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  1. Just bought a purple conversion kit (Guinea pig to chicken) to go with old orange eglu, thought i'd jazz it up a bit! Can't wait to see if the like it.... roll on Thursday
  2. Hello, i'm not really new i'm quite old(Bunee1) but going under a new name and very recently bought 2 chicken's as previously had 2 guinea's in an Eglu sadly 1 resently died and the other is looking old and tired, soooo i may be being slightly presumtuous but i'm hoping to convert the old Eglu with the conversion kit so the chickens can move in! I bought them as point of lay Rhode island reds last thursday and got 1st egg which my 3 yr old found eggstremely excitedly (sorry) on friday! and we've had an egg every day since and 2 today! so i'm very pleased. So look forward to chating about eggy things and non eggy things. Hannah Eyes Florence & Paloma
  3. Thank you everyone we think she's rather good too! She's wonderful at the moment all sleep and nappies, I wonder when the novelty will wear off!!
  4. Hello everyone here's 'Bea'. . . . She eventually arrived on the 9th of May, weighing 6lb 12 1/2 oz. Thumbs up for the home birth wish i'd done it last time too.
  5. HELOOOOOOO.....sorry to take so long to reply, baby due tomorrow so been feeling a tad tired Thank you for such a warm welcome back.... We've moved back to Ringwood which is where i am from, just on the edge of the forest!!!! lovely The house is lovely much bigger than the last one and more room for the G.pigs....how about that new eglu cube thingy wow i havn't checked it out properly yet but it looks fab. i may disappear again in the next few weeks what with the babe on the way but i'll try to get on with some pix!!! Hannah x
  6. Just thought i'd pop in to say helloooo! I've missed you all x
  7. A friend had two of these when we were kids called Stuff and Nonsence they are like small tigers they used to disapear for days and come back looking like they knew more than you! They used to hide under the throw on the sofa i know this because i sat on one and it quite literally grabbed me!!!!
  8. I have some too they are lovely unfortunatly they ar'nt very stable on their little chickeny feet have to bend them a bit to make sure they balance !!
  9. We finished THE homework tonight and we nearly enjoyed it
  10. I had the same too but i have to say they came through just fine in the end.....I can't remember what i used for the pain although i recall all the symptoms you have mentioned i think it's just a wait and see kinda thing but the salt wash etc will probably help hope you feel better it's horrid i remember
  11. Pheeew i have biiig old bags under my eyes this morning after last nights division terrors ..... Thankyou for explaining Annie i do now see the logic behind this mad method which nearly reduced me and my daughter to tears. As Lesley said it would be much easier if this was pre explained to parents before planting it on our children only to explode when they get home. I thought all the school stuff was behind me but it appears i have to re learn it in a totally different way aaaahhhghghghghgh Watch this space Annie i may be asking more questions
  12. Hi newguinea...we do the hay stuffed igloo too they love it ...
  13. Right then you clever lot......Division by"Chunking" For example 48/3= 48 -30 (think of the highest number you know that 3 goes into) ------ (10 multiplied by 3) 18 - 18 (How many 3's in 18 ) ------- (6 multiplied by 3) 00 (now take that "chunk" of 18 away from 18 ) We now have 10 lots of 3 (30) and 6 lots of 3 (18 ) so we have 16 lots altogether.... 48/3 = 16 This was the example given sorry about the sum it won't pan out quite right!! This was my 8yr olds homework that is meant to take her between 20 and 30 mins ! (the method alone takes hours to write out) I know this has been said time and time again but what's wrong with the old method?, she can do it that way in seconds. Crumbs i can't wait for secondary school P.s It's good to be back how are you all? I'm tired and starting to look pregnant !
  14. Thanks you lot , no our insurance doesn't cover it never mind we talked to him (the plumber) and said that we want him to chase it up with the supplier and manufacturer he mumbled and grumbled for a bit and when we mentioned trading standards thought we have a good case (and the fact that we've not paid him yet) he perked up and is on the case!!! Well it's a start lets hope it doesn't get ugly
  15. A little rant i suppose and any advice welcome....... We had a new tank fitted roughly a yr ago as the old one really had had it and two days ago it burst filling up the landing the plumber who fitted the new tank came out four times and today eventually had to replace it followed by a bill £85.00 for labour £254.98 for the tank....I asked him if we could claim back the money for the tank he said he had enquired and that they will take it for testing (the manufacturer)but they will say it could have been damaged in the fitting or there is something in the water that has destroyed the copper in the tank ...... phoned trading standards they think we have a case just wondered if you lot had any thoughts
  16. Ivaneglu ooo i made my self laugh there
  17. Tha last time i went i was dreading it as i need my second lot of wisdom teeth out and i chickened out of the appointment it was a different dentist i saw and she said i did'nt need them out after all fingers crossed it will stay that way .... and now i don't have to go until April wooohoo.... grin and bare it it might not be as bad as you think
  18. This made me giggle...although i hope someone helped her get them back
  19. Wow i'd never thought of that...runs to find yellow pages anything to get out of that job
  20. bunee1


    Oh and get yourself some E-cloths they are made of a special microfibre and work wonders......http://www.enviroproducts.co.uk/index.asp?aid=14
  21. bunee1


    Have you tried Ecover's cream cleaner on the work top it's very good...the multi surface cleaner is good for alsorts too.....oh and the limescale remover is fab .....oh just go and by them all
  22. WARNING..... I have just made an outragous version of the cookies when you melt the butter and sugar etc try adding a table spoon of coco powder then add this to the oats with a big handful of toasted chopped unsalted pistachios ....You have been Warned
  23. Thanks, i can't stop looking at it

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