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  1. If your hens lay in the same place everyday then they don't go far. One of mine flow 5 doors away I couldn't catch her and 3pm that day she was back laid in the nest box!! That night wing clipped no more escaping hen.
  2. Mine have dry pellets all winter and corn as a treat. They free range in our garden mid morning for a couple of hours in winter as children don't play out as to old and wet.in summer they have the grass cuttings in there're area.
  3. She came back at 3pm and went nd laid me a lovely egg.that night I clipped her wing. No more escaping.
  4. Yes I haven't any eggs since oct then the snow comes and bingo all three ladies start to lay. Blue egg again every other day at the mo same with bantam but hybrid every day xx
  5. Yes had it over a year. She is a nightmare normally only goes into next doors garden. She a marran bantam others are a ranger and a columbine they never go anywere. 6 ft fence all round garden. Hoping she makes it back as cant here or see her. Thank you for reply.
  6. Got my dad ringing to say he has chicken in his garden he lives 5 doors away from me. Went but its one that dosent like to be held or caught lol. It's now gone to another garden. Question will it just fly home later?? Haven't a clue what to do. It does lay in nest box every other day.my other 2 hens are out in garden .ive tried shouting clucking ect help
  7. yes think you right healing nicely now thank u
  8. My marran bantam has been broody for 3months!! I collect the eggs everyday sometimes twice,I put her out and have even shut her out to feed as she so thin.nothing works. She even escaped the other night to a neibourghs garden which has never happend before.I went to clip wings but they its still clipped so cant fly. I dont know what else to try she with 2 other hens her old mum died about a week ago.
  9. our bunny fluffy has got a very red thing sticking out of her tail.never seen anything like it.any ideas what it could be?? looks abit like a willy but out of her tail....
  10. THANK YOU for your reply. not sure what to do now. i have 2 young children and think the boy would love to see baby chicks and how they hatch. have my hands full with daughter of 10 months. just got a baby rabbit as well. hubby thinks im mad thinks we need to move to a farm!!
  11. i brought mine from sunnyside poultry burton. i have a columbine lays a pale blue egg. very wide bird as cross with legbar which are flighty. was £18 i also have a ranger which is very tame £13. i have had a amberstar and a bluebelle from there. the amberstar laid double yolkers 4 times a week!! but the fox got them..he is a very good farmer whos hobby it is. hope that helps
  12. ive got a broody bantam marran she has been sitting over a week keep collecting the eggs and putting her out to feed.she still broody so want to know is it to late to get some eggs to put under her to hatch?? do i have to put her in a different coop?? never hatched any before. my friend says she will have some chicks. we also have a market were i could sell the cocks. any advice please as need to source fertile eggs
  13. your girls look lovely and your wir is great.
  14. i put my new girs ine.in at night and let them out the next day and they were fine. had two battams and put two hybrids in.
  15. i put my new girls in at night and had no problems i only had 2 battams that i had for a week.. so not sure if they all felt new. there was no probs and have been great and laying ever since.most people on here tend to do intros very slowly but the fast night oppsion worked for me.
  16. i have a columbine lays a not friendly though very flighty compared to amber ir ranger. but lovely coloured egg!!
  17. i feel for you i did the same just before xmas my bo was3 and a 4mth old my 13yr step son should have shut them in, but shut them out!!so was left with feathers only. went last month and got some more ladies, im so on the ball now i check hubby checks and so far havent forgot.its hard with young children but my boy who is 4 now loves them and getting the egss every day
  18. yes deafo only let them in your garden for a limited timeyou want any grass. my hubby keen to let them out in winter but not in summer as our boy plays outside alot and so much poo otherwise
  19. ive had a few different breeds, the best for my son who is 4yrs is deafo hybrids ranger- amber star are so tame i have a columbine who lays a lovely blue egg but she is flighty and not tame. any breed with leghorn/legbar tend to be flightier than other hybrid breeds. i have had batams two sussex and marrans and still go with hybrids every time for my boy they even come in the house in summer when back door open, and get on with my lab dog who is 14yrs
  20. i find hybrids are tame espeacilly when in lay. i have a columbine though and she very fast on feet cant get near her,she is a legbar cross so i knew she would be like this.but i get a lovely from her so it makes it worth it!
  21. thats great new for you. i put my new girls in at nighttime and morning let them out, they were fine, great beliver of put them together and they sort themselves out.
  22. hi my dad keeps bob tail quail, he went out sunday to find his female dead. he only got a male left, and wants a female. the pet shop were he had them from said try internet. anyone who has or knows were we can get one post on here thank you
  23. yes free range eggs fron your own bantams hens are great. my bantan marran been laying for 3 wks now.
  24. its dry here now so finished cleaning my girls out. they are free ranging in the garden while my son plays outside with them. he loves picking polly n02 up she so friendly just watching her follow my boy round the garden, while i sit in window watching and typing !!

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