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  1. I wormed them at the start of April I think, so not so long ago. She went broody and has only just snapped out of it on Saturday so I'm kind of hoping it's something relating to her egg production kicking back in. Worried she's egg bound but she isn't straining to get any eggs out. Haven't really been home today but she has been eating and she popped out the hen house quite fast. Oh I don't know what's up with her!
  2. Oh blimey, poor thing! Did you have a cockerel as well because I'm not sure how he'd react? Oh this chicken keeping business isn't as easy as it seems. They die to easily...
  3. Right, just need a little bit of help. I have three pekin bantams, two hens (nearly 3) and a cockerel (nearly 1) and they all get along very well. Unfortunately one of my hens has been displaying signs of illness, she's been tucked up and keeps closing her eyes and basically it doesn't look good for her. As harsh as it may seem I need a replacement, but I'm unsure if I just bring in one new hen or two and round about what age bearing in mind the age of the other two? Any advice would be very appreciated, never felt to confused!
  4. Oh Andy is lovely, as is his family. Really helped me the other week to try and find a new pekin cockerel.
  5. Thank you. I am currently putting out feelers in my area for a new little boy. Don't know long Dylan has left, looks quite a bit worse today and I want to be prepared for when it happens. Mostly worried about the girls. Thank you for the help!
  6. Hi everyone Need a bit of help if possible, I have 3 pekin bantams. 2 hens and one cockerel. Discovered a large lump on my cockerel yesterday and after taking him to the vet today have found he has 2 tumours! The vet never said if they were cancerous but seeing as she let me have a free consultation I'm taking it as bad news. The problem I'm facing is if my cockerel dies what do I do for the girls? They've grown up together and it's heartbreaking to know that there going to be split up. Never more than a metre apart. I do want more chickens but really stuck on what to do. Do I get a new cockerel and a new hen, or just two hens? Also if I get more and I get a cockerel do they need to be the same age as my hens? (There just over 2.) Also if I do get a hen and a cockerel would I need to separate them first and slowly move them together or because I have a cockerel would they be okay? Sorry for all the questions, don't really know what to do. Any advice would be appreciated, thank you.
  7. Haha, I was actually going to keep them as a momento. A pair of earrings would do nicely, maybe I shall attempt the baked potato optionb but let the potatoes cool a little. Read a thousand comments online about how easy it is and if I go in prepared...
  8. I'd much prefer a vet but the trouble is I live in the middle of nowhere and my nearest vet is quite a distance away, I would also prefer a vet to make a home call rather than trying to get Dylan away from the girls and to the vets. Spurs are so confussing! Might just have to stick to the old nail file!
  9. I apologise if this post is in the wrong place as I'm not very good on forums. I have a 2 year old cockeral who's spurs are starting to become a nuisance for him. There getting very long and it's never really affected him before but it now looks like he can't walk like he used to. Anyway to cut a long story short I was wondering how would be the best way to go about removing them... I don't want to cut them as I don't feel confident enough to do that and I'm worried about hurting him. I found this article - http://www.fowlvisions.com/?p=39 and it suggests a hot baked potato? I was just wondering if this was effective, if it hurt the bird and basically any tips. Thank you for all help!
  10. Yes you were looking at the same site, just wasn't working when I tried. Glad it's all back now! I've just gone on google maps and it looks fairly easy to get to, just the other side of town kind of. Well I probably will let him one day, I think he actually wants a Corn Snake! I shall look into them, thank you!
  11. This is exactly what I want! MORE CHICKENS. My boyfriend wants a lizard or snake.
  12. Indeed it is! Hope it works again soon, I like browsing the website. Thank you for the number, I shall give them a ring soon!

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