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  1. I have a omlet walk in run for sale. Had a whole cut in one off the bottom panels to attach a coop. It is all taken down ready for collection. Open to reasonable offers location Belper derbyshire
  2. Hi dont think it matters what house they in as long as they in a shed or garage without a car. Thats what i was told as its to cold for them to be outside over winter. Mine are in the shed but seperated as i was sold 2 boys no i have a pregnant sow now... so becareful if u getting another pig. Enjoy
  3. cant belive it ive got to buy eggs from the super market for the first time in 8 years. I have 5 hybirds one is old and moulting 2 are new girls so laid for 3 days then stopped think due to sorting the pecking order out and the other 2 also stopped laying. I have checked the coop for lice or red mite cant see any but still smited the coop and the girls also used total mite killer powder on girls just in case. Any other ideas why they arent laying?? Never known all my girls to stop at the same time..
  4. Thanks for that, they are now eating all colour of peppers, brussells, kale is the favourite they will hqve carrott if nothing else left. Keeping my eye on them as one has a little bite to his eye think its just were the top guinea making sure he is still top pig
  5. even more good news another egg from my new girls kids so pleased that both there new hens laying
  6. Well off we went to get two more hybirds today, the kids were excited as i told them they could pick one each. Didnt have as many to choose from as the place were i go sunnyside poultry said getting to end of seanson, i would of liked a columbine but he sold out, so my daughter picked a white one with a neckalce! Her words when saying what hen she wanted and my son a black speckley both pol. Put them in the coop for a hour before letting out in run my other 3 girls were free ranging in a bigger area all good till the white one got a worm and my girls saw her. Well they went for her so separated them.left my girls free ranging and my new ones in the run. 1 hour later i had a lovely small egg. Going to put them all in coop run tonight as thats what i have always done and hoping they will be fine tomorrow. Just sorting the pecking order out im hoping.
  7. Thanks for advice think will get 2 new hybirds tomorrow as i have 2 2year olds and think they may stop laying this winter and really want eggs over this winter.
  8. Just got two baby boy piggies the children have been asking for ages so after alot of reseach by me i gave in and let them have one each. well they are lovley one will eat out of your hand already , the other just loves beining cuddled on your lap he lays flat with his back legs out making lovley noises. The question i have is they dont like carrotts tomatoes, red peper or broccoli or parsley ,mint. The only things they love is kale, cucmber, grapes, cabbage.should i keep trying with the foods they wont eat or not?? Always have hay and i clean them out once aweek. They live outside under my carport.
  9. Oh my its the first time ive had to do dispatch one of my chickens but balti was comming up to 7 and hasnt laid a egg for over a year. She has been getting weaker and huddled up in the run, so today i thought its for the best to send her to chicken heaven. I feel ok as this was for the best. My children now want to get 2 more hens..am i best to wait or add new girls straight away??? Im down to 3 girls now and one of them dosent lay anymore either. would love more fresh eggs as cant think of buying them off a super market shelf.
  10. Well my girls are doing fine at my grandmas house she and her gardener are doing a grand job of looking after them, the gardener going four times aday!! Said he didnt need to go that much once aday is fine, but he is hanging cabbage up brussells kale all sorts of things for them.All grown in the garden the ones that arent going to make the table. And havent been inside either. Think its given them both something to do they get excited eveyday when the eggs are there trying to work out which ones have laid .xx thanks for everyones comments on here it did help.
  11. U wont belive this council rang to say she been in touch with defra and i can let my chicken free range.i told her thats not the case as i spoke to them yesterday and they have to be keep shut up with a cover over but im allowed to move or sell give them away as im not in a resrtiction zone.no wonder so much confusion if defra giving differnt info out depending on who you speek to! going to move them to my grandmas garden for a while to keep neighbour off my back.thanks so much for all your advice has kept me going the last few days
  12. Can anyboday tell me were to advertise my 6 hybirds i dont want any money for them just want to find them a good home 5 lay all the time 1 is older so lays just in the summer months.
  13. Yes going to give up i really cant cope with the hassel from neighbour or the council and with the arvin flu defra lock down all has just made my mind up. Its been lovely but i cant see any other way..i need to get rid of my lovely hens now how to do it.xxx hoping feb 28 is going to be a great day for all hen keepers
  14. Council getting back to me within two weeks didnt know bout defra or avin flu!! asked me were she needs to look to confirm what im saying bout keepin them in and cant move or sell them.even told her ive spoken to the vets and they having lots of people phoning up.see what happens next said if she want to come and collect them thats fine as i dont want to fall out with neighbours or have any hassles.she thanked me for getting in contact with her.and to leave it with her....

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