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  1. I suspect you are probably right! Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll start to wean them off gradually. Not sure I can deal with the short, sharp, shock treatment. They look at me in such a pathetic way
  2. Hi all, Well, we're 3 weeks in, and the chickens are settling down really well. Some (odd?) things to report though. I tried feeding them pellets in the first week, and they went completely untouched. After looking at these forums, I withdrew all treats, but all I ended up with were slightly frantic, very hungry, chickens. Totally refused to eat the pellets. So, I reverted back to mash, but had little improvement. As a last resort, I mixed the mash in some water, and the results were astonishing. The food was gone in minutes! I've also tried mixing the mash with some yogurt (w
  3. Hi all, Have been trying a few different treats for Ginny and Scarlett. By far the most popular has been live mealworms - but these are going to be a rare treat, 'cause they ain't cheap . Raisins seem to be the next most popular, but I'm struggling with anything else. have tried raw sweetcorn, but they just took a few nibbles and walked off. Broccoli showed some hope at first, but then it too was ignored. Cabbage was a complete waste of time . Tried some cooked sweetcorn, and Ginny seemed to like this, although Scarlett was not too impressed. Ginny eating sweetcorn: I'd b
  4. Daniel, We have a huge problem with foxes in Blackheath... so I suspect it's no different just down the road in Brockley! As a result, I constructed the Eglu and run on slabs, covered with weed suppressing fabric (had some spare in the shed) and then layered with wood chips and aubiose. There is no way that a fox could tunnel in. Although I never thought the run would be a problem, I was worried about tunneling under the Eglu itself. I think your idea of a mesh under the Eglu attached to the run should work OK.
  5. Daniel, Lovely to hear from someone local! The Omlet man said he had more deliveries in my area, so I wondered if anyone would post on here! Things have settled down a fair bit, but there is still the occasional skirmish. I honestly think that Scarlett (the smaller one) is goading Ginny on. It looks like a typical sibling relationship to be honest, and reminds me of my 2 daughters (i.e. one winding the other up, to get the other into trouble!!). As far as the eggs are concerned, Scarlett is laying quite small eggs, but the egg from Ginny yesterday was pretty big (size 1 proporti
  6. Thanks for all the advice - it's really helpful to read other people's stories. It just confirms that we're not alone in our experiences! A day 2 update.... the chickens have been named Ginny and Scarlett - with Ginny being the more dominant of the pair. Well, for most of day 2, Ginny and Scarlett were left to their own devices. I was out at work, and my wife and kids were out most of the day. When my wife returned later in the afternoon, she discovered TWO EGGS!!! Fantastic! To go with the egg yesterday on arrival! So, it looks like they are both laying. On that basis, I suspect t
  7. Well they've both gone into the Eglu OK. So I'll see what happens in the morning.
  8. Well, today has been an eventful day. After a relatively quiet introduction, I found myself confronted by a chicken fight late this afternoon I shouldn't be surprised, they're just sorting out the pecking order I suppose. Wasn't pretty to watch though. The smaller one ended up taking shelter in the Eglu! It was at this point that I decided to intervene... so, water spray in hand, I waited for the next confrontation and.... ZAP! After a couple more of these events, things have seemed to settle down. Heaven knows what the neighbors must think... there I was sitting by the chicken run, wate
  9. Your girls are posh eating mealworms from Ramekins Ah yes, only the best!!!
  10. Thanks for all your kind messages. I've introduced them to the joys of live mealworms... and now they look very happy!! It's good fun this, isn't it! Mike & family
  11. Well, the Omlet van has been and gone, and we have 2 new arrivals! And, believe it or not, a little present was found in their travelling box: Not sure who laid it! We haven't given them names yet... the debate still rages... but we will get it resolved by the weekend. They're standing in their run now, looking slightly stunned! I'm sure they will settle in soon. Mike and family.
  12. Hi, My first post here. Have been thinking about getting chickens for a few months now. Last autumn, I decided to transform the garden so that the family could grow lots of fruit and veg. This has been pretty successful - 4kg of tomatoes harvested today bears witness to that (lots of tomato relish is about to be made!). I never thought it possible to have chickens in our smallish garden in SE London, so put the idea out of my mind. However, discovery of the Omlet products changed everything. Once my wife saw the Eglu chicken house, she was sold on the idea immediately. The kids ne

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