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  1. After just realising my chooks have lice I have been to Pets At Home and have found some Anti-Parasite Spot On that is for large birds (i.e. Parrots). It contains Ivermectin so I've treated both my girls with a pipette each as suggested for parrots. Anyone else used this? Also how long should I not eat their eggs for? All your help is much appreciated by the way
  2. You're right - after checking my girls again they are teaming with lice *shudder* I'm off to Pets at Home in the hope that they have something to treat them with!
  3. I feel awful!!! I'm new to keeping chooks and I've only had my girls about a month and lost Mo last Monday. After reading lots of posts and checking my other girls it looks like they've got red mite. I just wish I'd have taken more notice of the signs then I might have been able to save Mo I've now ordered some red mite powder and am going to treat them as soon as it arrives. Just needed to share as I'm feeling a bit sad about it all. xxx
  4. We went away for the weekend and came home to hear that one of our girls had sadly died. We've only had our girls for a few weeks but Mo had always had watery poo and a bit of a dirty bum. She seemed ok in herself but hadn't laid for about 2 weeks. My neighbour was really upset as she had been looking after them while we were away. RIP Mo
  5. I've just caught her, took her into the kitchen and washed her in the sink!!!! That was an experience! While I was washing her I noticed that she was very red sore at the tip of her tail, sort of where the poo comes out of. Ever since we've had her she's had very little tail feathers and it looks like they been pecked out. I'll have to see how she gets on now she's a bit cleaner around that area.
  6. Poor old Mo - ever since we got her (last Saturday) she has had a dirty bottom. She is feeding ok and seem generally healthy and has even started laying eggs the past couple of days. I think she may have diahorrea but I'm not sure. Has anyone else had this and do you know what it might be?
  7. Thanks guys. I have now put the toast back on the birdtable
  8. I've just fed my chooks some carrot peelings and they seem to like them. Now I'm having panic attacks about whether they are ok to give them? I can't find anything about them! Also a piece of toast has fallen off my birdtable onto the floor and one of my girls is merrily pecking this. Should I remove it or is it ok? Thanks xx
  9. I would go and have a chat with your GP as well. It may be that you need to change your pill as you have been on it for such a long time. I suffer from terrible pms and have been working with my doctor for a while now trying to get the right combination for me! I'm now on my second lot of pill (Celeste) the firs one didn't work. I am also taking a vitamin B6 supplement that my doctor prescribed. I take it for the 2 weeks leading up to my period. I find it helps a lot. xxx
  10. Just a suggestion but have you tried contacting the bully's parents? Or this an absolute no-go? They might not be aware of their son's behaviour. Now that it is school holidays then the school is unlikely to want to become involved in anything that happens until September and school starts again. If it does continue it may be worthwhile just going to your local police station to make a complaint in the first instance. If you feel you are not getting much help from the school then it is worth contacting your local Education Authority. They have a duty to investigate as to why the school isn't dealing with the situation. As for Facebook, the only option really is for your son to delete the girl from his friends list. She doesn't sound much of a friend to me and if she is going out with this horrible lad it would probably be best all round for your son to just stay away from her completely. I really feel for you and your son. I know if it was one of my kids being bullied all you want to do is go around there and knock 10 bells out of him! Unfortunately, you would then be the one charged with assault and dragged through the Courts! Let us know what happens xxx

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