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  1. We love him. He crows with a sore throat. Hoping the neighbours will be ok when they come back from holiday and find him quiet enough to be ok
  2. As we have a few bantams we weren't entirely sure who was laying what
  3. Yes I will. He is a beauty, a white frizzle barman with lovely yellow legs, also my husband's favourite
  4. Two years old and my chick is transgender. Now crow's, huge spurs on legs, acts like a man and wattle looks more male. Sadly we promised our neighbours some time ago no males. But culling a young unknown is different to one you have loved for two years and is healthy.the neighbours are on holiday at the moment, a shock awaits them.
  5. I killed my food processor too. Brought a kenwood one in the sales but it didn't work and despite the box saying it was 2.1 litre capacity, it was only 1.2.... so that went back. Cant afford much at the moment so have a sainsburys own brand one. We also have a kenwood chef that I LOVE. The dough hook saves my hands when making bread.
  6. Interesting reading about DPD. I spoke to one of the drivers the other day as he was in the village but not with my parcel which was due later that day. Bascially all the correctly labelled ones go out to a owner/driver around here. Any where the address is a bit dodgy (some computers regularly forget our village in the address) get sent out with one of the e'ees. so we can end up with two dpd vans in the same village on the same day.
  7. I had to respond. I have a little theory on this. The people who look 'scary' are people that are comfy with themselves, not afraid to be who they want to be, to express themselves how they are. Therefore they are happier people which naturally creates kindness. Does that make sense or is it rambling!
  8. Minnie we are in Oxfordshire. I just got mine from Bagforce near Brackley. The lady there is a chicken owner and recommended the best one for the chickens.
  9. thanks hunnypie. we are looking at potential business ideas now even though the move may be sometime off. That way we have the chance to study it, develop it and see if that part goes and then see how we fit the small holding in it. We would like the land to work with us rather than just be a pretty environment to live by. I have also looked at Norwegian lodges as an alternative to a static caravan as a potential home for us. The options are wide open at the moment and we will certainly not be jumping in to this without research. Two books ordered off amazon last night and 4 obtained from the library this morning. Reading galore and then more planning and brainstorming!
  10. thanks... will add them to my list of research!
  11. this is unlikely to be really really quick. We have just had a brain storming session on ideas for generating money and we both have some homework to go away to look at it. Then we need to work on cashflow and budgets and if we need to do any learning first... then its finding a property. So could still be a couple of years yet.
  12. thanks, I will take a look. We have dreamt long enough, but the rat race has got ridiculous and we need to do something...
  13. Hi, wondered if any of you had any experiences (good or bad) that you could share. We are thinking of giving up the day jobs, buying a small holding and starting up one or more businesses that will help to pay enough money to pay the bills. We are not expecting or wanting to be rich, just so that we can live a different lifestyle. Would be great to receive any advice. Thanks
  14. thanks. this morning she is not wheezing. I think the warmth of the garage may have helped. NOt a lot I can do on a Saturday with vets anyway!
  15. It looks like one of mine is suffering. She was having trouble breathing and she was wheezing. So I have isolated her in the garage and see how she goes. My vet isn't a chicken vet so not sure whether they will be able to help. I am assuming its going to be antibiotics all round.

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