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  1. Oh what a wonderful story What was your cat's name?
  2. Our thoughts are with you and your family - we are very sorry to hear your sad news.
  3. Hi there! I second everything said above. Now that it is summer, you should also be diligent to the threat of flystrike. I think that you will be able to find posts on this forum about it - I posted with pics about 11 months ago. I have just had mine treated with Rearguard which acts as a preventative and I keep the litter trays as clean as possible throughout the day by scooping out any 'wet' poops which might be there and which attract flies. I also put a few drops of lavender oil in the litter trays which really does help to keep the flies away. I line the trays with newspaper (drop lavender oil on the corners) and then put a small layer of hay or straw on top. Can't wait to see pics from you of yours
  4. Oh poor Arthur and poor you and your family! How is he after the op? Hugs to you and I hope to hear that Arthur is soon hopping around again
  5. I expect that you don't have to worry as the weather is quite warm and the new coat should grow back soon
  6. I know that home visits by vets cost more but perhaps this could also be considered
  7. Your photo makes it all the more real - reading these posts brings back lost loved ones to my mind - not a bad thing at all as lots and lots of lovely memories, but very sad nonetheless
  8. Yes, I do the same with our rabbits' litter trays. Line them with newspaper, a handful of hay and then every couple of hours (especially in this warm weather), we just roll up the paper, into the green bin and start again.
  9. Regarding dementia, we took Willow (mentioned above) to the vets for her annual vaccination and I just happened to mention that she couldn't hear now and after testing her and asking lots of questions, the vet said that Willow's nerve endings were dying and that was why she could not hear, all related to the dementia. She is only 11 but the dementia is as described above - she stares for l o n g periods of time at walls. She starts a loop of going out of one back door and then in through the french doors and carries on the half an hour or more (i.e. through kitchen, out door, down passage, into living room, back to kitchen and then starts again). She also yowls very very loudly. It usually happens when she is sleeping and then she sits up and yowls and yowls until one of us gets her attention and she snaps out of it. Willow's hind legs are also extremely weak. Having said all that, she eats and drinks well and uses one spot in the garden as a litter tray. She will deteriorate but for the moment we have a mostly content, purring little girl.
  10. Oh I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I'm not sure what the underlying reason might have been but it sounds like he may have gone into stasis, i.e. not eating and therefore not pooing? I might be wrong. Bunnies are very good at hiding their illnesses and so you wouldn't have necessarily noticed anything was wrong with him until you did. Binkie free little boy
  11. Firstly, Lucky Chicken Lover - congratulations on surpassing your 2500th post And no, I never did receive a reply from them. I'm glad they are still out there to be had though but what a pity your rabbits didn't like them. Perhaps you could swap Beach Chick with something
  12. Cooooool - watch out or you might find yourself redundant!
  13. Great idea I actually leave patches for them too when I mow
  14. I am VERY sorry to hear that you have lost your Dad. What a shock for you and your family. *hugs* Sooooooo, you have new babies in the house - wonderful I do agree with you about taking on a rescue cat. We have 3 mature male cats and took on our neighbour's two rescue cats (mature too) when she developed dementia. It regrettably has not worked, to the extent that we have had to rehome one of the girls (just up the road). The other female is stone deaf and also coincidentally has dementia and amazingly the 3 lads just ignore her. I think that they realise that she is not 'with it'. Anyway, back to my point, the arrival of the girls caused my ginger tom to start spraying all OVER the house and he began fighting other cats in the neighbourhood = huge vets bills even though he's insured because of the excesses I have to pay about every 4-6 weeks for new wounds . Since we rehomed the girl he has stopped spraying but continues to fight. One of my males is a Norweigan Forest Cat (a lot like yours) and as someone else mentioned, quite thick, but adorable. I don't know about Main Coons but NFC's are like dogs; they emotionally attach themselves to one person (hence my big lug sleeping at my feet under my desk as I type). Enjoy your new arrivals
  15. Oh! I upload mine to Photobucket and then copy and paste the 'link' on this forum. I don't know if that helps. I'm not very technical
  16. I think you're right - you don't want any (umm) rabbins or chickits

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