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  1. I had bantam marrans they were lovely and did lay very dark brown eggs. They do go broodie though xx well mine did every year
  2. Hello i have 5 hybirds started with 2!! They are very friendly apart from the columbine cant get near her,but lovely blue eggs. my children are now 3 and 7 had them for 4 years or so. They pick them up collect eggs and love it.yes they will eat all your grass and plants. When i had 2 i let them out in garden in winter now with 5 i have a mud bath were the grass was!! I have a wooden coop so cant coment on go or cube. Hope this helps you.rangers and gold stars are very friendly .
  3. They look wonderful.xx yes spring on way and lots of eggs xx
  4. So so sorry we all make mistakes sometimes we are unlucky. Fox got to my girls a couple of years ago. Got straight out and brought some more ladies. all of us double check coop everynight even my 3 year old says when its getting dark chicks mummy, you will feel better soon.
  5. I have hybirds to and i had this problem if u can call it that?. Mine stated laying ok then had it were one chicken nugget laid two a day for weeks then she moulted and settled down .she would lay two weeks straight then miss a day and carry on.ive had her 3 years now and has just started laying less misses two days aweek now she is lovely.
  6. Hope they all getting on have you had any eggs yet. X i got three new one last year to go with my two as one looked like on last legs no she still here now and i get 5 eggs aday my family and friends love it as i have so many eggs spare now x
  7. I put mine altogether at night straight in coop.was thinking what id find when opened them up the next day and all was fine and has been ever since xx enjoy
  8. Yes mine eat mice its a open run at top of the garden.just worried if I've seen 1 there will be alot more.will my hens stop laying if they see the rat and will they eat the eggs ?. Had chickes gor years and first time ive seen a rat x
  9. Cant belive you still have grass! My ladies been out all winter and now we just have a mud bath for a garden dh not happy. How do manage to keep your grass
  10. Just been watching my ladies from the window as raining and a rat was eating there pellets. Help what do i do.
  11. I have one hen who is nearly 3 never eaten her eggs but while moulting she has been laying softies and eating them! She has never eaten any of the other eggs though. I was worried as brought three new girls but they are laying lovely and not eating any eggs xx hope that helps
  12. Welcome back. It's a great sight for advice and to chat bout our love for chickens.
  13. No they only have layers pellets grit cider viniger in the water. They free range all the time and have a handful of corn three times a week or more if it's cold. Had a egg half shell half membrane. Then another softie but today normal egg. The new girls eggs are starting to get bigger to. Thanks for advice bout cod liver oil
  14. Amber chickens are so much friendlier your step daughter will be a lot happier as she will be able to pick her up.the leghorn will never get tame. I've got a columbine which is a cross with a leghorn and the breeder were I get my hens from say they are very flighty.she is nearly 3 now and I can't get near her. I've had and got ambers speckley which are lovely. Bluebell is very nervous xx
  15. Would love a tortoise think they are so cute. Also like the idea that they live so long so my son and daughter could have it forever. They love the 5 chickens we have, not sure we're you would by one from these day though.
  16. I used smite spray on my wooden coop and birds.that seems to work well.only had red mite once in 5years so I'm pleased.
  17. Another softie again today any ideas people out there?
  18. Yes all my girls are laying and the size of some eggs are getting bigger. Had a softie the other day again.think it's chicken nugget she old and moulting
  19. I've had this but mine are softies, I've put it down to them just coming into lay or it's my old girl who's moulting and going to not lay for much longer as she is 2 1/2 years old now and has laid everyday since I brought her pol.
  20. Hi and welcome I use sawdust and sundown for my coop. Give a big clean once a year with poultry shield use smite if I get red mite as I find that works the best. Otherwise I clean once a week emptying all and replacing it. Poo pick twice a week now they are in coop longer due to dark.in summer just clean out once a fortnight but poo pick more oftern. Hope this helps every one dose it differently.just nice to get a heads up though
  21. Hi haven't posted on here for awhile. Been busy having children and more hens!! Children love the hens so much went and picked three new girls the other week. Hybirds a bluebell amber star and a speckley ruddy the bluebell started to lay last week egg so small though size of a quails egg. Hoping they get bigger. My old ladies chicken nugget and cock a do still laying everyday they two years old now and moulting at the moment. The names my children picked so are very different. Amber star is Sarah speckley is balti. They get so excited getting the eggs and holding the chickens everyday. Even love to clean them out with the help of me of course.
  22. Help please haven't posted on here in a while. I've got three new pol hybirds to go with my older girls. Think ruddy the bluebelle has started laying but her eggs are so small is this normal? As can't remember my older girls laying such a small egg. If so how long before they get bigger?? They the size of quails eggs.
  23. I'm getting three out of three at the moment. 2hybrids 1 marran bantam so pleased

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