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  1. Oh dear! 153 views and no advice. Just have to Go it alone then.
  2. Hi, it's been ages since I was on this forum, after Mr Fox ate my last lot of girls and the Sparrowhawk decimated my white fantail doves I decided that maybe feathery friends were not for me. I still have one dove left, we call him Only The Lonely and he has been alone for over two years. Every time I buy new grain I say I expect this will see him out and it doesn't!! I got a dog, a Labradoodle who now works as a Therapy Dog and I now have three grandchildren. And I rather fancy having a couple of ducks!! I'm looking for possibly white ducks like Jemima Puddelduck but the main criterion is that they cannot be too noisy! Does anyone have any advice. I have a wonderful hen house, a large enclosed run and we live by a babbling brook, well normally it's babbling, currently it's a bit full. Looking forward to getting some help. I think I've been on this forum for years and it usually comes up trumps.
  3. I used to be on here from time to time, loved the quiz. Now I work full time I have no time to sit and play anymore, I used to be the dove lady, now have 24! and four lovely hens. Nice to see some old names popping up.
  4. Not been the forum for ages as I got full time job in April and since then I have hardly had time to do anything. Weekend are one quick round of shopping, wasing and cleaning but today I am off sick with a horrid sore throat, earache and cold and am in bed with my beloved iPad ( courtesty of working full time ) so i thought I would say hello again......what have I missed?
  5. All the bits in the bottom of the sink after you have had spag bol and washed up...even the thought makes me feel yukky!
  6. Heavy, heavy rain and mist and only 14.5, yesterday it got to 24C here!
  7. Gordana, Davina and Nicola it is....many thanks!! I bet I am the only person on the forum with those names!
  8. I am getting three new girls this week. Topically they are going to be Gordon, David and Nick the Younger. Yes, I know they are boys names but the girls won't be any the wiser.
  9. OH dear, been away for a while and everything has changed. At my age change is very worrying. I am sure it must have benefits but to be honest I do not like it one little bit, can't please all of the people all of the time I guess.
  10. Just to let you know both she and her Mum have read this page and although she is embarrassed at the adulation I am sure all are very proud of this incredible selfless act.
  11. I too wondered about the old man being fiercely independent. His daughter may never have envisaged such a dreadful thing happening but at least by my nieces actions he retained his dignity, it could all have been so much worse for him. He may have been put on a train by one daughter and being shipped off down the track to another who was going to meet him off the train. Who Knows? And she is a lovely ,lovely young lady!
  12. Just had to crow about this. Excuse the long post but I think this is worth telling. Yesterday my niece who is 24 was waiting to board a train when an elderly gentleman was being helped on to the train by his daughter. My niece assisted and ended up sitting with the very old man, over 90 she thought. After a while my niece fell asleep but awoke half an hour later to find the old man in tears. She asked what was wrong and through the tears he said he had had an accident. She asked him if he would like her to help him to the loo and he reluctantly said yes as he was unable to walk on his own. She then discovered that the accident had not just been a wee. So she took him to the loo and as he was unable to undo his trousers as his hands were shaking so much and he had a tremor so she helped him and then suggested that she get him some clean clothes from his suitcase, he was truly embarrassed by all this but had no option but to agree. When my neice had the clothes she noticed that he would need his legs washed and he was unable to do it himself so she got a flannel from his bag and washed him, helped him to get dressed and packed his soiled clothes away in a carrier and then helped him back to his seat. You might think that she is a nurse or carer but she is just a lovely girl, a member of our armed forces and I am bursting with pride to think that she felt able to help this very old man in this way. She said to me that she just imagined, what if it had been her grandad and she hoped someone might have helped him out. I am not sure what I think about his daughter allowing someone so frail to travel alone but that is another matter. Right now I am just so impressed by this young woman. I wonder how many other people would have done the same thing?
  13. Olaf Schmids widow is an inspiration. My son flew out of Afghanistan today safe and sound after his six months tour of duty. I just cannot wait to hug him and have him home safe, he was one of the lucky ones. Every time I saw a cortege in Wootten Bassett on TV or heard of another fatality it brought tears to my eyes. Interestingly he told me a story recently of a soldier where he was being asked how he felt about the 'morale boosting' trips by the PM, David Cameron and other sundry MPs. The soldier told the MP that he was fed up of them as every trip meant a heli that should have been bringing in mail was full of idiots like him and the mail was delayed, there was no internet or phone calls home for two days before in case somone blabbed to the press that the PM was coming, and it did nothing for morale, just meant soldiers on rest time had to sit in canteens drinking tea with people they had no respect for.

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