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  1. Hi, We are in Brockley (which is near Lewisham, New Cross, Peckham). Thanks! Daniel
  2. Hello all, I am trying to sort out some very bad pecking problems between two old hens and one of my two new(ish) hens. We have introduced them very slowly and have only put them together after four weeks of free ranging. The new hen is really getting a hard time - very few feathers left on head or neck. I have tried anti-peck spray which doesn't seem to help, have sprayed the effected area (and my hand and face!) with purple spray... Now I am looking at buying some bumper bits - so am about to send a SAE off for them but wondered if anyone in SE London had any as the new ones won'
  3. Dear all, Thanks for your help on this problem. We have just returned from our weekend away and all the chickens are still alive and are now safely locked away in the Eglu. I did get the welded mesh (from Wickes) and I laid it underneath the Eglu and cable tied it to the run and pegged it down with tent pegs. It has an overlap of about 40cm around the Eglu so the fox can't dig underneath. I also jammed some large bricks next to the Eglu to stop the fox reaching underneath and bothering the hens. Our friend who took care of the the hens in our absence says that he thinks the
  4. Hi Mike, I think that our chickens arrived on the same day (we live in Brockley so not far from you). I am glad that yours are laying too. We too have had eggs - which was very unexpected! They are very small but we are told that they will get bigger. How are your chickens getting on now? Ours have settled down and there is only the occasional pecking going on now. Apart from our fox issues which I have posted about elsewhere we are really enjoying having them. Daniel
  5. Hello, First I wanted to thank all of you for all this fantastic information on these forums - it has helped us a lot in planning for and getting our three new chickens. Our chickens arrived on Tuesday and started laying the day that they arrived and they seem very content. However I have a question about foxes in our garden! When the Eglu arrived I pegged down the skirt with strong tent pegs and it feels very secure and is flat against the earth. This morning on looking out of our bedroom window I saw our local fox (often sunbathes at the bottom of our garden until scared off!) t

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