as its dear) but on an online vet drugs website. It helps stop flystrike on pooey bottoms and wounds. Costs £5-£6. I keep some in my first aid kit. You could also try Beryl's Friendly Bacteria that sorts out any gut problems and keep the hen contained and on a plain diet without greens. I may be something she has eaten. She may also need worming. This can cause a dirty bottom. Putting a football in the nest box at night will force her to perch instead which is better for her. good luck and hope the advise helps Madchick
  10. Hi All Not seen any sign of the bead but the Betty the chicken is fine so lets hope things go on as they are. Thinking about it the chickens eat grit which is pretty lumpy but it never comes out lumpy in their poo. Happy but Madchick
  11. Hi Everyone One of my really nosey but stupid hens has pinched a large bead off a top I was wearing when I was checking a healing wound on her. She just grabbed and swollowed before I had a chance to grab it. Its plastic, flat and about the size of a piece of sweetcorn. Will it pass through her or is it likely to cause problem? I cannot believe how stupid these birds can be. I've seen my birds eat full grown slow worms but they do get digested but a bit of plastic may be different? Any advise gratefully received cheers Madchick
  12. Hi All My Betty ended up looking like speedqueens hen bitten in same place on opposite side. About size of a golf ball and 10mm deep-you can see her thigh bone moving-uugh! Took her straight to the vets and they gave me antibiotics, saline to flush it with and F10 cream to prevent fly strike. That was last thursday. Took her back on Sunday and they said skin was necrotic and may need debriding. Gave me Dermasol cream and told me to continue flushing wound with sterile saline and gently abrade the necrotic tissue. they have said that they may need to GA her and debride it. Will see what the vet says tomorrow. Redwing can you tell me how your birds healed and what did the wounds look like? Did they turn a horrible black colour? Speedqueen-has your hens wound turned black? Just trying to guage if this is normal. Doesnt seem to be bothering her and she is fitted with a buster collar to stop her pecking at herself.Otherwise eating and behaving normally. We are building another coop and run and providing she recovers we will put her back in with her mate that we got with her and keep them away from Sapphy and the vicious Amber-she was the culprit. Has bullied both since day one about 5 weeks ago. Cheers Madchick(one stressed out and having sleepless nights of worry Chicken Mum)
  13. Hi there I need some advise on bullying. I have 2 ex-batt Rhode Island Reds that I have had about 9 months. I introduced them to my other ex-batts with little problem but Amber has turned out to have a big attitude and even attacks my cats. We lost the last f the old ex-batts a couple of weeks ago and so last week we had two more ex-barn hens-2 hubbard hens. One "Annie"is really featherless,walks with a limp and is a real coward around Amber and Sapphy. Both of them bully her and peck at her all the time. Poor "Betty" gets it too but she can get away. "Annie" runs up to me crying like a baby and just wants to come in the house and get away from them. I have tried to intergrate them but whenever Annie and Betty are eating Amber and Sapphy want their food instead. They chase her out of the eglo. Can anyone give me some advise as to what to do. If need be I will have to keep them separate perminently but this wasn't what I wanted to do. Any advise greatly received
  14. Hi there Just an update on Ruby-she responded well to all the meds and is back to normal other than lacking in energy-she is likely to still be anaemic so am feeding her spinach and have to go back to vets for a follow-up tomorrow and see if he suggests anything else. I thought I would have lost her but she's a tough little bird so hopefully we are winning but peritonitis has a habit of coming back. She went off with the others for a trip round the garden and was looking to go to bed with them but I will keep her in until all her meds have finished and to make sure she doesnt get chilled. Thanks for you Madchick
  15. Hi there My chicken Ruby is being treated for Egg Peritonitis and so far appears to be improving. I asked my vet about draining thefluid but he didn't want to as he said there was risk of introducing further infection and said that the pus would be reabsorbed by the body.Currently Ruby is on an antibiotic mixed with water, Metacam and Critical care formula. Yesterday she had a high temperature and hadnt eaten for at least 2 days but today the fever has gone and she's started eating a bit. I have been getting the antibiotic mix and critical care food syringed down her every 2 hours during today and tonight she decided it would be good to get up and have a wander and tried to jump up on the sofa knocking my partners wine everywhere. Good to see the improvement. I spoke to the vet about the implant and he said it could be done but only if he could find a vet that kept the implants that they could get one from because they would have to buy them in bulk and would probably never use another one in a year. Anyone know of a vets that implant these and what they cost? Anyway I will keep my fingers crossed for my old girl and hope she continues to improve. The vet told me the prognosis was poor. Cheers Madchick

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