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  1. Hello all I have two chooks left from the original 4 that I acquired 2 years ago. I expect one will probably eventually die before the other and I will be left with a lone chicken. What should I do with the lone chicken? Keep her on her own or try and rehome her with other chickens? I regret to say that although I have enjoyed having the chooks I am not going to get any more as I have absolutely hated the blasted red mites and havign to deal with them just too much. I have kept on top of it this year but they are still there and unless I spray about twice a week they come back..... Grateful for your thoughts! Shoura
  2. as long as thye have plenty of food they should be OK---after all think of the wild birds---they survive if they have enough food and water and they don't even have cosy Eglus to cuddle up in!
  3. well they won't be laying if they've been moulting.
  4. Isla is the only one laying at the moment, what a little trooper she is, hardly ever misses a day even though she's a scrawny looking little thing! This morning I found one of her eggs out in the WIR---it was a perfectly normal egg, not a softie or anything unusual. There would not have been a queue for the nest-box as no-one else is laying. No sign of any nasties in the coop.... I am puzzled!
  5. Thanks all, I will keep a vigilant eye out! I gave them some mash yesterday morning and this morning as it was so cold, added some tinned tuna to it this morning (in spring water) to give a bit of extra protein...Will probably try Lady Jane with a bit of scrambled egg too!
  6. Lady Jane is in full-on moult, first time in the 14 months I've had my girls. She seems rather listless although still eating/drinking, but I am rahter concerned that I have seen her do a few watery poos in the last couple of days---I don't know if she has been doing normal ones as well as unfortunately I am at work all day. Is this normal? any advice appreciated!
  7. Cilla is broody YET AGAIN..... It's getting a bit chillier at night now---is it still OK to put her in the broody cage 24/7 for the next 3 days?
  8. One of my girls has started moulting, grey feathers everywhere. Is it normal for it to happen at this time of year? I have had them since august last year and none of them have had a full-on moult since I've had them, until now.
  9. The daft thing is broody again and spent last night in the broody cage... BRRRRR!! I be that cooled her down good and proper! (I don't have a garage or suitable shed to put it in at night...)
  10. When I got my 4 about a year ago one of them was already crouching from when I first had them, and it was 4 weeks until the first egg...seemed like years!
  11. I've becoem a bit less paranoid and upset since I came to terms with the fact that I'm unlikely to get rid of the mites completely and forever---it's just going to be a permanent state of keeping on top of them to keep the numbers down to levels where the birds aren't affected.... Hopefull I'll be able to go into the WIR eventually without getting a single mite on me---currently that isn't happening yet as I've realised they must be between the overlapping layers of Onduline on the roof---I can see them floating down whenever ther's a gust of wind if I go in there with a torch in the evening... I am trying to get someone to help me to take the Onduline roof off in order to treat it all over---is Poultry Shield really the best stuff to use---it doesn't actually contain any Permethrin or similar insecticides?? Claret where do you get your big tubs of Buz Busters from? The websites I looked at only seemed to stock the small bottle-type container and the Net-tex site doesn't sell direct to the public.
  12. I guess that's one advantage of having such loose skin---the underlying structures don't get seriously damaged with a bit of luck! One of my dogs bit one of my chooks a couple of weeks ago, 2" gash along the side of her neck, right through the skin. I took her to the vets that evening (9pm---££££ ) although she said it could wait till the next morning but I wouldn't have slept all night! anyway she had stitches and antibiotics and is now absolutely fine! I'm sure your girl will be fine too!
  13. I've had them in the house and on me/my clothes and on the dogs. REally horrid! I recommend spraying the carpets in the whole house wiht RIP flea spray---it is vry effective and any insects that land on the carpet perish PDQ so it has given me much more confidence about being able to get rid of the pesky blighters eventually. I have never had so many showers/hair washes or washed my clothes as frequently as in the past 2 weeks!and I still find the odd one somewhere or other indoors, but am getting less upset by them....
  14. I think it's going to be an ongoing thing until the cold weather sets in.... I've never wished for winter to arrive early before!!
  15. (or should it be noses?? ) anyway their beaks/noses are going to be right out of joint when they have to go back into their mite-free WIR at the weekend!! They have been living the life of Riley since the red mite infestation as they have been free ranging all day.... Thye won't love me any more when I put them back inside!

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