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  1. yes got a full house today 3 lovely eggs my ranger stated to lay yesterday its quite a small egg like my bantam will it get bigger like my columbine hoping they will lay me 3 eggs aday now as missed free range eggs so much as not the same from the supermarket.my boy loves collecting them.
  2. hi there its so exicting ive got a columbine hybrid that lays a blue egg she is a very pretty bird but flighty, i also have a ranger polly no 2 she is another hybrid and lovely my son of 4 can pick her up and she follows you around the garden.only had them 3wks brought pol.ranger £13 columbine £18. i use cider vineger in water to keep heathy and total mite powder for house. i alson smite all through summer the birds and coop as mine is wood. good luck
  3. fox came to me just before xmas!! was a really wet day didnt really come light hens were fine step son put them to bed and by morning only feathers left. think he didnt shut there run door but no feathers inside just all over garden. just got some more hybrids to go with 2 bantam marrans i got given to me as my grandad to poorly to look after them. im now in charge of the hens day and night!!
  4. yes very wet here to. have got up old muck in there area and put down some more hay straw mix, i also then put corn out for them to scratch around. didnt do there coop as they were in laying and raining so hard. thats the first job tommorow as dont look like its going to stop rainning here. second from polly no2.
  5. if you buy poultry grit it has oster shell already in it.
  6. i use smite on birds and house i also creacote house every summer.this seems to work good luck
  7. either mealworms or corn i do leave them out in there area as long as im going to be back before dark
  8. i had amber ranger hybrid, she was fab so friendly.laid every day either a double yolker or two eggs aday!!! was so upset when fox had her and polly just before xmas. i now have another ranger polly no2!! thats what son wanted to call her and a columbine that lays blue/green egg. moneypenny, she isnt as friendly due to being a legbar cross. didnt have any ambers when i went to collect. very lucky you were given a and run
  9. yes polly laid her 1st egg today has been crouching for 2 days. its quite a long egg, she made so much noise that i went out thinking there was a preditor , when looked in nest box there it was good girl in nest box big brown egg.only hopping that she dosent make that noise every day as so loud dont want neighbourghs to complain
  10. i have a wooden coop with two nest boxes but found moneypenny kept laying outside. i removed the wood so got one large nest box and bingo she lays inside now.think she needed more room to turn and do her thing she is a hybrid so quite big. i have 4 hens altogether and three laying.
  11. i clean out every week.dont poo pick though. once a year i pant the house with creasote and smite all summer every week even spray birds weekly
  12. ive had marrans and white sussex bantams lovely birds and lay eggs. i have 2 marran bantams at the mo with 2 new hybrids. they get on fine if that helps you.
  13. if you let them free range i wouldnt give many treats at all, as they wont eat the layers pellets then no eggs. mine are let out to free range in the afternoons if im around. my ranger started crouching yesterday my 4 yr boy is happy as this is his hen and now he can pick her up. cant wait for my 1st egg off her polly no2!!
  14. i have a columbine hybrid lays a lovely blue egg.
  15. he is a splendid fellow. i couldnt have a cockerel as neighbours wouldnt like it. would love one though.
  16. very sorry to here about loss, but you may have been unlucky. last year i brought 3 hybrids one went down hill fast never laid and died sound like it had mareks. the other two were fine until fox came just before xmas. went and got two more hybrids and one has laid since got her. if you want eggs id have hybrids got 2 marran bantams lovely but not good layers
  17. welcome happy henning. its the best hobby ever. just wait till you get morehens dieseas.....
  18. 2 hybrids 1 columbine 1 ranger 2 marran bantams would love more but need some garden for children to play in. had to section a plot off as the do trash grass
  19. i have two bantams and two hybrids living together.only had hybrids 9 days and they are fine
  20. yes home bargins and the 99p shop.not on line
  21. me to its so eggciting getting that 1st new egg. still waiting for my hybrid ranger to lay had her 9days. columbine has laid me a lovely 7days out of 9. my marran bantams one old dosent lay but looks like she could and her daughter.she lays 3 eggs then has two days off. just started to let them free range.i let them out about 2pm for a couple of hours. last night they put themselves to bed, which was good as night before was trying to round them up with 4 yr old son!!!
  22. i just went for it put them together at night and next day let them out.no probs has been a week now.ive got a 4 and 6month old so couldnt really do long intos also only had two banties for a week off my grandad so maybe thats why was so good.
  23. my columbine is a grey brown with a redder hed her comb is massive and flops over.she was £18 with a 80% chance of laying blue/green egg. she lays a very pale blue egg. woundered as she lays more do they get darker??? my ranger hasnt started to lay yet. had them a week today.
  24. no havent tried that. will get one tommorow and see if that works
  25. i only pay £ 1.00 for one hundred grams near were i live derbyshire

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