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  1. Good luck to everyone with there new wir xx
  2. Completed ours yesterday looks great but already want it bigger!! The girls like it. Just got to get some branches to put in now. my birthday soon so hoping for money!! Then would like a cube. Question do they need a coop if living in wir?? Or could i just put nest box down for them to lay in?? I have a big wooden hen house xx
  3. Looks fab your chickens look happy to xx they bring so much to our lifes having chickens is the best hobby
  4. Finally my walk in run is built very nice but already thinking of extending it!!
  5. Got my 2x2x2 tried to put it up this afternoon gave up and starting again tomorrow the instructions really need some improvement. Now me and hubby know what we doing should be easier to do with a good nights sleep.
  6. Nightmare trying to build walk in run given up and having a nother go tomorrow. Instructions are a mare to understand made half of it then realized used the wrong pannels.at least we know what we doing tomorrow xx
  7. Would love to own a tortoise anybody know were i could buy one from for my children xx thank you im in derby midlands
  8. We are back got three new girls in the end 2 rangers and 1 amber star. Wanted really friendly ones for the children. They just settle in.later will try and get some pics to post
  9. Cant wait for the kids to get up off to sunnyside poultry today to add to my flock. Just cant decide weather to get 2 or 3 new girls. My omlet walk in run came yesterday hubbys job after work today get it up, just hoping for a dry day xx kids were excited last night when i told them they can choose new hens.my daughter of 3 already thinking og names manely cbbies ones!!
  10. They look lovely.hope they lay as well, as my chicken nugget she has been the best 4years old now and just started to go off lay.had eggs from her every day for the 1st year.sunnyside is very good.x i had a amber star from them that layed double yolkers twice a week.xxx good luck and enjoy
  11. I have one of these looks green when the sun shines on her maybe a Cooper black or black star
  12. Gone and brought the walk in run cant wait for it to arrive.kids going to collect some branches from the park to put up in it they exited.xx just need to work some overtime at work now.
  13. Ive asked the same question think it will be fine as a starter can add to it later.some1 posted you need 1m by1m for each bird you have.but if you letting them free range when you are there think it should be fine. I may by the walk in run whike they have the offer on been looking at them for a couple of weeks now xx
  14. It 2 by 2 by 1 low rise or should i go for walk in high one
  15. Hi i have wooden coop and need a secure run as my garden has no grass due to my chickens keep getting into the garden. Omlet has a sale on. Would the small run be big enough for 5 hens to start with then i will extend it in a couple of months advice please before i buy . Thank you
  16. Thanks for advice no way would i cull her she is lovely and as long as she only eats her own egg i havent a problem as hafe 4 eggs aday from yhe rest of my flock xx
  17. Hi my oldest hen has laid the odd softie then went alright. Then i thought she had stopped laying.no i caught her eating her egg straight after she had laid it. She dosent eat any of my other girls eggs just her own. How can i stop her as will she start eating all the eggs??and will the other hens join her and start eating the eggs??help
  18. Lovely girls always makes me want to get more.that morehen disease starts again !
  19. Hi i did have two marran batams with two hybirds a ranger and a amber star.they were fine.hybirds were 1year old and my battams came from my grandma who was to old to look after them anymore one mum and a 1 year old. No problems just put them together at night and the next day let them out and all was well. Till mr fox came! Now i just have hybirds as i found the batams went broody most of the summer and i wanted more eggs. Hope that helps
  20. They are great had all our hybirds from them. They lay very well have a variety of birds and knowledge to. Im only a back garden keeper. Got 5 hens at the mo all from them.a ranger thats 4 years old and lays 6 out of 7 days still.the columbine lays a pale green egg but not a friendly bird. All the others are very friendly, also when they say pol all of mine have come into lay within days of getting them home . Hope that gives you a idea xx
  21. Thanks so much for the advice on it.yes i can see a tunnel into next doors they come out from under my shed, so can get a bait box under there will one be enough you think. All my food in at night i keep it in my brown bin.
  22. Thank you looked at it and going to get one shop only up the road.whats the best bait to use
  23. Really dont know what to do. I have young children 5 hybirds a dog and rats!! My girls have a wooden coop and free range at top of garden all day.the girls have been making plenty of noise recently and then ive seen the rat coming from under my shed theres a whole in the soil going into next doors garden. Really not sure best course of action. I just want to get rid of the rats as i think theres more than one.had hens for years this is the first time ive seen a rat.please help husband ready to get rid of my hybirds which i dont want to do.
  24. I have haygates layers pellets my chickens love that and only £6.75 for 12kilo sac x

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