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  1. Hi ive just ordered a extention for mine and yes delivery 10 sept.cant wait making it twice the size so there will be no more running in my garden. Hubby excited to get garden sorted im excited for my wir!!just got to collect more branches for the inside.i ordered a cover from ebay was 11.50its really good covers half the run,you can put it on sides or roof so ordered another one cheaper than omlet site and good strong green plastic.still unsure how to post pics on here.
  2. Hi i have put 2 batams with 3 hybirds that were less than a year old as my grandad was illl.i just put them in late at night and never had a problem.i have done this with the last 2 flocks.but third time didnt work had to keep them apart in the day was horrid.took bout four weeks to sort but they all happy now and love there new wir.hope this helps.if you buy young ones mayebe better pol
  3. I free ranged mine all winter and now i have no grass what so ever just a huge mud bath when it raind and a dust bath in the summer.so built a wir and now going to do garden up for a second time.love my hens but want a lovely garden to.
  4. I had same problem but in the end left them to it.they had the run of the whole garden. Then at night i would wait till my 3 old hens went in coop then put three newbies in. Let them out first light as we all work shifts and in bout a week all pecking order sorted. They all happy and get on fine now. In wir let out evry now again as tryig to sort garden out xx
  5. Well got the nettex mite killer powder and the spray in the can.sprayed house last night and son helped powder birds and next boxes last night. Hoping now to get on top of it, wil, get pink spray next time i go for cleaning. The good think is the coops all ready for winter now.hens seem alot happier.
  6. Ive had nettex mite powder been putting that on birds and coop just ran out is that what you mean?? Or is there something else??
  7. Spent morning cleaning and creosoting coop lots of mites came out so brushed them into black sac. Hens want to go and lay there eggs but they in my wir. Alot more red mite than i first thought and saw.left purches out scrubed and creosoted waiting for them to dry. Loves my hens hate this red mite so much to do were do you buy netex??
  8. Could be stress from moving them to a biggger home. They do lay on and off when first start though.good luck xx
  9. Been away on holiday oldest son looked after hens.got back to find red mite in the coop ive empted all the bedding sprayed smite all over hen house and hens. But this morning there seems to be more.what eles can i do to get rid of them.think last time i had them i cerasoted the whole house to kill them.then brought a new coop.cant really afford to do that this time.help and advice please
  10. My hens shells vary in colour sometimes i have a really light one then they all ok for a week then i may get 2 or 3 in one week think its normal xx
  11. Oh my what a werid looking eggs. Hope both hens are well now
  12. I use sunnyside poultry they are fantastic i have a columbine lays pale blue green egg 2 gold rangers 1 amber star 1 lavender 1 black rock all hybirds.they have all started laying within days of collecting. Had them at different times.they lay 6 out of 7 days even get double yolkers xxx
  13. All my friends keep telling me to get more but i have 6 now so cant really have anymore due to space.but its been in the local papers as well, think its a good idea as puts it out there how many hens they need for eggs to be in our shops, as this happends all over the country and they are kept locely and free range not caged
  14. Thank you we had 3 hard boiled in a salad and they are fine. She still keeps lauing there though any ideas how to stop her???
  15. Cant belive it couldnt find one of my girls sky looked everywere then heard her in the garage, when my son of 7 found her behind a load of paint tins there was 15 eggs!!! I have 6 girls and get 6 eggs from the coop most days,so never thought they would be any anywhere else. Can i use these?? I dont have a cockerel, she is the bottom of the pecking order and even though i collected the eggs she still lays there everyday. Funny little hen but i do love it and my son so excited he found all the eggs.
  16. I had three hybirds left i was going to get two more but ended up getting three as you do.was harder this time to do intros as normally i get them at night and put them all together.this time had to put them in a separate coop and keep my eye on them free ranging as rudie picked on the new ones terrible.had them six weeks now and they are all together but still have to put 2 of the smaller ones to bed every night. Hopping they get the hang of going to bed instead of me having to get them off my black bin every night.im sure you will be fine.the pecking order soon sorts itself out.
  17. Finally got my branches for my walk in run. All in place but so far chickens not intrested in going on them.i dont think they are to high as they get on top of my black bin ok, ive put one lower so they can jump from branch to branch.will just wait and see what happens. Is it ok if the branches are quite large??? Or do they have to be small enough to get there claws round??
  18. Hi ive seen on here a free postage promo code and now i cant find it. Help please want to extend my wir so free postage would be nice thanjs in advance
  19. My columbine lays a pale blue egg it is the largest egg and great for frying as the white always stays in one place, unlike the rangers eggs that take up all the pan .
  20. I had my first egg yesterday to small but cantwait to eat it. Thank you sunnyside poultry you have done it again lovely hens and eggs so soon after purchase
  21. Oh no so sorry do you have pictures of how they enter run?? Seems very strange moving bricks. And a horribke sight for you very sorry xx
  22. I use haygates no problems i get it from a horse warhouse as so much cheaper than the pet shops
  23. Hi had my new hybirds for 6 days now.they free range in garden fine with my other girls i just have to put them in the coop at night.but today one of the new girls keeps putting her head under her wing and just standing in the sun is this normal ?? She then walks around puffing her feathers out? Ant advice welcome, she is eating and drinking xx
  24. They will lay, but when your waiting for your first egg it seems forever. As others have said depends on age. Ive had new ones that laid the next day ive also had some that have taken 4 weeks. It will be worth the wait xx

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