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  1. 2 dark campbell crosses, Fudge and Coco = 48
  2. I went too!!!!! I found out what a true campbell looks like and spoke to a breeder. I'll be hatching some of his eggs next year and one of his white campbells won first place. eeee! I am still not sure what my duck is though. He is definately much bigger than the slender white campbells and doesn't have the orange beak. He sometimes looks like a white campbell, but might be a cherry valley. Apart from white campbells my favourites were the curly geese and the bali. What a beautiful, elegant duck!
  3. Ahhh, I'd love to go. I'm on a mission to find out what a true white campbell duck looks like. Unfortunately, I'll be away that weekend and don't have a car either.
  4. Hi, is an electric hen or a Brinsea Ecoglow best or is it just a matter of preference? I'm going to buy one for my hatch due next week. 2 choc campbells, 1 white campell and a pink and blue chicken egg of unknown breed.
  5. He says Thanks. I have 4 white campbell and 3 dark campbell eggs in the incubator. 5 seem viable, but not sure yet. I hope some are girls.
  6. Does he look like a white campbell? I am confused as his beak has not turned orange yet. He has blue eyes.
  7. Yes, the surviving drake is fully feathered. Here he is with his Mum: Only 7 weeks old tomorrow!
  8. No, problem. The drake is still in the chicken run and is fine. He seems to prefer the dirt floor to his hay bed though. x
  9. Gosh it was horrible and I feel sorry for the drake as he cheeps for his mum when she goes to bed. She has stopped saving the best treats for him and he has to run after her if she pinches a snail, before I can give it to him. lol. Anyway, as I felt sorry for him I have purchased a Brinsea mini advance and ordered 7 duck eggs. gulp. Also my birthday pressie and to cheer me up! I had to order from ebay again and have 4 white campbell eggs and 3 chocolate campbell eggs coming. What have I let myself in for? They will have to be in a brooder in my house for the first few weeks and I know how messy they are, and how quick they grow.
  10. Hi, it sounds like bigger one is a drake. You could probably work it out from his voice. The smaller ones may be quacking? The larger one may be whistling and much quieter than the ducks.
  11. Hi, she didn't make it. So, so sad. Her brother seems fine today as he is with the chickens, but may be lonely at night as they cuddled up together. She had only just died when I checked her before going to bed. I think it was a neurological problem as she started acting very odd i.e dabbling and doing rhythmic movements with her beak as if she'd had a stroke. I even ran her a warm bath to test if she was dabbling - she was and she wanted to dabble. She had a last swim, but was going round in circles and dabbling, attempted to swim under water and had another fit. At this point I wrapped her in a towel and left her for an hour or so and when I came back she had died. In a way it was relief that she was no longer suffering. Thanks for your support. xx
  12. She is still alive and fitting less often. Gone from about every 5 mins to 44 mins/hour now. Beak is still hot, but looking less purple. Syringing water and hoping she will make it. I think she might have eaten a poison plant or caterpillar maybe. Not sure as Drake is fine. Me and my neighbour do not use slug pellets and no rat poison. She ate a few bits of sweetcorn and tiny bit of tuna earlier. Will keep her inside tonight and hope she makes it through the night. She is not interested in food, but opens her beak a bit and swallows when I give her water.
  13. Hi, noticed my 5 week old duck was not herself this morning. I let her out, she went in pool etc. She looked unwell and I don't think she's been preening. She was fine yesterday. About an hour later found out laying in chicken run with head on floor, picked her up and warmed her on lap. She wanted to go to brother so I let her walk around a bit. Gave her a snail as don't think she is eating and she bent to pick it up and had a fit! She went completely stiff, legs straight out, body stiff, neck right back and I thought she was dead. I picked her up and held her neck straight. She is alive, very quiet and sitting on my lap. Her beak feels hot. Will she live or is this a heriditary thing? Very shocked as she was absolutely fine yesterday and I was getting attached to her lively, cheeky nature. I suspect she has had a couple of fits in the night? Anything I can do for her? Edit to add: Diet is allen & page duck growers which they have been on since 3-4 weeks. Spinach daily, sweetcorn, peas sometimes and loads of snails. Drake is totally fine. Been fine up to today. Have been freeranging in the garden daily too.

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