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  1. i had two white sussex and two marrans marrans laid better than sussex. it was nightime when the fox came im in the city. they got into pen as older son didnt bolt the run up and was a windy night!! he 13 and he feels awful. yes i think will go hybrids i live in derby anyboby know a good place to get some from??
  2. hi was really upset as got up to find feathers all over my garden,no batams left. the fox got in and took all four ladies. my son of three is so upset. how long do i leave it before i get some more?? want hens this time as didnt get many eggs from my bantams. whats the best hens to get?? think i could only have two as they are much bigger than bantams. i have a wooden pen.
  3. hi had my battams a year in aug went to get eggs and red mite all over coop.ive washed it down and put red mite powder in coop.also did the birds. how many times do you powder birds???? it dosent say. ive cleaned coop out again today and re powdered and sprayed. never seen anything like this. also when the molt do thet go bold on the breast??? as one of my ladies has. thank you again in advance for your replies
  4. can you belive it the little madam has laid a egg today!!!!! they are all cold so let her out.hope i have more luck with the next broody
  5. took me three days when i moved my broody. had to putt a ld on my pen in shed as every time i opened the door she was out back to main coop.its worked and now sitting 8 eggs hope to hatch out 21 may its my first time hatching.dont fancy candling so just going to wait and see what i get..
  6. hi yesterday put 8 eggs under my broody.its my first time so any advice please.i moved her three days before with dud eggs to make sure she would sit. how long to hatch?? i have her in my shed away from the bantams. when they hatch how long before i put them outside??
  7. hi its my first time as i have a broody bantam.going to put six under her. ive already put her in the shed in a run with a cover over. will get building a shelter for outside.is it 21 days give or take a day for hatching?? im waiting for my fertlie eggs to arrive so she sitting 3 eggs at the mo. first day ive moved her.up until dinner didnt think she would sit as the rest of the chickens calling for her!! but she settled down now.hope i hatch some as my son 2 and loves them to bits
  8. hi i have two light sussex batams and two marrans bantams. the marrans lay alot bigger egg than the sussex.ive had them since aug last year pol. im new at this to .my marrans lay alot better than the sussex do but the sussex love my little boy even let him stroke them, were as marrans are alot more nervous bout beinging handled.
  9. i use verm x in a liquid form put it on bread and mine loved it.ive only had batams since aug didnt know bout worming till came on this site
  10. my 2 light sussex have started laying for the first time my 2 marans been laying since dec. im new as only had my girls since aug.will they lay every day now weather getting better??? my sussex eggs very small compared to maran eggs. is this normal??can anyone tell me if you can get a batam that lays blue eggs??
  11. when they start laying for the first time mine are so small. do they get bigger?? as i will need to use 3 eggs to make the size of a large egg.
  12. i had three eggs yesterday im so happy 3 out of 4 hope to get a full house today.!!!!
  13. also how do you get the eggs to display in text?? new on here. its a great site and good advice as im new need all the help i can get.
  14. hi ive had a egg from the sussex today not as big as maran egg but im so happy.also one egg from dora maran.hope this is good news, it had abit of blood on it is this normal?? hoping for the same tommorrow. two out of four im getting there!!!
  15. what type of batam lays blue eggs ?? are there any??
  16. what type of batam have you got?? mine are maran and white sussex. marans were laying every other day no sign of sussex laying. tried everything is it the weather?? im new at this had my girls since aug pol
  17. no eggs today im getting fed up with not having any eggs. they in good health is it the weather still?? dont know how im going to get 200 eggs from them in first year at this rate will take 10 years!!!!! ive gave them the once over today no lice or mites.wormed them even thoug they havent any.done everything even let them out into garden for a treat. thought ivd be having four a day by now. HELP im getting faustrated
  18. ive wormed them with verm x as thats what my grandad uses. dont think they have worms though. thought you would see it in there poo??? but will try anything to get sussex laying. how long will it take if it worms for them to start laying?? marans still every other day. im loving letting them play in the garden as a treat. so funny to watch
  19. i have a wooden house and run they do get let out into a small area every day.the last two days let them have the wholr garden and they have done me proud with 2 eggs the last two days.one so far today. i have 4 batams 2 marans 2 light sussex they arent laying yet though. i would love a cube but just to much money.only started up in aug and loving it.my 2 yr old boy loves them so much.wouldnt be without them now.
  20. will try that as we have had lots of mice and trying to get rid!!
  21. im new had my girls since aug pol 2 marans 2 white sussex all batams.marans started laying dec normally get 2 eggs every other day. is this normal?? sussex laid one egg two wks ago now nothing. is this normal?? they crowning lots and making noises.hoping they start to lay soon as dont wantto buy eggs!!! any advice would be good thank you
  22. thanx will try the porrige oats. will give more greens as my yolks arent very yellow.otherwise i give them pretty much the same. had my girls since aug pol.
  23. what do you feed your girls?? ive got 4 batams 2 marans 2 white susex. marans laid 2 today horay buy sussex still nothing!! let them roam free in garden for a treat yesterday!! they have there own patch to roam but thought they would like the grass for a change. and paid off with 2 eggs today.
  24. thanx for advice were do i get the wormer from?? they look really heathy especially dora and flo the sussex. its the marans that look rough but they laying!! mine hate califlower!! when do they moult?? my freind got one batam that she wants to get rid of as moving house not to sure weather to have her any advice bout this please?? feel i should as knowere else to go but will it be to much for my girls?? and me?? she been on her own a long time she iS 7 helppppp.

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