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  1. One of my girls is getting over a severe moult but has in the last few weeks started to walk backwards in a sort of "monty python" comic walk. She does walk forwardstraight then suddenly stops and goes backwards. Can't feel anything untoward on her apart from large amounts of keratin and feathers still about to come out. Any ideas? Her comb has shrunk but she is eating and drinking but less acrive than she was. Am very worried.....
  2. We started on Omlet food - we changed to pellets, which was a mistake as they just didn't eat them. Went onto layers mash from the local pet shop which I understand came from Copdocks Mills but lately it just seems to be the wrong colour and more ash than enything, so have now progressed to Garvo Layers Mash. Girls eat it - when they are not too busy eating sweetcorn or cabbage or mealworms. Tried making this into porridge - didn't work. Mind u - our girls would only like to eat grapes ALL day if they were allowed to.
  3. We had Flo PTS Saturday morning. She had been ill for a little while and whilst I gave her Baytril and looked after her every need (she didn't want to eat layers mash so I ended up buying tins of mini crickets which she loved), the Vet found a tumour and nothing further could be done. She was a Gingernut Ranger and was 3 and 1/2 years old, so not bad for an "old bird". So after handing over Flo to let the vet do whatever they do, I said that I wanted an individual cremation (as I couldn't bear the thought of her going with other animals) and I wanted her ashes back in a wooden box - total cost £97! I am, at the moment lucky enough to be in full time employment and, not that you can afford that kind of expense, but I chose to - am giving up work shortly, so I just hope my remaining chooks keep healthy. But Flo has been part of our lives for all that time, and it didn't seem right to me anyway to leave her at the vets. She wouldn't have know, but I would.
  4. They look lovely - and you had sunshine!
  5. We started off by being good and not letting our in, but with the nice weather and we had the door open, all 3 chooks came into the kitchen and then parked themselves by the fridge. We have a laminate floor in the kitchen, so cleaning up poop is easy. I have to say, hearing our girls chirping away to each other is a sound I would miss if they were not in the kitchen, so I let them carry on and then clear up the poop.
  6. We bought Flo (and her sister Gloria who sadly died last year) in July 2009 when she was 6 months old from Omlet. By my reckoning, Flo is now 3 - is that old for a ? She stopped laying eggs about 12 months ago, well she was never that good at it in the first instance. She has laid several lashes since. She has had 2 moults and has come out of them ok. Her voice is now a tad squeaky, but very cute. But apart from that she does everything my other ladies do - dustbath, running for grapes and sultanas and as I type now she is sitting in the middle of her dustbath with one wing in the air sunbathing. Just wondered what the "average" age of a is.Can anyone help?
  7. Ours like eating it - but no in general they hate it - it restricts their grass munching!
  8. Had 4 inches of now in Buckinghamshire last night. Scientific measurement by OH with a ruler!! He's out with his snow shovel now - girls not impressed at all.. What is it with men and snow shovels?
  9. Ours were REALLY REALLY loud this morning - opened the Cube door, and then...silence.... 3 ladies came down and then stood in the run "what is this white stuff - I ordered mealworms and grapes not this white stuff" "Well I'm not moving"..... OH cleared the snow away from the run and then with the snow shovel (what is it with men and snow shovels...), cleared a path from the run down to the kitchen, where they promptly tucked into some warm porridge. They stayed within the path carefully dug for them and then tucked into some sultanas. They are seriously not impressed.....
  10. I like to think our girls want for nothing......but having put out some bird seed on the bird feeder, all 3 girls crowded round me. I offered them so, they weren't interested. The minute the birds get on the bird table and bird seed falls to the floor, the girls can't get enough of it. The neighbours must think I starve them!!!
  11. A strung up cabbage or a sweetcorn cob are our girls favourite.. However, I went into Jolleys petstore at the weekend a bought a "can o crickets" which are just boiled crickets I think! Girls LOOOVVEEED them.. I then found out they cost £4 a pot...might be a one off treat!
  12. Flo is having a moult - think she had a mini one last year but this year she is going at it full steam - feathers all over the place! She is quite perky, eating and drinking A LOT (but she was always a big drinker so not too concerned). However. her poos are very runny, almost just water, which I have put down to eating a lot of grass and drinking water. Is this typical of a lady in moult? Also her comb has shrunk, but I think that's just what happens! Flo hasnt laid an egg for about 6 months but has laid a few sizeable lashes. If she is looking ill, or the above symptoms could be something else I will of course take her to the vet, but at the moment I can't catch her. Sometimes she just stands there and closes her eyes and I am panicing when that happens - as I can't remember her doing that last year, but she might have. Am a bit concerned - can anyone shed any light on this please. Thank you. Sarah
  13. We got one at Asda last night - they are selling them for £1.00 (which does strike me as being such a small price for something that someone has taken the time to grow and harvest). Dug a 1/4 out of it this morning, and passed it to the girls, so were quick to snaffle out the pumpkin seeds - did I make this up, or have I read it that pumpkin seeds are a natural dewormer (although I do worm our ladies with Flub). Was worried at first of them choking on the seeds, but it seemed to do them no harm??? The flesh inside was still a bit firm, I guess I just let them peck at it all day???
  14. We lost Gloria (Big G) last week - the first of our Original Omlet girls to go to chook heaven. She was a fiesty little lady, and as she was always up for a rootle about in the garden under the hedge (that we had called Steve - after the film Over The Hedge). I suspect she is up in chook heaven giving it what for - that's my girl.
  15. I am very glad to say that Dolly is laying an egg every day. Although when she lays her egg, she is off the nest box as quick as, time sat on the nest box is time not eating!!! And she doesn't just squeak occasionally, she squeaks ALL THE TIME.....

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