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  1. I brouhgt a wir from here in sale last year, best thing i did to prevent fox attacks. I also have a male dog and havent seen a fox in a year now.girls are happy i give them different treats or branches that i collect from a park near me so they can fly up and perch. Just wish they did a solid roof pannel as having problems with the wet and windy weather.
  2. Got a new roof cover it has bungiees like the other two just the wind has ripped them to shreds.still wet and muddy under foot for my girls.they seem happy enough xx still laying. Just smells very unpleasent as so muddy.
  3. Its such a terrible wet winter think snow is alot better to deal with than this rain that keeps comming. Im ready to give up chickens completel , its so hard trying but water logged in wir no matter what i do. Keep buying new sheets for the roof wind jusr ripes them had 10 bags of bark that worked for a week but cant afford to buy it every week. Im unhappy and think my girls are to.even though they started to lay again.hopping for a very dry summer xx
  4. My run is a mud bath winds have blown cover off wir.after xmas must get a new roof of some sort for them and extra bark.
  5. Well the wind has finally ripped my roof off wir. So its muddy as so much rain what to buy now to cover roof. Any ideas please , its the omlet wir
  6. Like you say think they would be fine with just corn as treats but its nice to have a change of treat, me thinks every now again .
  7. Pics are lovely didnt gave them any last night as was warmer but when i went out to the bin they went mad making all sorts of noises felt bad as they were expecting me to take the porrige up to them xx Will do it again this weekend as meant to cold again xx
  8. Just made some porriage i put some meal worms in as well my chickens loved it. First time ive made it as so cold here xx thought the treat would do them goid as one is have the biggest moult ive ever seen xx she is bold
  9. My walk in run was a mud bath we have had so much rain. Went to b and q brought 10 bags of bark put that down and never looked back chickens love it as well. So could try that it does soke up lots of water.
  10. Hi think i read were some modified there cube ladder as the chickens didnt use it. Look on the wir and cube bit. Good luck
  11. How would i know if my kids have worms?? Is it if they have them in poo or bottom?
  12. eve

    bear grills

    Well potatoes are looking good i keep earthing them up. Purple kale looks ok but the broccoli has been eaten away, not sure buy what i just have storks.. how long due i keep earthing up potatoes?? My first time kids are loving it x
  13. I did mean the children.i do the chickens.its got my thinking i dont worm myself so why do the kids?? We have good hygiene
  14. Hi just read a thread bout worming your children...ive never done this do i have to do it?? Im quite worried now so any advice please
  15. Hi i used to wait till darkness had fallen or at least getting dark and put my new hens in did this for 2 week and they were fine. Had trouble in the day for a couple of weeks i just let them free range so they could escape beining bullied.nows all well thye a a happy 6 girl flock.treated myself to a wir and leave coop door open all the time now.will shut it when the cold wether comes.hope you get there its not nice hearing them fight but when the pecking order is sorted they will be fine stick with it xx
  16. Yes warehouse my girls love it. I pick veg tops and greens for then to.glad u all had alaugh at mu misspelling x
  17. Wir all done was easier this time.got branches in so they can climb cover over two thirds of it. Coop on outside we cut a whole in the side to put bob whole up against it.its all fixed together so they can come in and out as soon as daylight.will shut them in when the weather gets bad for warmth.kids were so happy playing with the hens in the run giving them mealworms and corn as a treat .how to start the garden!!
  18. Love your clear cover were did you get this from?? I have dark green ones but a clear one down the side for winter would be ideal
  19. My extension came yesterday.hubby at work so tomorrow is the day we extend our wir.fingers crossed its easier than the last one, took us hours didnt think the instuctions are that good.kids cant wait to have a bigger run to go in and sit with the chickens xx
  20. Its great when you get new hens. They are lovely. I cant have anymore hubby says but think 6 for a backgarden keeper is fine
  21. My son thinks we are bear grills been collecting blackberries and sloes to make gin and vodka for christmas.he really enjoys the outside and collceting fruit from the wild.he was so pleased when he found a apple tree and got a bag full. Ive planted potatoes in the garden and broccoli in tubes anything else i could plant with him?
  22. Lovely looking ladies more eggs in time for Halloween xx
  23. Potatoes should be ready for christmas.is another idea

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