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  1. Thanks DM I do hope it doesn't happen again but I shall have a google. My neighbour used to be a breeder so he might have some suggestions too.
  2. Thanks I might give Flytes a call. I got the Johnsons today that DM suggests so when I've got some help at home I'll dust them all and do the eglu for good measure. Only just jetwashed the damn thing too!
  3. They are lice not mites. Yuck. Now I need to find the right treatment and disinfect the eglu again.
  4. Ivromectin or xeno 450? Both are spot on type treatments. Which is best please? I presume we ditch the eggs while treating.
  5. What do I do about a vent glee please? Never heard of that before.
  6. Not a prolapse. Ruled that one out. Bathed her again today and saw mites though, so now I need to work out what they are and how to treat them. Still noticed white discharge that looked like dry poo but wasn't
  7. How would you go about learning? I have been faced with this a couple of times after fox attacks and feel terrible that I don't know what to do.
  8. Hi all, I have hunted round the site but still have questions please. My old ex batt(Vidor) has just had a bath to clean up a very smelly bottom. I have noticed a horrible smell and white discharge which washed away easily, but when I let her back in the garden she prolapsed when trying to poo. The prolapse went straight back in. Otherwise she is healthier than she has ever been. Any ideas please? She does have a tendency to sit in the muck pile so I don't know if she has just been straining. Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks Olly I will call them tomorrow. The prolapse has gone back in but she's pecking herself I think . I'm on bloody jury service this week so I hope she will be ok a few more days.
  10. One of my exbatts is under the weather. She's always been skinny and is bald around her bum and underneath which can be a healthy pink or bright red and sore looking. I bath her when I can and use vaseline/nappy cream (!) which seems to soothe. Tonight she lloks like she's got a prolapsed vent and is leaking straw coloured liquid as well as normal poo. She's eating and drinking, and laying daily. Any suggestions gratefully accepted please. Vicky
  11. There should be a law against white trousers/skirts and black knickers, particularly thongs!
  12. It's amazing around herbs! I used to wash the poo tray out over my herb bed and they doubled in size!
  13. I stopped midwifery after my son was born. I had every intention of going back but I realised what it was doing to me and wasn't prepared to risk my family. It's been over a year and I still haven't cancelled my professional registration or union subs - it's hard after nearly 20 years!
  14. Reikiranf and I are still good friends. I think she's still in touch with a few others.
  15. I'm in a dilemma now - the exbatts i'd get are from the same farm originally and have already been nursed by the rescue centre, but I saw some gorgeous POL hens today!
  16. Thank you everyone and yes Olly I had read the FAQs, I was more interested in recent opinions. I plan to introduce some more Ex Batts that actually came from the same farm - so they'd be about 2 years old. I'd like some more fancy hens but our budget has other ideas!
  17. There are loads o them on the Omlet Marketplace i've just been on there. Also where are you? Second Chance Animal Rescue (in Kent) has lots and lots of cockerels for rehoming, even one very lovely Silkie that i'd take if I could!
  18. Hi all one of my Ex Batts suddenly died yesterday (heart attack we think) leaving two other girlies in the Eglu. I know two is fine but only one of them lays and we need a few more eggs than that! I have never done an introduction and only have the one Eglu can anyone advise me please?
  19. Hi Caroline yes they have come from there - we have a place called 2nd Chance Animal Rescue (amazing little tumbledown 'farm') right near us and they took 250 hens - we have three called Varta, Vidor and PP3!! They are loving their new home though not laying much (think it must be the change). I'm really pleased how healthy they are though.
  20. Been out scrubbing the Eglu and putting it back together this afternoon in readieness for the newbies. My back and hands are killing me now!
  21. Thanks Ziggy x I've heard that there's a rescue near me so i'm looking at some girls from that once i've dug out the Eglu and scrubbed it.
  22. Thank you that's very helpful, and what I thought. I don't have any girls at the moment to infect but I don't want to start with an issue, plus these girls are already 5. I will tell my friend - apparently the owner has been treating them but with no success so maybe it's really bad. She's moving to Australia so needs to home the girls before she goes, I hope she can.
  23. hi All My friend is about to rehome some chooks and they have been living with others wo have scaly leg. I thought this was infectious and they were all at risk if they lived together? Please can you advise me and i'll pass it on to her (trying to persuade her to join!). I'm thinking of getting some more from the same source and would like to know if it's a good idea. Thanks in advance x
  24. Hi all it's been ages! Married now and with a 20 month old life is hectic but i'm finally getting some new girlies!!!!!!

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