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  1. So, like a lot of people at the moment I have a bit of a red mite problem in one of my coops. I can't believe it got so bad so quickly! I first discovered the mites last Friday, and immediately gave it a good clean out, spraying both the three hens and the coop liberally with Johnson's Anti-Mite (all I had at the time). I ordered cat Frontline Spot-on for all my chickens, and also some Indorex for the coop. This arrived a few days later and I used a whole can of Indorex in the coop, careful to get into all the cracks. The problem is even though I have been treating the coop almost daily with Permethrin-based producs, it doesn't seem to have made a dent in the red mite population! Is there a possibility that they have become Permethrin-resistant? All I did last year was spray Indorex in the coops and Frontline all the chickens and all the red mite had gone within a few days.
  2. I have this problem with a couple of my bantams... I stand them in a sink of warm water and pick it off / loosen it with tweezers. Does take a while to get off though!
  3. Hello! I use Frontline Spot On for cats on my chooks, and have never experienced any feather loss! And I find for me, it's the only thing I have tried (and I have tried LOTS!) that has completely eradicated every single mite and louse. It's brilliant stuff, I would recommend it to anyone. I used one pipettes for three birds, so you really don't have to use much.
  4. Poor quailypoos... That definitely looks like mycoplasma to me, one of my bantams had it. Can you go back to the vet and suggest this? She needs a course of antibiotics.
  5. Wowee, he is very impressive! At what age did that comb start developing? I only ask because I hatched a partridge silkie seven weeks ago, not sure if it's a he or a she yet - but I heard you often can't tell with a silkie until they either crow or lay an egg!
  6. The only thing that worked 100% for me (and I tried it after about a YEAR of trying to get rid of the horrible things) was Frontline Spot On for cats... I used 6 pipettes for 18 chickens, so about a third of a pipette each. After a week, there were no more mites or lice - and still none at all 9 months later!! So I'm going to do them all again this weekend, before the mites show up again...
  7. I want to hug them all! They look so poofy and cuddly!
  8. I wish I could get into the habit of poo picking, at the moment I put a bale of Easibed in each walk in run every month or so, and having to shovel the old stuff out beforehand is a horrible job! How many chickens do you all have? Isn't poo picking a bit difficult when they've all been trampling all over it all day and squishing it all?
  9. Hello! Well I finally cracked open my huge egg last weekend - and this was what was inside!! I was a little bit disappointed actually - I thought there might have been four or five yolks! Anyway, have just been down to the nest box to collect today's eggs and found this - Sorry about the quality of the picture (you can't make out what the scale says - but it is 162.6g!!) I wish I knew who was laying these whoppers!!
  10. Oh, yay! I'm glad she seems to be getting better!
  11. Hi Daxigirl, I once had a silver laced wyandotte bantam with this (I didn't know it was called seahorse syndrome though!) and after a bit of googling I found someone who thought it might be due to vitamin E deficiency, so I bought some multivitamin tablets from Asda and crushed them into her water, and she was much better after that! she went from waddling around all day with her head upside down to only occasionally sleeping like that, so I reckon it's definitely worth a try.
  12. Not yet - I want to keep it for as long as possible! Might have fried egg and chips for dinner next week though!!
  13. I went down to the chicken coop when I got in from work this evening as I normally do to collect eggs, and imagine my shock when I discovered this monstrosity in the nest box!! It weighs a whopping 171.9 grams! I want to crack it open to see how many yolks it has but I don't want to ruin it!
  14. Haha, you've been lucky so far with him crowing at 8am!! My Poland crows every hour from 4am, he has to go in the cupboard under the stairs now for fear of the neighbours complaining!

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